How the Bio-Mat Creates Infrared


People have often asked how the Bio-Mat creates infrared.  It does not use LEDs.  It uses a material that generates infrared very efficiently, which is based on NASA technology.

In 1967, NASA developed an alumina-silica material that when heated generated a large amount of infrared. In 1982, NASA released the patent on this technology.

In 1990, using the NASA technology, Japanese researchers made a material of alumina, silica and carbon fiber to generate infrared.

Seven years later, in 1997, Richway International, the manufacturer of the Bio-Mat, used the Japanese material in the creation of the Bio-Mat.


The material that generates the infrared is a thin metallic sheet.  A heating wire is used to heat this material.  High quality sensors are used which feed back to the controller.  When the material reaches the set temperature, the power is cut to the heating wire, while the infrared generating material continues to produce infrared.  This is very efficient.  When power is not needed for heating, the power is diverted to generating negative ions electrically through a different system.

How the Bio-Mat creates Infrared

Using the Professional Bio-Mat Controller

The Professional Bio-Mat comes with an easy-to-use controller that is actually quite sophisticated.   The Bio-Mat controller allows you to set the temperature and time.  The controller then monitors the temperature using sensors located at different points inside the Bio-Mat.  It adjusts the temperature as needed.  If the temperature has reached the set point, the controller activates the electrically generated negative ions.  It has advanced electronics to block Electromagnetic frequencies from the incoming electrical lines.

7000mx Bio-Mat ControllerAssembling the Controller

The controller comes in two pieces.  One piece can be used to tilt up the controller if desired as shown in the above picture.  Not everyone uses the second piece because some people like the controller lying flat as you see in the picture below.

professional-controller-partsProfessional Bio-Mat Controller Pieces

Note that once you connect the two pieces it takes quite a bit of force to separate them, but they can be disassembled.  It is also easier to pack when the two pieces are not connected.

Positioning the Bio-Mat Controller

To sleep with the Bio-Mat, the controller can be placed on a stand, a headboard, or placed on the floor.  In therapy sessions with a Bio-Mat, some people use the face support of a massage table to hold the controller.

While EMF is blocked through the Bio-Mat, some EMF does come off controller.  Because of this we generally recommend placing the controller away from the head.

It may not be obvious, but you can turn the Professional Bio-Mat around and placed the controller at your feet.  Your feet would be where the pillow normally goes on the Bio-Mat.  When you set up your Bio-Mat on your bed this way, you can then place the controller at the foot of your bed.

Plugging the Controller into the Bio-Mat

When using the quilted pad or the Quantum Energy Pad, you will want to place those on the Bio-Mat before you connect the controller. That is because the controller will plug through the straps.

Make sure you have a tight connection as shown below.

Professional Controller Plug Connected Correctly

If you do not have a tight connection, as shown below, an alarm light will display.

Professional Controller Plug Connected Incorrectly

Here is the alarm light (shown in red) that will display if something is wrong.

Professional Controller Alarm

Powering On the Bio-Mat Controller

The Bio-Mat controller has a master power switch located on the side.  You must first turn on this switch.

Professional Controller Master Power Button

Once the master switch is turned on, you can activate the controller using the “Power On” button located on the face of the controller.

Professional Controller Power-On Button

After the power is turn on, you are ready to set your time and temperature.

Part of the sophisticated features of the Bio-Mat controller is the blocking of harmful electromagnetic waves coming through household current. The “E.M.F. Auto Block” light shows up when this occurs. This lights up to indicate the active reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves. It turns off if there are no electromagnetic waves to block.  So, this light does not always come on.

Professional Controller EMF autoblock

Setting the Timer

When you first turn on the Bio-Mat, the timer default is set for eight hours.  By repeated pressing of the “Timer” button, you can change the time period to 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours.  At the end of this time period the Bio-Mat will automatically shut off.

Professional Controller Timer Button

Electrically Generated Negative Ions

When you first turn on the Professional Bio-Mat negative ions will be generated electrically.  The Bio-Mat, starting with the 7000mx series, also has a layer to generate negative ions even when the Bio-Mat is off.  If you do not select any temperature, you can use the Bio-Mat in negative-ions-only mode.  You will see moving E.D.N.I lights flash on the bottom of the controller.  “E.D.N.I” means Electrical Discharge of Negative Ions.

Professional Controller Negative Ion Lights

When the Bio-Mat is heating up, all the power goes to creating infrared.  When the temperature reaches the set point, the power is then diverted to created negative ions electrically.

Setting the Temperature

The temperature is set by pressing the “Temperature Up” and “Temperature Down” buttons.

Professional Controller Temperature Buttons

If the temperature is set above 113 degrees F (45 degrees C), as a safety feature, the Bio-Mat temperature will drop to 113 degrees F after four hours.

See this link for suggestions for temperature settings.

Don’t like the lights?

Some people do not like bright lights on the Bio-Mat controller while trying to sleep.  You can cover the face of the controller with a cardboard or towel to block the lights.  As an alternative you can use a product such as Lightdims.

Using Your Quantum Energy Pad

History and Technology

Back in 2013, the daughter of the developer of the Bio-Mat complained to her father that the Bio-Mat was too hard. She did not like sleeping on it. While this is not an issue for most people, there are some people that have had the same concerns. Well, being a good father he worked on a solution. The result of this effort was the creation of the Quantum Energy Pad (QEP).

Quantum Energy Pad Continue reading “Using Your Quantum Energy Pad”


The blog has been set up to provide more insights into the world of Bio-Mats.  We will share tips, insights, science, and ways to make the most of your Bio-Mat experience.

As we looked for technologies, protocols, foods, and supplements to help people move to a higher state of health and vitality, we stumbled upon the Bio-Mat.

The Bio-Mat was one of those products we found that we can say changed our lives.  We sleep on them every night.  But what has been even more gratifying is that we have seen many other people change their lives, too.  We can recount numerous stories of how these wonderful products have enhanced the lives of our friends, family, customers and distributors (even our pets).

If you have a Bio-Mat, we hope you are enjoying it as much as us.  If you are considering a Bio-Mat, what we can tell you is that “You will love your Bio-Mat!”