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New Special Report on Cancer

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Help People and Make Money!

Would you like to make more money? Do you have a passion to help people with their health and well being?

If you would like to more more money in your life, put yourself in a position to help more people.

If you care about people, you can earn income with Bio-Mats. We will show you how and help you step-by-step. You can be a distributor, or an affiliate. We give you all the tools you need to "hit the ground running," including a free website (like this one), and a back office with distributor tools and training that we have developed, available 24/7, (free of charge with your qualifying purchase.) When you become involved with this business, you will help reduce the collective suffering of the planet — and that is a great cause.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us.

No need to "worry" about swine flu!

No need for Swine Flu or any other flu worries if you have your Bio-Mat! Since The Original Bio-Mat raises the body temperature and increases the immune response.

"A most noble cause"

Imagine providing access to a FDA registered medical that reduces pain, provides relaxation, rejuvenation, mental and emotional ease in just 15 minutes. Do you know anything else that can do so much in so little time? And now with the release of Dr. Yoshimizu's book, The Originial Bio-Mat has been demonstrated to do so much for the health of the body. Just take a look at this.

The Bio-Mat is "a portable infrared sauna"

Speaking of temperature! Did you know that The Original Bio-Mat can be used as a portable infrared sauna? Click here to find out more!

ALKAL-LIFE water Ionizer/Alkalizer

We are offering the new Alkal-Life with a special promotion that includes an informative 16 page booklet that will assist you to make better choices for you and your family. This informative booklet is an exclusive offer when you order your Alkal-Life alkalizer/ionizer through this website. If you are serious about your health, you need to know which everyday products you use that contain hidden toxins. You will be shocked!

Booklet page sample

Our mission is to assist as many as we can to a healthier lifestyle. Please take advantage of this offer.

There is an additional offer with your purchase of the Alkal-Life. Please go to the contact page and in the subject line simply type: alkal-life.

FYI: We have one and love it. The water tastes great. People notice that when using the water for coffee, teas, and cooking, it produces a much better flavor. Click here for detailed information on the Alkal-Life.

Lease to own a New Alkal-Life "FREE SHIPPING"

LEASE option

  1. Free Shipping
  2. $480.00 down
  3. $45.00 for 36 months. This will be charged to your credit card each month, and at the end of the term you own it.

If you have wanted a water ionizer/aklalizer, this is a great way to have one for your family that is an affordable option.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to call us with your questions, because we love these Bio-Mats, as they are providing relief to people who have lost hope that anything can help them.

As vendors at fairs, trade shows, expo's we have the unique position to observe repeatable results with The Original Bio-Mat. In just 15 minutes people experience pain reduction, relaxation, rejuvenation, mental and emotional ease. People will wear their distress on their face and nearly everyone one who tries The Original Bio-Mat for just 15 minutes, ends their session either smiling or laughing, because they feel so much better. When we do long events like fairs, which can be 13 hours per day and last for 14 days, The Original Bio-Mat becomes the "vendor restoration center." The vendors come back for several sessions to help them get through their long days.

Call us: 360.944.8692 to learn more.