The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director

Chapter 2
Do Not Fear Cancer!

Everyone has more than 3,000 cancer cells
growing in their bodies

There is one thing that all cancer patients should keep in mind. It is the fact that, "the disease is caused by their lifestyle and can be fixed by their will." Understanding the causes and features of a disease is much more important than understanding its treatment methods. I will introduce some major features of cancer in this chapter.

Since many people think that cancer equals death, people fear cancer much more than its actual threat warrants.

We will look at how people die of cancer first and see how our misconceptions are wrong in most cases.

Firstly, people do not die of cancer. In other words, cancer is not the direct cause of death in cancer patients. For example, in myocardial infarction, coronary artery occlusion causes the inefficiency of nutritional support in the myocardium.

Then, the heart will stop because it does not have enough energy to run. Rather than being the direct cause of death, cancer is an indirect cause of death in most cancer patients. As cancer cells proliferate infinitely, they cause secondary threats to our body. That is how cancer distinguishes itself from other diseases.

As cancer cells grow, a large amount of nutrition is required for it to function. As a result, the normal cells in our body start to receive less nutrition. Since cancer cells tend to monopolize nutrition as they get bigger, more normal cells will suffer from energy deficits. That is the reason that cancer patients get thinner as the cancer progresses. At the end of the disease course, the proliferated cancer cells will replace the normal cells and cause the organs to shut down completely.

In simple words, lack of nutrition and the replacement of normal cells with cancer cells are the causes of deaths in cancer patients.

We will not die of cancer if they do not grow!

With that stated, how can we not die of cancer? The key is in "inhibiting the growth of cancer cells" and "providing enough nutrition".

Around 3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells are created each day in healthy people. Even though these cancer cells are made, the immune cells inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent tumor masses from growing within our body. Many health products promote their product as an "immune system amplifier". However, unless a person's immune system is compromised, everyone has an immune system that can fight off cancer. If there is a normal immune system, it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

In order for our immune system to remain intact, we need to improve our lifestyles and reduce stress. Everyone can reduce their psychological and physical stress by modifying their lifestyles.

The next part has to do with nutritional support. However, there is one thing that has to be kept in mind.

Cancer cells highly favor glucose, especially processed glucose.

When cancer patients are injected with high-levels of glucose, the cancer cells will grow rapidly. Supplying cancer patients with a great deal of nutrition at once will result in the rapid growth of cancer.

It is extremely important to provide nutrition to cancer patients in the form of a meal. It is preferable to provide patients with unprocessed rice and vegetable-oriented meals. Cancer cells do not favor nutrition from vegetables. An adequate lifestyle and modification of eating habits will prevent cancer cells from growing.


This is how cancer grows

Cancer cells form a mass by proliferation.

During the process of DNA replication, replication errors may occur.

This is how cells transform into cancer cells.

When irreversible damage is done to the genes, many more replication errors will occur. In medical terms, this is called "initiation". The damaging factors to the gene that start the initiation are called initiators. These may be things such as free radicals, active enzymes, UV rays, toxic gases, radiation, poisons and various chemicals.

All of the people that are exposed to initiators do not get cancer. It is very difficult for cancer cells to actually grow into a mass. That is because immune cells like macrophage and NK cells detect and kill cancer cells before they get a chance to proliferate.

However, if immune cells do not function properly, cancer cells may grow into a cancer mass. In addition, some cancer cells may disrupt an immune cell's immunity functions.

Viruses, fats and salt are the factors that interfere with an immune cell and they are called "promoters". If an immune cell's functions are compromised, cancer cells will grow faster and faster. This process is called "promotion".

Cancer is caused by gene replication errors

Let's talk about how cancer cells progress into the disease. Cancer cells are made due to the "initiation" process where replication errors occur. If the immune system is compromised, these cancer cells will be "promoted" into a larger mass. The promotion process refers to the period when cancer cells slowly grow into a large mass. If cancer is diagnosed at this period, lifestyle and eating habit modifications may cure the disease.

However, the cancer mass tends to grow rapidly from this point onward. That is when patients become very thin.

This period is called "progression". During this period, the patient will lose significant amounts of weight and be fatigued easily. Normally, at this stage, it is too late to do anything more to make the patient get better.

Since the patient's strength to fight off the cancer is almost depleted, there is nothing to do but wait for a peaceful death.

At the last stage of the promotion process, the cancer mass has a 2-3 cm diameter. At this stage, the patient's number of immune cells, usually lymphocytes, are significantly decreased.

Lymphocytes are like the commanders of our immune system. When the lymphocyte count declines, it means that our body's immune system to fight off the cancer is being compromised step by step.

It grows by 1kg within 10 to 15 years

The doubling time of one cancer cell (the time it needs for a cancer cell to double its number) is about 15 days to two months. It takes about one to four years for a cancer cell to duplicate into 1 million cells. When the cancer cells reach this number, our body's immune system actively inhibits the growth of cancer cells from this point on. Therefore, the doubling time is lengthened to approximately two to three years.

As a result, cancer cell needs 9 to 14 years for it to grow into 1 g of mass.

When the cancer mass reaches 1 g, 1 billion cancer cells are within the cancer tissue. At this stage, the tumor mass is easily detectable in a medical examination.

At this stage, the tumor growth drive is amplified significantly whereas our body's immune system is being compromised. Therefore, it takes a 1 g tumor mass about 1.5 years (three years on average) to grow into a 10 cm or 1 kg mass.

When a 60 kg person has a 1 kg mass tumor, that person will die very soon. In conclusion, it takes one cancer cellbetween 15 to 20 years to grow into a 1 kg mass.

The most important factor in cancer treatment has to do with preventing these progression processes.

In other words, as long as we do not let the cancer progress,

we can prevent patients from dying of cancer.

The most important factor in preventing cancer has to do with improving a person's natural immunity. Even though bomb-like chemotherapy may be important, it is also important to prevent cancer growth naturally through our own immune system.

Therefore, instead of solely relying on Western medicine to treat cancer, our minds, lifestyle improvements and traditional treatment methods have to be properly combined to meet the patient's requirements in order for the treatment to be completely effective.

We will know the treatment plans when we understand
the features of the cancer

What is cancer? If we get to know more about the features of our feared enemy, we will find peace of mind.

There are seven major features of cancer.

Normal cells have mutated into cancer cells.
  1. It does not take orders from the outside.
  2. It does not have a lifespan.
  3. It proliferates without control.
  4. It metastasizes.
  5. It creates new blood vessels.
  6. It has a strong life force.

When we look at these features, It effluxes anti-cancer agents. is easy to figure out that

Do not fear cancer! cancer is something that must be feared. However, if we look at these features carefully, we can find answers in the cancer treatments. Let's take a look at these seven features in detail.

  1. Normal cells have mutated into cancer cells.
    Normally, cancer cells are created due to genetic damage to normal cells. These damaged cells are programmed to die off but some of these cells may mutate into cancer cells.
  2. It does not take orders from the outside.
    Cancer cells are not programmed to take orders from the outside. Since cancer cells do not take orders to stop the proliferation process, they will continue to grow eternally until they kill the host.
  3. It does not have a lifespan.
    Normal cells are programmed to kill themselves when they reach a certain age or when any defects are detected within the cell. This process is called apoptosis. However, cancer cells do not stop the proliferation process even when there are defects and apoptosis signals. In addition, while normal cells are programmed for apoptosis when they have proliferated for a certain number of cycles, cancer cells do not have this function that stops them from proliferation.
  4. It proliferates without control.
    Cancer cells do not stop proliferating even when the host is dying. Since it needs more energy during the rapid proliferation process, it will continue to take away energy from the normal cells even during the death of its host.
  5. It metastasizes.
    When cancer cells proliferate, they will metastasize into other organs through blood vessels and lymph vessels. Metastasized cancer cells will proliferate again and metastasize into other organs again. If this process is repeated, we will not be able to localize the cancer to treat the cells effectively.
  6. It creates new blood vessels.
    Since cancer cells proliferate without control, their activity is much higher than the normal cells. Therefore, in order to supply nutrition, cancer cells make their own blood vessels that exclusively support the cancer cells. When these vessels are formed, cancer cells will not die while they have enough energy.
  7. It has a strong life force.
    When cancer cells form a large mass, enough nutrition cannot be supplied all the way to the center of the cancer cells.

    However, cancer cells can live for some period of time without any nutritional support,.. unlike normal cells that tend to die right away.

It effluxes anti-cancer agents.

In addition, cancer cells are able to pump anti-cancer agents out of their systems when we treat the cancer with anti-cancer drugs. It is the same mechanism that normal cells use to pump out toxic materials from their systems. Genes that pump out toxic materials are over-expressed in cancer cells to effectively fight off anti-cancer drugs.

That is why some anti-cancer drugs become ineffective after several cycles of treatment, (An example is the ADG gene, an anti-cancer drug gene.)

Gene variability When we look at some tumor masses, they are composed of different types of cells. This means that a group of cancer cells that have chromosomal defects are grouped together to form a cancer mass. When there are a variety of cancer cells within a mass, it means that our anti-cancer drugs will be effective for some cells while being ineffective for other cells. However, if we were to treat our patients with multi anti-cancer drugs to fight off a variety of cancer cells, the patients would suffer from serious side effects and this may increase the risk of death from chemotherapy.

The immune system suppresses cancer growth

As you can see, cancer cells have phenomenal functions that make them dangerous. Their functions cannot even be compared with normal cells. However, there are some normal cells that can actually fight off cancer.

Lymphocytes, including natural killer cells, attack cancer cells based on a systemic immune system. Since our immune system is able to handle 3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells a day, we have a good support system that we can normally rely on.That is how we normally evade cancer.

Therefore, we must utilize chemotherapy and radiation at the level where it does not compromise our immune system.

We can utilize those treatment options with thermotherapy and supplementary treatments that strengthen our immune system. We can modify our eating habits and include various vegetables, mushrooms and sea plants that strengthen our immune system.

The most important part of the treatment process has to do with our minds. The treatment results are very dependent on the patient's mindset: some think "I will be cured no matter what I do," whereas others think "I will die soon no matter what I do." We encourage our employees to talk to our patients so that they can keep their hopes up.

We try our best to create an environment full of hope for a complete cure. We enjoy vegetables and seafood all together to make sure that people do not stop laughing while they are in the hospital. We allow our patients to talk to their friends and even enjoy their favorite pastimes during their stay at the hospital.

Since the environment is very important, we try our best to make patients feel at home. Some people actually ask us whether our building is a hospital or not.

However, the most important thing is to treat our patients with effective treatment plans. When people regain their strength, they will naturally find hope and laughter in their lives.

Hot gemstone therapy is the key factor in this entire process. Let's learn more about our thermotherapy and immune reinforcement therapy.

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