The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director

Chapter 4
Clean the Intestinal Walls with Detoxification

The intestine is the second brain

The intestine is a very independent organ in our body. The heart circulates the blood in our body by acting as a pump and the kidney filters out various waste materials. However, those organs do not assess the quality of the blood or the amount of the blood during the process of pumping and filtering. In other words, hearts and kidneys do not pump more or filter less by assessing the amount and quality of the blood.

However, the intestine is able to assess the stomach contents independently from the brain. If the contents are toxic, it will try to vomit them out without absorbing them. If not, it will work to absorb the nutrition within the stomach contents.

Since it does not rely on the brain to make decisions, intestines are also known as the second brain. Even if the body is in a brain dead state, the intestines will not stop the digestive function within the body. The reason that people in a vegetative state can live is because of the active function of the intestines.

Intestines absorb the required nutrition in our body. When it receives toxic materials from the stomach, it evaluates the contents and tries to excrete it out as fast as it can. The intestine is the only organ that is equipped with its own nervous system that is independent from the brain. It is a special organ unlike any other organs within our body.

A balance between good microbe and bad microbe

It has been reported that serotonin, a neurotransmitter within the brain, also exists within the intestine.

Serotonin plays an important role in transmitting neuronal signals within the 15 billion neurons in the brain.

In other words, serotonin is at the center of brain function and affects the cortex, amygdale, hypothalamus, cerebellum, spinal cord and other brain parts.

Surprisingly enough, 90% of the serotonin contents within the brain are contained in the intestine as well.

The important factor that activates and deactivates the intestinal function is the normal flora within the intestine. Good and bad flora is in equilibrium within our intestines.

Even though the intestine has a complex governing system, its response rate will be compromised when it is overloaded: if the intestines are burdened with overeating, overdrinking, stress, heavy metals and toxic substances. Even though the balance within the intestines will be stabilized over time, it will be shifted toward the bad flora. If the flora conditions are shifted toward the bad flora, intestinal functions will be compromised.

The environment within the intestine should
be favorable to good microbes

There are 100 trillion microbes living within the intestine. It is composed of bad flora such as bifidus, lacto bacillus, clostridium perfringens, staphylococcus, and E. coli as well as bacterioids and other opportunistic microbes.

Good flora reinforces the intestinal movement to prevent constipation and diarrhea. It also improves the immune system to protect our body from infections. Not only that, but it also helps the nutritional absorption process within our body. During the healthy state, these good floras dominate the intestinal environment based on oligosaccharide as its food. They secrete lactates within the intestine to inhibit the growth of bad flora. In other words, good microbes within the intestine are working actively to maintain balance.

Bad microbes promote diarrhea and constipation. They make toxic substances such as ammonia, sulfuric acid and other toxic materials.

They also manage to create oncogenic substances within the intestines. However, we cannot eradicate these microbes within our intestines. Some of the bad microbes decrease blood cholesterol levels and promote vitamin synthesis within our body. The ideal intestinal environment should have some bad microbes existing under a dominant good microbe population. Such balance is the key to maintain-ing good health in our body. Bad microbes cannot use oligosaccharides as their food.

Lactobacillus is the only microbe equipped with a transporter that can use oligosaccharide as its nutrition. Normally, bad microbes use our fecal contents as their nutrition in order to produce toxic substances in our body.

Opportunistic microbes, like the name, synthesize vitamins and act like good microbes during a healthy state. However, when the bad microbes dominate the environment, they produce toxic substances.

Lactobacillus and oligosaccharide stimulate the growth of good microbes

Let's think about what we should eat in order to allow the good microbes to dominate the intestinal environment.

In other words, we should constantly eat nutrition that will promote the growth of good microbes in our body.

There are two ways to increase the number of good microbes. Firstly, we can consume food products that contain rich, good microbe contents such as yogurt, fermented beans, vegetables and other produce.

Secondly, we can consume products that aid the growth of good microbes such as oligosaccharide and vegetable fibers.

Even though some say that consuming live microbes will not aid the growth of good microbes within the intestine because they die off during the process of getting into the colon, I believe they are wrong.

Since good microbes are beneficial to the body even if when they are dead, they don't have to reach the intestines alive.

In order to let the good microbes dominate the intestinal conditions, we need good eating habits. If we eat food products that contain rich oligosaccharides and vegetable fibers such as vegetables, fruits and tofu, this will aid the growth of good microbes within the body. Since bad microbes cannot use this nutrition, this will inhibit the growth of bad flora within the intestine.

The balance between bad and good flora will shift toward a direction based on food, stress, sleep and other various factors.

If we only consume food products that do not contain oligosaccharides and vegetable fibers, bad flora will dominate the intestinal environment.

In addition, even though our eating habits are healthy, lack of sleep and stress will cause the growth of bad microbes within the intestines.

A healthy diet improves the microbes within the intestine

We are conducting a nutritional education for 35 baseball players from the Giants for Softbank.

Currently, the author of A Book for People Who Do Not Want to be Sick and the director of the Kyorin Preventive Medicine Research Center, Dr. Yamada Toyohumi is the advisor for our food therapy and fasting therapy. The eating habits recommended by Dr. Yamada are composed of tofu, beans, sea plants, vegetables, fish, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes.

Since traditional food is the basis of our clinic's meals, we also use these ingredients often in our meals. If we consume these food products on a daily basis, we will consume balanced vitamins and minerals. In addition, since they are alkali food products, they are easy to digest as well.

Since they are not composed of various acidic products such as milk, processed milk products, meat, eggs and sugar, they will not compromise the mineral balance.

In addition, the addition of fermented food such as miso and unprocessed rice will prevent people from over consuming protein and fat. The golden ratio of major nutrition is 15~18% protein, 25~30% fat, and ~60% of carbohydrates. This diet will allow many people to consume the golden ratio of nutrition.

Healthy Diet

Rich enzymes result in improvement in intestinal microbes

We are educating our patients to intake a sufficient amount of enzymes in their meals. As we have discussed previously, enzymes play a key role in our body's physiological functions. It is extremely important to improve a lifestyle that inhibits enzyme activities.

The major functions of the enzymes are as follows:

  • Activation of metabolism
  • Cell formation
  • Reinforcement of natural immunity
  • Hormone balance control
  • Removal of excessive fat
  • Stabilization of neurons
  • Filtration of blood
  • Excretion of toxic materials

A decrease in enzyme level will cause the cells to age. When the enzyme level reaches zero, it means that the person has died.

In other words, enzymes are key players in the life force and are used in all physiological activities. There is no life without enzymes.

In order to increase the enzyme levels in the body,

  1. Eat enough vegetable, fruits and fish products.
  2. Eat fermented food products such as fermented beans, miso and fermented vegetables
  3. Eat unprocessed food products such as brown rice

Since enzymes are vulnerable to heat, the cooking process will cause the enzyme activity to decline rapidly. Therefore, it is better to eat raw vegetables and fruits.

Therefore, people who consume food products that are rich in enzymes will have a good intestinal environment that is dominated by good microbes. Since rich enzyme contents are supplied to the cells, the cells will not age as easily.

Therefore, young people tend to have a richer content of enzymes in their body system.

On the other hand, people who do not consume vegetables and fruit but rely on animal proteins and processed milk products in their meals will tend to waste many digestive enzymes in their intestines. Then, their bodies will lack the various detoxification enzymes to detoxify the body.

In other words, over-eating will cause a depletion of the digestive enzymes that are needed in our metabolism process.

Lower enzymes result in weaker immune system

When the level of digestive enzymes decreases, the following happens:

  • The enzymes used in energy production decrease
  • When cells are not provided with enough energy, cells will age
  • Detoxification within the body will become weaker
  • Neuronal and hormonal balance will be compromised
  • Immunity will weaken
  • Cells go into necrosis and the body is vulnerable to various diseases

Dr. Churaumi, from the Churaumi Clinic, is performing enzyme therapy for chronic diseases to increase the enzyme level within the chronic disease patient's body. According to his book Secrets of Cancer Treatment, the lifestyle that prevents enzyme depletion is the following:

  1. Do not consume alcohol, food additives, artificial colors, or preservatives
  2. Do not eat high protein and high fat diet
  3. Eat less
  4. Do not take too much antibiotics and Western medicines

In order to activate these enzymes, we need minerals within the body. Magnesium is especially important because it interacts with 300 different types of enzymes within the body. Zinc is also important because it interacts with more than 200 types of enzymes. Zinc is also known to play an essential role in protein synthesis and metabolism. If the body lacks zinc, the skin tone will be compromised, as will the natural healing ability.

As you know, vegetables, fruits, sea plants, and seafood are rich in magnesium and zinc. Radish extract, cabbage, sweet potatoes, pineapples, kiwis, and bananas are rich in digestive enzymes. That is why it is very important to consume these foods on an everyday basis.

Since fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes, it is important to consume these products on a daily basis.

fruit and vegs

Detoxify bad microbes with intestinal washing

Many patients with chronic diseases other than cancer visit our clinic as well. People with diseases are likely to have a compromised intestinal environment. As we include the phrase "soil of health" in the name of our clinic, we put a lot of focus on the meals that we provide. Even though it would be ideal to improve the intestinal environment based solely on eating habits, some patients require an urgent intervention to improve their intestinal environment. Therefore, we utilize intestinal washing as one of our treatment options.

We consider intestinal washing to be part of our medical practice. As long as we ensure its safety, its effects will be beneficial to our patients.

Intestinal washing is very important to chronic disease patients because it not only helps the digestive function but also improves the immune system because 70% of the body's lymphocytes reside within the intestines. The intestinal washing process will remove the bad microbes within the intestine rapidly. Then, we can promote the growth of good microbes by improving eating habits.

The gastrointestinal system shares 60-70%
of the immune system

There is another feature of intestines that helps us to maintain a healthy body.

It is related to the fact that the intestines contain the largest immune system in our body. Professor Uenogawa

Shuichi of Tokyo University explains that the intestinal immune system is composed of 60~70% of the entire body's immune system. In addition, he explains that the intestinal immune system is able to distinguish good microbes from bad microbes in the same manner that it distinguishes nourishment from toxins.

The immune system distinguishes the invaders and signals the brain to send macrophages and NK cells to kill the invaders. Intestines are able to independently distinguish invaders from the body.

The major immune organs are bone marrow and thymus.

Blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets)are made from the bone marrow, and T-cells are made from the thymus. The thymus starts to decrease in size and activity starting from the age of 17. It continues to decrease in size and becomes only one quarter of its original size by the age of 40.

Afterwards, the thymus does not, for all practical purposes, exist in our body. However, Professor Abo Touru found out that there are some T-cells that mature in the liver. Our body still has T-cells even with a smaller thymus.

However, people tend to have a weaker immune system after the age of 40 and become more vulnerable to various diseases.

The gastrointestinal system activates macrophages
and manufactures antibodies

The gastrointestinal system activates macrophages and manufactures antibodies

After the age of 40, the center of the immune system naturally shifts to the intestinal lymph organs. As we have discussed before, 60% of the body's lymphocytes are focused within the intestines. An organ known as Peyer's Patch detects invaders within the intestine to activate macrophages to secrete the interferon and interleukin that activates the immune system.

Therefore, starting from the age of 40, people should think about improving their intestinal environment regardless of whether they have any diseases.

Even though people focus on changing their lifestyles and eating habits, they normally forget to improve their body functions during the process. If there is an entrance, there must be an exit. Our clinic performs various treatments that help the body's basic functions such as intestine washing, fasting, and thermotherapy. We also perform various treatments that activate the immune system and combine them with Western medicine to provide an integrated and customized treatment that suits the body conditions of each patient.

Now, let's talk about the intestinal system along with its immune system.

Firstly, it is important to balance the intestinal microbes.

Normally, good microbes inhibit the growth of bad microbes to promote normal intestinal movements. In order to do so, it is important to perform intestinal washing if needed and change the eating habits in order to provide a favorable environment for the good microbes.

Secondly, it is important to promote "intestinal mucosa movement." The intestinal surface cells are surrounded by viscous materials and work to aid the digestive process.

However, when the body is diseased, the secretion of these viscous materials will decrease.

Thirdly, it is important to normalize the intestinal immune system. The immune system will attack invaders that are not removed by normal intestinal movements. When the intestine distinguishes the host from the invaders, white blood cells will attack the invaders before they get a chance to replicate within the body.

Macrophages and NK cells act as first-line defenses
against cancer

Let's talk about the immune system in detail.

Everyone's body produces 3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells a day. When some of these cancer cells survive the immune system, it takes 10 years for them to grow into a 1 cm-sized tumor. However, our body has a natural immune system that protects our body from invaders and cancer cells. The major players in our immune system are macrophages and NK cells. They act as first-line defenses against invaders and cancer cells. Macrophages are also known as phagocytes because they eat any foreign objects that invade the body. In addition, the NK cells selectively kill virus and cancer cells to protect our body. They are also able to kill cells infected with viruses as well as cancer cells.

These immune system cells act as first-line defenses against infection and cancer to protect our body from various diseases.

The Helper T-cell acts as a commander in the immune system

Helper T-cells are the immune cells that take care of the cancer cells when the macrophages cannot handle the cancer growth any more. They are like a commander in the immune system.

T-cells can be categorized into Th1 and Th2. Th2 deal with allergic reactions, and Th1 deal with immunity against cancer.

The higher the Th1:Th2 ratio, the better the immunity against cancer.

Helper T-cells secrete interferons in order to maximize the immune functions of macrophages and activate B-cells. B-cells can be considered as the second-line of defense. This second-line defense system receives information from the macrophages to make weapons against cancer cells and invaders. Killer T-cells, Helper T-cells, and B-cells are considered the second defense line. Like its name, the Killer

T-cell secretes toxins that perforate cancer cells. B-cells have a sophisticated immune function that utilizes antibodies to fight against various enemies. In addition, they are able to track the invaders to protect our body from the same invasions in the future. For example, the B-cells function to protect our body from measles after the first flare.

lynphocytes and cancer cells
From "Introduction to natural immunity" that fights cancer cells

Cancer may die off without any treatment

If we think of the first-line of defense as the patrol, we should consider the second-line of defense as the SWAT team. Since this second-line immune system is prepared to fight off cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria, there is nothing to be worried about. The two-stage immune system protects our body from foreign attacks. It also protects our body from cancer cells to maintain a healthy life.

There are some cases where cancer cells naturally die off without any kind of treatment. This is to do with a change in the lifestyle and eating habits that affect the immune system.

However, even the immune system cannot fight off cancer cells when they are exposed to a poor environment that weakens the immune functions. When the power shifts toward cancer cells, a cancerous tumor will grow to be 1 cm in diameter within 10 years.

However, even when the immune system is compromised, we can change our lifestyle and lead the cancer cells to apoptosis in order to cure cancer that cannot be treated with modern Western medicine.

As you can see, intestines are vital in digestion as well as the immune system that protects our body.

Therefore, we must start from the intestines when we aim to cure any kind of disease in our body. In other words, the intestines are the basis of a healthy life.

Toxic materials slowly kill your body

In our everyday lives, toxic materials build up in our body without us knowing at all. When they build up, they may cause various diseases. Even though our body is equipped with various organs such as the liver and kidney to excrete toxic substances, those organs may fail to excrete all toxic substances, thus becoming the causes of various diseases.

Symptoms such as allergic reactions, metabolism abnormalities, fatigue, constipation, and chronic headaches may be caused by these toxic substances. People may even become hysterical due to the toxic substances within their body. In the modern era, it is normal for people to suffer from various toxic substances in their system.

Heavy metals, dioxins, chemicals, food additives, and preservatives are a few of the many toxic substances that we encounter in our everyday lives. These cause toxicity mainly in the liver and kidneys, but also in the skin and respiratory system. Dioxins, also known as environmental hormones, cause liver dysfunction, cancer, and infertility.

Cancer /p 105

Academically, food additives are not harmful to the human body. Since those products have been authorized by the government, they should not be toxic to the human body. However, some of the authorized products are oncogenic and not authorized for sale in the United States. In addition, some of the toxic food additives have been authorized because of unscientific reasons such as it comes in small units that do not cause a toxic effect to the body.

However, that is like saying eating mercury in small units is not harmful to our body. When we say that Japanese people eat 11 grams of food additives per day per person, this means that one person will be eating 4 kg of food additives in a year, and 200 kg in 50 years. This would not cause any trouble if our bodies were able to excrete the amount that they absorb. However, toxic substances within our body will compromise the kidney and liver functions and end up accumulating within our system.

Detoxify your body with oriental medicines and supplements

When toxic substances accumulate within our body, we must consider the entrance and the exit in our body system to remove those toxic substances. It would be ideal to stop ingesting more toxic substances from then on. However, it is safe to say that all of the food products contain some sort of toxic metal and food additives. Even the air that we breathe in everyday life contains dioxins. It would be impossible to filter out these substances from the air that we breathe. That is why it is important to modify our lifestyle to refrain from eating a large amount of toxic substances in food.

Regardless of the treatment modalities that we use, we will not be able to cure any disease if we cannot stop people from ingesting more toxic substances. In order to treat these patients, we need to treat them with detoxifying oriental medicines and supplements along with sauna and thermotherapy to excrete toxic substances. In addition, intestinal washing can be combined with these treatments to improve the digestive function. Patients at our clinic experience the power of detoxification treatments for themselves.

Detoxify heavy metals and food additives

Diseases like Minamata disease and Itaitai disease are common diseases caused by toxic substances.

Since there are various regulations that control the quality of sewage water from the factories, diseases caused by natural environment pollution do not exist. However, environmental pollution is slowly progressing, and organisms that live in the natural environment are slowly being affected.

At the top of the food chain, we are slowly being affected as well. There are some toxic substances that accumulate in our bodies, whereas some substances are naturally excreted. Toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and tin cause chronic fatigue, liver/kidney dysfunction, headache, insomnia, and aching. These substances are consumed from food, the air, tap water, food additives, and cigarettes.

Mercury is accumulated within large fish such as tuna

Toxic substances may be accumulated within the body when we eat vegetables grown from polluted soil. Since Japanese people eat a lot of fish, they tend to have a high mercury accumulation rate. For example, tuna and large fish have a high mercury content. Sewage water from factories is converted into mercury and consumed by plankton in the sea. Then, it will go up into the food chain until the large fish accumulate a lot of mercury in their systems. As a result, Japanese people who love tuna will have a lot of mercury in their system. When we look at the guideline for the consumption of tuna for pregnant women, we are able to realize how exposed we are to toxic metals.

Toxic substances are not limited to the sea and the soil. Incinerators, metal processing factories, automobiles, and many more faculties produce toxic gases. If we look at this situation, we can say that the air is the most harmful factor in our lives. We cannot control the amount of air that we breathe, and it is nearly impossible to purify all of the air. In addition, dioxins tend to accumulate in our system like toxic metals.

One trillionth of a gram of dioxins affect your body

Out of the various toxic materials, environmental hormones. and food additives, the worst of the worst is dioxin. Much dioxin was in the air during the Vietnam War.

Did you know that a person born with undivided legs is caused by dioxin?

You probably remember the incident of "dioxin vegetables" in Tokorojawa seven to eight years ago.

Dioxin affects the genetic system in our body, promotes cancer, causes defects in babies, and decreases sperm count. As mentioned in the book Our Stolen Future, the toxicity is 10,000 times greater than hydrogen cyanide and 10 times greater than Pseudomas syringae bacterium. It is known that 1 trillionth of a gram of dioxin, a pictogram of dioxin, affects our body.

Many years ago, Teikyo University's reported on 34 sperm samples from healthy men in their 20s shocked the nation.

Out of 34 samples, only 1 sample was above the infertility standards.

Further shocking results appeared 10 years ago published by the Japan Infertility Association. The research was done on 60 males in their 20s. The results showed that 57 males out of 60 showed abnormalities in more than 10% of sperm and needed fertility treatment. When sperm abnormalities are above 10%, people need to have fertility treatment. The results showed that most of the young Japanese men had lost their ability to be fertile.

88% of the males who showed sperm abnormalities had a habit of eating a lot of hamburgers - most of the cows used for hamburger meat were injected with growth hormones.

dioxin zero circuit

Reference: Fujiwara Toshigas "Dixoin Zero Circiut"

Therefore, the environmental hormones consumed interfered with the natural hormonal system in the body and caused infertility in many of the males.

Japanese women's breast milk has the highest
dioxin contamination in the world

Japanese women's breast milk has the highest dioxin contamination in the world Hormonal abnormalities are not limited to males. The research of Professor Chuchumi Osamu from Tokyo University revealed the connection between the "effects of hormones interfering with a mammal's fertility capabilities," and the women who also had a high dioxin content in their body systems. The research collected pregnant women's blood, cord blood, and amniotic fluid to detect bisphenol A and dioxin.

The result showed that the samples contained hormones that interfered with endocrinological activities. In addition, a high concentration of environmental hormones, 8.3 ± 8.9ng/ml, were detected from the amniotic fluid.

The result showed that fetuses are also being affected by environmental hormones. Can you see how these environmental hormones are actually affecting the survival of our species?

It has been reported that Japan has the highest dioxin contamination in the world. Dioxin is massively produced from waste incineration. These hormones leak into rivers and seas after rain and accumulate in our water and fish, which is how it comes back to our bodies and accumulates in our systems.

Since dioxin tend to accumulate within the fat cells, 60% of fish products and 10% of meat products, consumption of those food products may be toxic to our bodies.

In addition, the dioxin concentration in Japanese women's breast milk was the highest in the world - the dioxin level in breast milk from Osaka was 51, it was 40 in the Netherlands, 37 in Britain, and 32 in Vietnam. In addition, the effects of dioxin are most toxic during the fetal and neonatal period.

The safe dioxin consumption level was set at 4pg/kg/day 8 years ago. However, babies who consume dioxin-contaminated breast milk consume 50~1 00pg/kg/day of dioxin. This is 25 times greater than the recommended amount.

We worry what happens to the babies that who consume a lot of dioxin in the neonatal period.

Chemical materials destroy children's brains

In addition, chemicals tend to interfere with hormone secretions and the autonomic nervous system in our body. In 1995, the the Sicilian Announcement was published to warn the world. It warned that when the fetus' thyroid gland is affected by environmental hormones, intractable neurological deficits such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, attention deficient disorder, and hyperactive disorders are caused. Dr. Benjimin F. Finegold, of the United States, who specializes in allergies, said that food chemicals (chemical additives), are responsible for 40% of children who are not calm and have attention deficits. In addition, mentioned in Our Lost Future, bisphenol A from plastic containers and steel is considered to be an environmental hormone that interferes with the body's endocrinological activities.

Its toxic effects are at the maximum level when fetuses are exposed to environmental hormones.

According to Dr. Iguchi from Yokohama City University, bisphenol A damages the fetus' brain by penetrating the blood-brain barrier.

You need to take control of your own health

Many doctors point out that the chemical substances that penetrate our body damage normal DNA and cause them to become cancer cells. In other words, the causes of cancer are not just limited to processed food and an intake of animal proteins.

Even though sales are the most important principle of many companies, consumers should be smart enough to boycott products that may affect the health of our nation.

Unless we take action now, it might be too late.

Don't you think that the current situation is like a large unprotected clinical trial? We must not purchase, use, or even make any products that may contain environmental hormones. Unless we take action now to control our own health through our own efforts, at some point the effects may be irreversible.

Detoxification improves natural immunity

There are too many food additives, preservatives, artificial colors, and chemical products that are harmful to our body.

Even though they may not be visible, toxic substances are prevalent in our everyday lives.

We cannot say that toxic substances are the direct cause of cancer and other chronic diseases because chronic diseases are caused by various factors. However, it is certain that toxic substances play a significant role in disease pathophysiology. It is the case that Western medicine approaches problems from the symptoms that the diseases show.

However, Eastern medicine focuses on removing the cause before starting the treatment. It is important to remove toxic substances, dioxins, and food additives from the body. This treatment is called detoxification. By promoting the secretion of toxic materials in sweat and urine, we can activate the physical function that overcomes the disease. This is called natural immunity. People with natural immunity are not affected by cancer and virus intrusions. The detoxification treatment removes the causes of various diseases. When we combine it with immune reinforcement treatment and thermotherapy, our body will return to its original state.

Our goal is not to cure diseases. We only help the body to return to its original state. Your own natural immunity will be the player that cures your incurable disease.