The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director

Chapter 6
Surprising Effects of Fasting

Nakamachi Garden Clinic

Even though many people think of fasting as a painful process, our fasting treatment aids people to fight off chronic diseases by normalizing the body functions.

Our fasting treatment was made based on Dr. Yamada from the Kyorin Preventive Medicine Research Center.

Since we allow our patients to consume a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals along with an enzyme-free juice made from fermented vegetables, it is very different from the "fasting" that people are used to.

There are 10 characteristics to fasting.

  1. It stimulates body metabolism and removes subcutaneous fat to create an ideal fat composition in our body.
  2. It removes accumulated chemicals and toxic substances in the fat cells.
  3. It removes toxic fecal materials and cleans the intestine.
  4. It recovers damaged and weakened cells.
  5. It provides rest to the gastrointestinal system in order to improve intestinal functions.
  6. It removes excessive cholesterol within the blood to clean the blood.
  7. It removes waste materials covering the tongue to improve taste.
Lung cells are recovered to provide fresh oxygen to the body. White blood cell's activity is promoted to alleviate chronic diseases and allergies.

Try out our easy three-day fasting treatment

If a beginner starts the fasting process, we recommend him/her to try it out for three days.

  1. Drink 200-400cc of good quality water on the first morning
    — Good quality water stimulates the metabolism
  2. Home-made juice (carrot, spinach, cabbage, banana, tofu, lemon extract) three times a day as a meal
    Then, good quality water is enough for the rest of the process. 1.5 liters of water per day is enough. Refrain from drinking artificially flavored drinks and caffeine. Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited. Eat a piece of watermelon and melon each day if solid food is needed. Refrain from severe exercise.
    — 3 juices/ day, 550kcal. For five days
  3. Maintenance period: Eat porridge as the first meal and refrain from meat and fatty food for three days. Drink good quality water.
    — Eat as little as solid food as possible. Consume vegetable and fruits rich in vitamin and minerals.

This alone will make your body clean and fresh. When people are asked to perform fasting, they all think it will be a very difficult process. Surprisingly, people will not feel hungry but feel better after the first day.

There are a lot of customers who visit Dr. Yamada. Singer Migawa Kenichi lost 5kg of weight in three days of the fasting treatment. Other than improving the immune system, the skin tone was improved, as were the constipation symptoms.

Even though three-day fasting is very effective, it is best to perform it once every three months or six months. In addition, it is good to drink juice during the morning and eat normal meals for the rest of the day. Since partial fasting may also be effective, this can be applied in everyday lives.

The fasting treatment is based on a three-day schedule.

However, since a preparation and maintenance period is needed before and after the treatment, a total of 9 days are needed to complete the entire cycle. Even though many people fail to perform the maintenance period, it is extremely important to go through the maintenance period in order for the treatment to be completely effective.

Seven amazing effects of fasting!

  1. Improved toxic excretion function! Mercury, lead, dioxins, and other toxic materials are excreted from the body's system.
  2. Improved natural immunity! Enzymes are converted into digestive enzymes to repair the damaged cells..
  3. Improved intestinal functions! By allowing the gastrointestinal system to rest for a while, it improves the intestinal function.
  4. Diet. An active metabolism aided by vitamins and minerals from juice will promote fat combustion.
  5. Whitening effect. The skin metabolism is improved to improve the skin quality.
  6. Purified blood Excessive. Cholesterol is removed from the blood to purify the blood.
  7. Sensitive taste buds. The fasting process allows people to improve their sense of taste.

From The Book Read by People Who Do Not Want to Get Sick

Healthy cells are switched on to live in
harsh environments

The research center at the University of Southern California performed research into the effects of fasting.

They injected mice with a high dosage anti-cancer treatment and made them go through 48 hours and 60 hours of fasting respectively to compare the results.

The results showed that the mouse that did not go through fasting suffered from motor disabilities to other various anticancer drug side effects. On the other hand, the mouse that went through the fasting process for 48 hours did not suffer from these side effects.

In comparison to the mouse that went through 60 hours of fasting, the mouse that did not go through the fasting process died on the fifth day, whereas the mouse that went through the fasting process lived beyond the fifth day of anti-cancer drug administration. In addition, the weight loss that occurred during the fasting process was regained after the therapy and showed no side effects.

The result showed that normal cells go into a "shield mode" that protects the cells from severe starvation and stress.

Therefore, the fasting process only kills cancer cells and not normal cells.

Nine hospitals acknowledged the effects of the
fasting treatment

The Kyushu University Allergy Research Center uses 10 days of complete fasting and a 5-days maintenance period as their fasting therapy. They have commented on the therapy asthe following was noted:

"At our allergy research center, we have utilized fasting therapy along with other treatment modalities to treat asthma. We have deduced that the therapy improves the patient's condition. The fasting therapy puts the body in a severe state of stress by not providing any nutrition."

Our body is always looking for a balanced state where homeostasis is maintained. Therefore, our body will shift its gear when it goes into a fasting state in order for the body to survive. One of the changes that the body makes has to do with the increased secretion of steroid hormones. It is known to be very effective for asthma and atopic dermatitis.

Not only that but fasting therapy brings about a lot of changes in the body. It strengthens the body and uses the body's ability to maintain homeostasis as a therapeutic effect.

It is the basis of natural immunity.

As you can see, fasting showed promising results in treating asthma and atopic dermatitis.

The brain's central nervous system improves during fasting

The following mechanisms occur during the fasting process in terms of metabolism:

  1. The blood glucose level drops because it is used as an energy source.
  2. Glycogen stored in the liver and muscle cells is broken down as a glucose.
  3. Fatty acids in the body are converted to ketones for energy.

It has been reported that the increase in ketones is related to the increase in alpha brain waves. It also has been reported that blood ketone levels and alpha brain waves have a direct relationship during the fasting treatment process.

This was published by Dr. Takuchi from Tohoku University in his report on the effects of fasting treatments in 1984.

In addition, Dr. Yazushi from Sapporo Meiwa Hospital performed a test that measures the excitement of the brain's limbic system. His research showed that the fasting treatment inhibits the excitement of the brain's limbic system.

Therefore, the fasting process clears out the brain and lets the waves become dominant.

The effects of fasting can be summarized as the following:

1. Trans-fatty acid on the cells may be removed by the fasting treatment

Food products like margarine, shortening and cooking oil contain a high concentration of trans-fatty acid, one of the major players in cardiovascular diseases.

Even though a small amount is included in natural substances, it is less than 1% of the entire calorie recommendation by the World Health Organization(WHO).

It would not become a problem if we all had a balanced diet all the time. However, as people eat out more and more, there is a bigger chance of consuming more and more trans-fatty acids.

When people consume trans-fatty acids, they start to accumulate these to the and surround the cells.

Cells need accumulated minerals and enzymes to function as links between the cells for various physiological activities.

However, when cells are completely surrounded by trans-fatty acids, enzymes cannot link with minerals and It has been reported that the increase in ketones will compromise the cells' physiological activities.

In addition, since toxic metals bind with trans-fatty acids, they are not excreted from the body easily. When these patients go through the fasting process, their metabolism will be activated to excrete these oils from the body system. By excreting excessive and toxic oils from the body, the body's physiological functions will be restored.

2. It strengthens immunity

Allowing the organs to rest during the fasting period will improve the immune system. The gastrointestinal system works actively to metabolize the proteins, carbohydrates and fats that we consume each day. Since fatty meals give a serious burden to these organs, the fasting treatment will allow these organs to rest. Then, the organs can regenerate their normal tissue and become more active. When less an energy is spent on digestion during the fasting process, white blood cells will be activated to inhibit the growth of the tumor. These changes will occur during the fasting process. People who over-eat and drink will experience a lot of changes. A lot of energy is required to digest food. However, if there is no food to digest, this energy will be utilized in other functions, especially by the metabolism and immune system. When the metabolism functions are improved, defective cells will be replaced with fresh new cells. When the immune system is improved, it will defend the body from intruders and attack the cancer cells. It will become extremely beneficial in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Fasting is used as a standard treatment in some US hospitals due to its significant effects.

3. Normalize detoxification functions

The major organ that excretes alcohol, drugs, food additives and heavy metals is the liver. Fatty meals and processed food products put on a lot of burden on the liver. When the liver is in a severe burden state, its detoxification functions are weakened and toxic substances will start to accumulate within the body.

If we perform fasting during this process, the burden on the liver will be relieved in order for it to recover its normal detoxification functions.

There are a lot of chemicals, heavy metals and drugs accumulated in our body that interfere with our normal metabolism. The neurological system and endocrinological system are easily interfered with to cause seizures, allergies, diabetes and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions.

These toxic substances tend to be accumulated within the fat cells. The trans-fatty acids that surround the cells become one of the major focuses where toxic materials accumulate.

When fat cells are digested due to the fasting process, the excretion of toxic substances will be promoted.

4. Improvement in the symptoms caused by bad eating habits

Most of the chronic diseases are caused by bad eating habits. Excessive intakes of fatty meals are only one of the common factors that all chronic disease patients share.

This results in various symptoms. The blood becomes viscous and very vulnerable to coagulation. In addition, weight increases because of constipation and ineffective digestive functions.

Other everyday life functions are also compromised by bad eating habits. Even though it is difficult to call them diseases, people are often in a poor condition because of their bad eating habits.

There are endless cases where fasting therapy was beneficial to many of our patients. Let me introduce to you just few cases where the effects were significant.

Effects of fasting proven by the Health Institute

Purifies blood

Fatty meals and a lack of minerals cause a sharp increase in blood cholesterol levels in many people.

As a result, many people suffer from brain damage and cardiovascular diseases. Fasting therapy gets rid of excessive cholesterol and eases the blood flow.

Removes remnant fecal matter in the intestines

A lot of waste materials can be accumulated within the colon. Fatty meals, a lack of vegetables and excessive stress cause the intestine to accumulate harmful waste in our bodies. Such an accumulation increases the risk of colon cancer and irritable bowel diseases. During our fasting therapy where the right amount of fluid is being provided, constipation is improved and the colon is cleaned naturally. consuming vegetable-rich meals each day even after the fasting therapy, people can maintain their intestinal health at the maximum level.

Maintains weight

Fasting is not a simple diet process. It is a treatment course that reduces the weight in a healthy way by removing toxic substances from the body.

It is not difficult to maintain weight while not compromising the metabolic process by taking a closer look into the quantity and quality of the meals. Since fat and toxic materials are harmful to the body, we must find a way to lose weight in a healthy way. If we remove all of the excessive fat from the body by the fasting therapy, the metabolism level will be increased to maintain our body at a healthy weight.

Resets the sense organs

People will start to have a keen sense of taste after the fasting therapy. They will also realize that all of their five senses become better after the treatment. Most of the patients who have been through the fasting therapy said that their sight was significantly improved. We believe that such effects are achieved by resetting the sensory organs in our body.

It normalizes the respiratory function

Our lungs are living in a severe environment where air pollution extremely bad. By going through the fasting process, our lung functions will be normalized to provide fresh oxygen throughout our bodies to improve the basic body physiological functions.

Explanation - Status of the three standard treatment options

This chapter will talk about the status of the three standard treatment options. Some of the books that talk about traditional treatment methods say that the three standard treatments will result in absolute failure.

However, some patients are risking their lives because they are not being treated with modern medicine. It is extremely important to provide the best integrated medicine that combines both modern and traditional treatment options.

'Surgery' - taking all possible measures is very important

Surgical techniques have been improved significantly over the years. In the case of breast cancer, the removal of the entire breast was the basic surgery technique previously, it involved the extended removal of the pectoralis muscle and all of the neighboring lymph nodes. However, the current method evaluates the metastasis into the lymph nodes before removing them.

If the cancer has not metastasized into the lymph nodes, a local excision is made on the breast to combine it with radiation. Its treatment results are the same as a total mastectomy.

However, when a patient refuses to go through surgery at an early stage, the cancer may metastasize into the entire body before they visit the hospital again. Some breast cancer patients suffer from skin metastasis because of a delay in surgery.

Even though it would be impossible to remove all of the cancer cells by surgery, it is effective in reducing the size of the tumor. Radiation and chemotherapy is most effective when there are less cancer cells to fight against. Therefore, it is very important to take all possible measures during the treatment of cancer.

Some women refrain from going through surgery due to fear of cutting the breast away. However, since the field of plastic surgery has improved significantly, many breast cancer patients are having breast reconstructions with fantastic results. In addition, much research is being done in various fields to relive pain in cancer patients.

However, the most important part has to do with the fact that surgery is not the end of treatment for cancer. It is after the surgery that the real fight begins. I have witnessed a lot of patients who had recurrent breast cancer after the surgery because they thought their disease was cured.

The surgical removal of cancer cells is limited to the visible range. In other words, surgery does not cure cancer at a cellular level. Therefore, it is important to go through cancer treatment as soon as the surgery is completed.

By examining the breast cancer tissue, we can decide which anti-cancer drugs or hormone therapies are effective. Since treatment modalities change based on the patient's condition, we are able to perform customized treatments for breast cancer patients.

'Chemotherapy' - Even the new drugs only have a 30% efficacy

Doctors perform chemotherapy before and after the surgery.

With the exception of early-stage cancers, it is safe to say that there are still a lot of cancer cells left at a cellular level after the surgery. There is a possibility of metastasis into other organs through the blood vessels.

However, anti-cancer drugs cannot kill all of the cancer cells. Even though the effects are maximized when there are less cancer cells within the body, the effects are only temporary and the cancer cells start to build resistance against the anti-cancer treatments after a while. When cancer cells genetically mutate into a resistant strain, we can use another anti-cancer drug to kill those cancer cells.

However, the effects will be diminished after several cycles of treatment. Even though many new drugs are being launched onto the market, their efficacy is only around 30%.

In other words, the other 70% are not benefiting from these chemotherapies.

If we increase the dosage of a single anti-cancer drug, its side effects will become stronger as well. Current anti-cancer treatment focuses on the patient's quality of life. There is much research being done on using various anti-cancer treatments in order to reduce side effects.

However, as mentioned before, there are limits to the effects of anti-cancer treatments. If we keep on using them without any hope of therapeutic effects, it will only compromise the patient's quality of life.

Do not keep on using ineffective chemotherapies

It is extremely important to have the courage to terminate ineffective cancer treatments. There are some centers that use small doses of anti-cancer drugs to inhibit cancer growth.

By combining them with immune reinforcement therapies, half or 10% of the normal dosages may be used to minimize the side effects while achieving the same therapeutic effects.

We also administer half or 20% of the normal anti-cancer drugs and combine them with various immune reinforcement therapies like thermotherapy. We experienced a patient who had been given a month to live but who lived healthily for another 6 months.

Normally, most hospitals do not listen to patients who wish to use smaller doses of anti-cancer drugs. Doctors say that small doses are ineffective.

However, from our experience, smaller doses have fewer side effects while having a therapeutic effect in lengthening the lifespan.

There is a treatment approach called "cancer dormant therapy" which does not aim to kill all of the cancer cells.

Rather, it aims to create a symbiosis between the cancer cells and the host. This treatment approach may be effective for people who are afraid of the side effects of anti-cancer drugs.

The therapeutic effects of small dose anti-cancer drugs are yet to be found. However, from our point of view, smaller doses of anti-cancer drugs activate the immune system that is suppressed by higher doses of anti-cancer drugs. We believe that the synergistic effect between low-dose chemotherapy and improved immune functions is the cause of great treatment results with low-dose chemotherapy.

In other words, it is important to use low-dose chemotherapy along with immune reinforcement treatments.

Currently, there is a new trend in the cancer treatment field called "molecular target cell therapy". It is becoming a major trend in the treatment of cancer in the modern era.

We must always check on monoclonal antibody drugs and angiogenesis inhibitors

Angiogenesis inhibitors are another new trend in the treatment of cancer. Even though these two drugs may be categorized into the same category, there are some differences.

Targeted cell therapy is like a customized drug that is used on certain genetic traits of the patients.

It attacks cancer genes and proteins made from specific cancer genes to target only the cancer cells and not the normal cells.

Angiogenesis inhibitors inhibit the synthesis of new blood vessels in large tumor masses. In order for cancer cells to grow, they need to be supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen. The tumor creates new blood vessels around its tissues to provide nutrition.

Some anti-cancer drugs have synergistic effects with angiogenesis inhibitors. However, even these drugs do not disable the blood vessels already that already exist within the tumor mass. In other words, "angiogenesis inhibitors" may suppress the further growth of cancer cells. Therefore, its effects will be maximized when it is combined with other anti-cancer drugs.

Angiogenesis inhibitors and target cell therapies do not share the same function. However, some angiogenesis inhibitors are made as the monoclonal antibodies.

The Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), is a major factor that signals the growth of new vessels.

Many drugs targeting this factor are being launched onto the market. There is a drug called Avastin that specifically inhibits the growth of new blood vessels. However, since its effects are limited to those with certain genes, it is extremely important to run a genetic test before starting the treatment.

There are a lot of new anti-cancer drugs on the current market. Although some people may feel like they might die of the cancer treatments, some cancer treatments are extremely effective. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn more about anti-cancer drugs so that you do not blow your chance of a cure because you refuse to take any anti-cancer drugs.

However, other than leukemia, there are no cancers that can be completely cured only by chemotherapy. It is extremely important for doctors to realize this fact. The differences between doctors who know the limits of chemotherapy and those who do not are very significant.

"Radiation" the cyber knife that minimizes side effects

The radiation used in radiation treatments uses the same rays used in x-ray radiology. In addition, bayron radiation is also being implemented in treatment plans. When cells are exposed to radiation, DNA is destroyed and further replication is inhibited. Even though normal cells are affected during the process, various technological improvements are being made to minimize the side effects.

Radiation treatments are improving rapidly as the devices improve based on technological advancements. Now, radiation therapy is localized on certain parts of the tissue, it is possible to minimize the side effects on the normal cells.

The gamma knife and cyber knife combines computer and CT images to attack the tumor mass from 30~1200 directions. It prevents unnecessary damage to the normal cells while localizing the therapeutic effects on the cancer cells. With the exception of the brain, cyber knife treatments for the lungs, liver, and prostate cancer are being covered by health insurance. By combining radiation and chemotherapy, we can achieve the same results as surgery. This will open a new door for patients with inoperable cancer.