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1. Category: Using the Biomat

Articles on using the Richway crystal infrared Biomat, how to set it up, and various applications for use in the home and office.

2. Category: Infrared

Learn about the Biomat's crystal infrared energy, infrared science, and the unique healing properties of infrared.

3. Category: Germanium Power Pad

Using the Germanium Power Pad to enhance the effects of the infrared of your Biomat.

4. Category: Quantum Energy Pad

The Quantum Energy Pad enhances the comfort and function of the Biomat. Learn how to use the Quantum Energy Pad for maximum benefit and comfort.

5. Category: Crystals and Gemstone Healing

Various crystals and stones, such as amethyst, tourmaline, jade, citrine, topaz, tiger eye, elvan, germanium, and others provide healing effects. In this category, we discuss the scientific properties of these crystals and gemstones.

6. Category: Supplements

Discussion of healthy supplements.