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1. FDA bans NMN as a Supplement

The FDA has issued a statement saying that NMN may not be sold as a supplement, citing its status as being under investigation as a drug. This development is a reversal of the FDA’s previous decision to allow its sale as a new dietary supplement (NDI). Although many vitamin and supplement companies that sell NMN remain concerned with this news, banning NMN’s sale is not currently being enforced. NMN is a precursor to a vital molecule involved in thousands of reactions for cell energy, DNA repair, and cell stress alleviation called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ levels significantly decline with age, correlating with the onset of age-related diseases like cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic issues. Taking NMN has been shown to increase blood NAD+ levels in humans and mitigate age-related diseases in animal models. Due to its success in alleviating age-related ailments in animals, namely rodents, pharmaceutical companies like Metro International Biotech have begun trials investigating NMN as a drug for humans.

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