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Using the Germanium Power Pad to enhance the effects of the infrared of your Biomat.

1. Using the Germanium Power Pad With COVID-19

In a professional environment sanitation is important. When using the Biomat in a clinic you will want to make sure it is clean. The Germanium Power Pad 187 can be used for this purpose.

The Germanium Power Pad 187 is a waterproof cover for the Biomat. This cover also intensifies the infrared and also provides anti-odor and anti-bacterial protection.

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2. Germanium and Infrared

Germanium is a rare, silver-colored semiconductor metal. Germanium has unique properties in the presence of infrared. Glass is almost completely transparent to light in the visible spectrum. In contrast, germanium is almost completely opaque. With infrared light, the opposite is true. Infrared passes easily passes through germanium, and not so well with glass. Germainium Block

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