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The Quantum Energy Pad enhances the comfort and function of the Biomat. Learn how to use the Quantum Energy Pad for maximum benefit and comfort.

1. The Quantum Energy Pad Is An Awesome Blanket

With a desire for a warm blanket, we experimented with a Quantum Energy Pad. Since we first posted this, Richway released the Bamboo Silk Comforter. The comforter would be our fist choice, unless you need a smaller blanket.

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2. Using Your Quantum Energy Pad

Back in 2013, the daughter of the developer of the Bio-Mat complained to her father that the Bio-Mat was too hard. She did not like sleeping on it. While this is not an issue for most people, some people have the same concerns. Well, being a good father he worked on a solution. The result of this effort was the creation of the Quantum Energy Pad (QEP). Purple Professional Quantum Pad Peach and Grape Seed Extract Resonates with a Healthy Human Body While developing a pad to be placed on top of the Bio-Mat, an opportunity presented itself to incorporate some additional technologies. They observed that peach and grape seeds resonate at a frequency similar to a healthy human body. While the energy emitted from those seeds was small, they found that they could amplify the energy by mixing an organic compound extracted from those seeds with amethyst powder. A layer was incorporated into the Quantum Energy Pad with this material.

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