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Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter

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100% Bamboo, Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Quantum Fabric!

Richway’s Bamboo Silk Comforter is made from organic bamboo fiber, which helps keep your skin feeling fresh, while providing silky smooth comfort for a relaxing sleep.

Bamboo fabric is soft as silk! In fact, the soft fluffy material is almost twice as soft as cotton.

Bamboo Silk Comforter

Bamboo is Hypoallergenic.

Not only is Bamboo Fabric incredibly soft, its also a natural hypoallergenic. With its soft and round fibers, there are no sharp cuts to irritate the skin. Perfect for people who have sensitive skin!

No More Smelly Sheets!

Bamboo is quite a unique plant, it has a natural protection against most varieties of bacteria, which is part of the reason why bamboo grows so quickly. And the most amazing thing? Its that none of these antibacterial properties are destroyed during the manufacturing process!

Bacteria is well known for causing a lot of odors, and bamboo’s anti-bacterial properties naturally eliminates odors. Antimicrobial materials prevent bacteria from sticking to its surfaces and prevents them from growing.

Stay feeling fresh and odor free longer.

Stay cooler during the Summers!

Stay cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winters! Bamboo fabric is perfect for any weather. Not only does it block almost all UV rays, but it is also breathable and has excellent water wicking properties to help keep you stay dry when it gets hot and sticky.

Bamboo plants keep themselves cool when it’s hot and they continue to keep you cool even after it gets turned into a fabric. After bamboo has been spun into a fabric, the bamboo fabric is covered with micro-gaps, which gives the fabric better ventilation to help keep you cooler.

Bamboo Silk Comforter Layers