The Original Biomat

Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from the Biomat?
Almost Everyone. We believe life is better with the Biomat. You do not need to have any health challenges to appreciate the Biomat. There are health conditions that are assisted with the use of the Biomat, such as aches and pains.
What temperature should I use on the Biomat?
We created a chart to provide some general recommendations. You will also discover through experimentation what works best for you.
Click here for Biomat Temperature Suggestions
I've just had a hip replacement. Will the metal heat up if I use the Biomat?
Metal reflects infrared and does not heat up.
I've been in an accident. Can the Biomat help me?
The Biomat is an excellent source for alleviating, not only bodily pain, but also mental, emotional and even spiritual distress.
What and when were the Biomat's latest improvements?
The Amethyst Biomat 7000mx is the latest improvement and came out November 2012. It comes with a powerful new layer that provides strong Negative Ions and Magnetic reaction - the TOCA layer (Tourmaline Catch power), also updated is the pad replaces fabric with an improved "Clay" fabric which transfers very gentle infrared rays, and comes with a new more durable and powerful controller which is made for heavy duty use with a new sleek modern design. The Amethyst Biomat was previously improved in January 2010. The Amethyst is now ground 7 times compared to 5 times for previous version of the Biomat so the Amethyst is finer and has more shine to it. The panel within the Biomat that generates the Negative Ions is 50% larger. The Biomat itself is now 8mm thicker than before. The plug has been modified so it is harder and thicker so it is tougher to break.
Can the Biomat cure or reverse cancer?
The Biomat is not approved for the treatment of cancer.
What is the difference between the Mini and the Larger size Biomats?
All the Biomats have the same 17 internal layers. The differences are the dimensions, the style of the controllers, and price. The Mini-mat also contains rows of Tourmaline. The use of the tourmaline provides a better heat profile for the smaller Mini-Mat, which is why it was used for this mat and not the larger ones.
How long has the Biomat been on the market?
The Biomat has been on the market since 1997. Various improvements have occurred since that time.
Can the Biomat be used on 110 or 220 volts?
Bio-Mats come in two different voltage versions. They are internally not wired the same. The United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan have 120 Volt systems. There are a few countries that have a mix of voltages. Make sure you order the correct voltage. For limited use, a transformer can be used if you wish to use a Biomat in a foreign country with a different voltage from your Biomat.
Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one mat?
All Biomats are sold at the same price for everyone. If you want multiple Biomats, you will want to contact us to assist you with your order.
What is the cost of the Biomats when you become a distributor verses a retail price without being a distributor?
The prices are the same for everyone. There is no discount for distributors. The company doesn't sell directly to the public, all sales go thru distributors. If you become a distributor through us by ordering a Biomat and a Distributor Kit from this website, we will provide you a free Biomat marketing website with Distributor Tools and training available 24/7.
Can I order just the Professional without the Pillow?
The pillow is not necessary. Yes, just go to the Bio-Mat Store page and select the "Bio-Mat" button on the left to see sizes, pricing and shipping.
What are the benefits of the Bio-Pillow
There are crystals in the pillow wrap, which are designed to keep the head cool while on the Biomat, so that the body can easily tolerate the 158 temp. The crystals in the pillow carry the energy of the Biomat. You can do muscle testing and when you simply touch the pillow, you will be stronger.
How do I place an order?
Click on the store button, and browse the selections. Select your items, and then checkout. Once we have received notification of your order we will process your order with the manufacturer. You will receive an email receipt of your order. If you need help please contact us
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally via UPS. Additional shipping fees may apply. Purchaser is responsible for any import taxes or fees that may apply in their country.
What is the Professionals Discount?
If you are a "Licensed Professional" in the wellness or medical fields, such as a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, RN, Acupuncturist, Dentist, a certified energetic healer, etc., you qualify for a $100 professional discount. That $100 is from the manufacturer and applied to the Professional Size Biomat. You simply select the Professional Biomat with the Professional Discount from our store. You must email or text us a copy of your license or certification before we can process your order.
Why are the Biomats so expensive?
To put this in a real life perspective: We do not add any additional cost, you receive manufacturer direct pricing. They have an over all 30 year trade in or repair policy. 30 Years!!! That is astounding. Now for the bottom line: If it lasts you for 10 years, which is common and you spent around $2000.00 - that works out to $200.00 per year and less than 45 cents a day! What other therapy can provide pain reduction, reversing of ailments, rejuvenation, alleviation of insomnia, provide mental and emotional ease, help get you off of toxic medicines because your aches and pains diminish - for less than your daily cup of coffee, without any harmful side effects? The Biomat does so much more. 45 cents a day is beyond an thoroughly magnificent value. Wouldn't it be nice if other products were so durable and life changing for just 50 cents a day? You receive much more therapy than you ever paid. (A mini-Bio-Mat is just 15 cents a day)
Can I use my Biomat with a magnetic pad?
Yes, even with "magnetic pulser" devices.
Is there EMF (electromagnetic fields) from your Biomats?
Electromagnetic fields are created as a result of alternating current (AC). The Biomat uses direct current (DC) produced by converting household alternating current (AC) through a 5-tier buffering system. That is why EMF does not register on the Biomat. An electric blanket or typical heating pads use 60Hz alternating current (AC) running through wires. That creates an electromagnetic field in those devices. Beware of fake Biomats. They often have EMF.
How can the Bio-Belt be used for other body parts, beside the stomach?
Just place the Bio-Belt on the body part and set the temperature. You do not need to use the belt that comes with the Bio-Belt. In fact, we have found 95% of the time we do not use the belt that comes with it.
If I want to be a Distributor for these Biomats, how can you help me?
We provide you a free Biomat-Marketing website with distributor tools and training.
My Doctor just wrote a Rx for a Biomat - will my health insurance pay now?
It depends on the limits of your policy coverage. Contact your Health Insurance Co to learn their requirement pay for the Biomat.
Why is there tourmaline alternating with the amethyst in the Mini Biomat?
We were at dinner with the developer of the Biomat and asked the same question. What he told us was with the smaller surface area, the tourmaline rows gave a better heat profile. The larger mats did not need that. They experimented using a blind test, where people sat on mats with different configurations. They compared configurations with all amethyst, alternating rows, and doubling rows. Ultimately, they found the alternating amethyst and tourmaline was perceived to provide the best feeling.

All Biomats today also have a layer of tourmaline powder mixed with other elements to create negative ions. You do not see that from the outside.
The crystals/stones are falling out of my mat. What do I do?
First, check out this page: Fixing Biomats with Crystals Falling Out. Contact us for further help.
I have other questions.
Then please contact us.

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