The Original Biomat

Bio-Belt 7000MX - Incredible Healing Device

Bio Belt Relaxing

The Bio-Belt 7000MX is a small Bio-Mat (18 inches by 8 inches) that may be placed around the waist, leg, or other part of the body. The Bio-Belt contains over eight precious jewels, including: amethyst, green jade, tourmaline, topaz, tiger eye, citrine, and elvan. While the Bio-Belt can be used around the waist, more often with the strap removed to Bio-Belt can be used for spot treatment.

Eight Precious Jewels

The Bio-Belt, an Infrared Jewelry Belt, is a small Biomat belt that offers a smooth far-infrared radiation generated from over eight different types of jewels including Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Citrine,Topaz,Tiger Eye, and Elvan.

Bio Belt Gemstones

Different Energy from the Biomat!

Because the Bio-Belt uses different stones than a regular Biomat, the energy produced and the feel is completely different. The underlying technology is the same as a Biomat, but with the wave modulation of the infrared with the different stones, a different effect is produced.

Bio-Belt consists of 11 layers

  1. Surface material: Silicon Urethane with cotton
  2. Waterproof layer
  3. Amethyst, Tourmaline, Citrine, Green Jade, Crystal, Tiger Eye, Elvan, Topaz
  4. Hyron Cotton layer for thermal insulation
  5. TOCA later: Strong negative ions
  6. Nano Copper fabric layer fo electomagnetic interception
  7. Quantum Energy layer (peach and grape seeds)
  8. Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layers with EMF interception
  9. Non-woven fabric layer
  10. Thermal protection layer
  11. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern
Bio Belt Layers


While the Bio-Belt was designed to be used as a belt, we have found that over 90% of the time it is used without the belt attachment to provide focus on specific areas.

The Bio-Belt may be placed on the back, abdomen, waist, knees, shoulders, or other parts of the body, to focus infrared therapy.

Placing the Bio-Belt around the waist, surprisingly and pleasantly warms the whole body.

Suggested uses may be while sitting in your office chair, watching TV, working on the computer, etc.

Energetic healers will note a pleasant difference in the energy created by the Bio-Belt, from the other Bio-Mats.

Many have found using the Bio-Belt with the Bio-Mat to be of great help.


Bio Belt Emblem Bio Belt Image

Thermotherapy and Back Aches

Bio Belt Back

Since the back serves as the central axis of our body, it is very sensitive. Both the upper and lower body is affected by backaches, and therefore requires extreme care. Backaches may be caused from excessive workouts and incorrect posture. By controlling such extreme workouts, treating harmful postures, and projecting far-infrared radiation onto the back, the backaches should rapidly reduce.


Bio Belt Certifications

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