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Testimonials from Around the World

The Bio-Mat does not claim to be a cure for any diagnosis, treatment or special disease. The Bio-Mat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the United States FDA regulations.

The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system. The Bio-Mat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.

The following testimonials are only of individual experiences and should not be mistaken as treatment without a physical examination. These testimonies are from individuals and do not reflect the Bio-Mat or Alkal-Life's general effects.

1. Overcoming ==== ======

Testimonial - Mike

I was doing roofing on a hot July day in Portland, Oregon. When I went home, I felt fine, but later that evening I started to shiver uncontrollably, even though it was still very warm.


I knew I needed to warm up my body to help the shivering. Then I thought I should get on the Bio-Mat. I turned on the Bio-Mat to the high-temperature settings and let it warm up.

I laid down on the Bio-Mat a few minutes later. It was the strangest sensation. I was uncontrollably shivering when I laid down, and within 30 seconds, my body completely relaxed. The sensation of my body calming down was something I had never experienced before. I stayed on the Bio-Mat for 30 minutes. When I got up, I felt completely fine.

Later when I described my experience to a medical professional, they said it sounded like you experienced ==== ======. If this ever happens again, I'll remember my Bio-Mat. I would not want to be without it.

Portland, Oregon

2. Bio-Mat helps ===== and ======== ========

Testimonial - Didi

I am Didi, 37 years old and a registered nurse. As a professional nurse, I’ve been working hard caring for my patients. It is a great joy to me if I am with patients and able to meet their needs physically, mentally, and spiritually.


One day, ===== struck me. This is a dreadful disease that affects the immune system. While I was caught up with this disease physically, I felt generalized weakness and pain all over my body. I could hardly walk because of the ======== ======== that affects the femoral joints of my hips. My orthopedic doctor scheduled me to have a total hip replacement. In spite of these ailments, I never lost hope that someday I would recover. I leave everything to our dear Lord Almighty, my precious life. He has given me strength, and I know he will never leave me alone.

When I went home to the Philippines to visit my family, this disease seriously attacked me again. My body became swollen. I was very weak, unable to eat, and totally bedridden. My days were numbered. I was confined at Manila Medical Center. The medical staff did everything. In spite of their dedicated services to make me well, I am diagnosed as critical. I cannot be transported back to the US because I am almost dying. I was very aware of what was happening to me and as I said earlier, I never lost hope to get well. I have deep faith in our Lord Almighty. While I was in this critical and dying condition, my family prepared my dress for my burial, and arranged funeral services in the event I will have my last breath. My family here and in the Philippines, had already accepted my situation. All of them were very much affected emotionally by my case.

But miracles happen day by day. One morning my doctor advised me to go home, and instructed me to follow treatments at home. At the same time, I am to seek further treatments back in the United States, if I am able to go back. I was discharged, and transported via wheelchair.

I arrived in the United States still in a weak condition. I was able to ambulate with the aide of my wheelchair and walker. I am disabled, and not able to go back to work. I felt demoralized being helpless. I’ve been a hard worker, I can’t accept being idle. But God is so gracious to me. One day during our Bible Study, I met Sister Fleur de Jesus. She is also a nurse, and was so concerned about my situation. During the course of our conversation, she mentioned the Bio-Mat. We had a very good discussion about the Bio-Mat, how it how can help people with ======== such as =====, which is my diagnosis, ======, etc. Considering her professional background as a professor at USC College of Nursing, she’s knowledgeable about the exchange of negative and positive ions which the Bio-Mat plays an important role in the ========== == ========.

I was enthused to know more about the Bio-Mat, she gave me brochures. I read it and was delighted to know that there is something to help me. Sister Fleur and her husband, Brother Lito, offered their help to drive me to a clinic to meet Dr. and Mrs. Barlicos, who are the coordinators of a Los Angeles clinic. I lay on the mat, and a few minutes later I could feel the warmth all over my body, and the pain is somewhat relieved. Right then and there I decided to purchase the Bio-Mat. Although I am financially low, I asked my friend if she could help me finance, and I would pay her in installments. She consented without ado, and finally I got one.

Days pass since I’ve used my Bio-Mat. I feel the therapeutic effect within my body. My aches are relieved. I observe my body’s reaction to the treatment closely. I am now able to walk without the help of my walker.

Sister Fleur and Brother Lito have been nice to me - recommending that I see their private doctor for a complete medical examination. I have been under the care of their doctor since then. He has submitted me to different tests, prescribed me some medications, and along with this, I am an avid user of the Bio-Mat. I never let a day pass by without using my Bio-Mat. A few days after the doctor had seen me, he declared to me that my ===== had been cleared. He even said that it is like a mystery. I told him that I have been using the Bio-Mat.

Well this is the story of my life. Thanks to God that the Bio-Mat was discovered, and it’s a great miracle. I will not trade in the Bio-Mat for anything. I owe my precious life to our dear Lord Jesus who “leadeth” me to use the Bio-Mat.

Many thanks to Brother Lito and and Sister Fleur, Dr. and Mrs. Barlicos for being instrumental in helping me to have a healthy life. Now, I am in the best of health and able to serve our Lord spiritually.


3. Bio-Mat helps Military Veteran after ===== =======

Testimonial - Mario

My name is Mario. I am a 47 years old military veteran currently living in San Diego, California together with my wife and two children. When I retired from the U.S. Navy after twenty-four years of service, I was awarded 40% disability, which accounted for ===== ==== ====,======== =========, and others.


Although my ======== ========= are controllable by prescription drugs, the frequency and intensity have increased gradually which required constant medication. The side effects of the medication had interfered with my daily work and quality of life. For a while there, I surrendered to the fact that there is nothing that can make me regain my usual health-life without ======== =========. I prayed for the day when something can be invented or discovered that could ease my suffering from this dreaded ailment. That day came when I discovered Bio-Mat.

Earlier last summer, close family friends of mine introduced me to the Bio-Mat and Pillow. They made me try the products and let me experience first hand the effects of negative ions and far infrared rays. Within fifteen minutes from the time I laid down on the Bio-Mat, I started feeling the tensions on my back go away. The ===== pain that I felt between my shoulder blades and lower back seemed to have gone away. The warm soothing feeling I got from the Bio-Mat was a welcomed relief on my knotted back muscles and tired body. I readily bought the product and used it daily. Coming home and using my Bio-Mat for one to two hours right after work is almost a ritual because it relieves the tense and tired muscles after a full days work. After each session, I feel so rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to tackle other tasks at home. My wife felt the same way since she uses it as well right after coming home from work. Best of all, using the Bio-Mat for overnight sleep is indeed blissful, a must for my wife and I.

Then two months ago, I underwent a ====== ====== ===== surgery. ==== = ===== ====== ======== == == ===== === = ===== ======= ==== ===== ==== = ====== ==== I started my slow recuperation at the hospital recovery ward. That was probably the longest five days for my life being away from my Bio-Mat. Sleeping became a problem for me since I can only sleep on my back. Every little movement on either side puts pressure == == ===== ========= causing pain. Although the hurting was mostly controlled with pain medication, which had to be taken every four hours, it was indeed miserable to say the least. Additionally, pain pills put me to sleep every time I used them. ==== ==== = ======= ========= = ======= ======= ========== ======= === ======= ======== By the end of the fifth day in the recovery room, I was released from the hospital and started my outpatient recovery at home. The first order of business as soon as I got home was to lie down on my Bio-Mat and experience once again its soothing warmth and healing effect. It was indeed very welcomed relief. ======== == ========= == == ===== === ==== ===== ==== ===== ===== === ======== I managed to move around the house on my own. === ===== ===== = ======= ==== === ==== = ======= ===== === ======= == ==== === ===== === ==== ======= == == ==== ====== ===== === ==== == ===== === === === == ===== === ====== ===== === ===== =========== ====== === ===== ==== ====== ===== But the best thing about recovering at home is that I was able to use my Bio-Mat most of the time, which relieved me of all the back pains and knotted muscles. It also seemed to relieve the ======== pains and ========, which allowed me not to use the pain pills anymore. It was then that I realized the tremendous effect Bio-Mat had on my health. I owe my trouble free recovery to my Bio-Mat and its healing powers from its negative ion and far infrared technology.

After six weeks of recovery, my doctor released me with a clean bill of health and favorably commented on me speedy and uncomplicated recovery. I was told that the recovery time for such procedures normally takes three to six months depending upon a lot of factors. I was removed from my disability status and was allowed to return to work right after. This amazing product truly works and will be part of my household for years to come. The manufacturer of the Bio-Mat deserves my whole-hearted appreciation.

San Diego, California

4. =======, ==========, and Toe Helped by Bio-Mat

Testimonial - Lee

I am fortunate to have been blessed with good health, but have noticed many positive changes in my body using the Bio-Mat despite my good fortune. The changes noticed have been, literally, from head to toe: the hair on my head has started growing! At first, I thought it was wishful thinking, but my parents commented about this on my annual visit to Omaha last year.


About 2 years ago, I developed ======= which is an affliction that President Clinton and Princess Diana also contracted. ======= is an involuntary ======== == === ====, and a topical prescription or an antibiotic is usually used. I have never had to use the recommended treatments because I started using the Bio-Mat at this time.

For over 20 years, I’ve had a ========== on my back that had grown to the size of a lemon. The doctors told me it was nothing to worry about, but they would cut it off if I wanted. Who wants to have an operation if they don’t have to? By using the Bio-Mat, the ==== has decreased in size by 80 to 90%.

I stubbed my === during the 8.2 earthquake experienced on Guam about 6 years ago, and the big === ==== == === ==== had remained sort of black/dark blue. It returned to normal after about 10 months of using the Bio-Mat because of ======== ===== =========== which is the basic reason all of my ailments have either improved or been cured. With improved ===== ===========, the ======== in my hands and feet has gotten much better, and the number of trips made to the bathroom during the night has been cut in half.


5. Helping ======== and ===== Problems

My name is Mila and I live in Chicago. I would like to share my experiences using the Bio-Mat and how it improved my health.


I’ve been suffering from numerous ailments for many years. Some of my problems were sleeping and ========, =====, ===========, leg ======, ========= (especially a ======= ===== ====), and ==== ========. I was worried of going bald! Sometimes daily, I would suffer with severe =========, ======== === ===== ======== pain. Numerous times I visited specialty doctors and massage therapists. I ended up spending a lot of time and money, but I never got better.

One day in June, my friend Ben Rosero introduced me to RichWay International. He explained to me about the Bio-Mat and asks me to try it. After I lay down for abut 30 minutes, my ==== pain was relieved. I have been using the Bio-Mat for one month now and all of my symptoms are alleviated. I have good sleep and my ===== ======= are gone. My ===== ======== is normal and my hair has stopped ======= === also.

I appreciate very much for using the Bio-Mat. I would like to help others to use the fantastic Bio-Mat.

Chicago, Illinois

6. Numerous Improvements after Using the Bio-Mat

Testimonial - Gary

My name is Gary, and I am an engineer working in Silicon Valley. At this time, I would like to share some personal benefits regarding my experiences with the use of the Bio-Mat. I feel that my health and life-style is normal for a 59 year old male, who is a smoker, and a non-exerciser. Therefore, my experiences and observations may be similar to those who may fit this profile.


Improvements to my health over this past year are:

  • ===== ==== == ====== == ==== ======= ======== ====== disappeared after 30 minutes on the mat using a temperature of 70 degrees C.
  • ===== ==== ==== disappeared after sleeping on the mat for three nights, mat temperature at 45 degrees C.
  • ====== ==== ==== due to ===== ==== eliminated after sleeping on the mat and using the Pillow for 7 nights.
  • A ==== ====== that has persisted for 8 years disappeared.
  • Biannual ======= ========== == === ======== == == ==== started to appear, but disappeared without a trace within 2 days.
  • No longer need to urinate 3 - 4 times in the middle of the night.
  • ====== in both hands from manual labor have disappeared.
  • === ======== ===== ======= === ===== ==== healed, surgery cancelled.
  • ===== ======== ===========, systolic from 154 to 137, diastolic from 93 to 88. Playing recreational sports results in no ========= == ======== the next day.

Many of you may not have the minor adult ailments which have bothered me over the years, or perhaps you have more serious issues to deal with. In either case, it is a priceless feeling to experience an improvement to your health, and that is basically why I wanted to share my findings with you.

"Silicon Valley," California

7. Help for ======= ==== Pain

Testimonial - Johanna

In March 1995, I injured my back at work, and have been unable to go back to work ever since. I suffer from ======= back pain on my left side and my lower back. I was unable to sleep on my left side or my back. I was also using a cane because it was very hard for me to walk around the house or outside in order to go to my appointments, do errands, etc.


As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even sit for a very long time without feeling pain. However, after Angie introduced me to the Bio-Mat my life hasn’t been the same. It eased my pain == === ===== == == ==== as nothing I have ever used before. When I sit down to watch television, or at a desk to write a letter, I am able to sit long, with less pain. Furthermore, when I am walking somewhere, I have less need of my cane. Finally, since I have been using (and continue to use) the Bio-Mat I am more active than I used to be.


8. Relieved ====== === ====== Pain

Testimonial - Efigenia

I am writing this letter of testimony, to share what the Bio-Mat has done for me. One of the effects of the Bio-Mat was it relieved my ====== pain. Using the Bio-Mat also helped to decrease body aches and other ailments like ==== ====== and ====== pains. I am also able to relax and sleep better at night. By sharing the Bio- Mat with my friends, it eased their body aches and pains as well.

The Bio-Mat is a helpful way to relieve body ailments and I give a thoughtful thank you.


9. ====== =========== Helped

Testimonial - Marina

I’m 62 years old. My experience using the Bio-Mat is as follows. My ====== was ============== and I was unable to stand up for one week. That’s when my friend invited me to try the Bio-Mat. The first 4 days I didn’t feel a difference, but by the 5th day, I was able to get up and walk by myself. Then I decided to buy one. Now, my ====== is in good shape. Also, the === pain that bothered me for 15 years disappeared, too. Six specialists from Stanford Hospital, couldn’t cure my === pain, but the Bio-Mat did. Now, there is no more ========= pain.


10. ==== ===== ======== and Back Pain Relief

Testimonial - Leticia

My name is Leticia. I have had ==== ===== ======== and ==== pain for a long time. When my sister-in-law, Vicky, came to visit us, she told me about the amazing power of the Bio-Mat. I went to an office in San Jose the following day and tried the Bio-Mat. Since I felt for myself how good it is, I immediately ordered one of my own.

After using the Bio-Mat for two weeks, my ===== ======== has normalized and my ==== pain is gone. My ======= of 5 months is also gone. Thank you.

San Jose, California

11. ==== and ========== Relief

Testimonial - Rizaldy

I had ==== and an ======= to seafood. Before using the Bio-Mat, eating crab, lobster, shrimp, etc., would make me =================== all over and I was unable to walk. Now that I use the Bio-Mat I can eat whatever I want. I also had a problem with ===========, but now they are gone because of the Bio-Mat.


12. =========== === ======

Testimonial - Joe and Angie

My name is Joe, and my wife’s name is Angie. We are both retired. I am retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years, and also from Lockhead Missile and Space Co. Inc., after 18 years. My wife retired from Hewlett Packard after 23 years. This time we feel that we want to share some recent findings with you regarding our experiences using the Bio-Mat and the Rejuvena. We feel that our health and life-style is normal for a 70 years old male and a 62 years old female. My wife’s =========== == ==== ======= == === after she used the Bio-Mat, and I do not have ====== ======= much anymore.

Joe and Angie

13. Avoiding a Nursing Home

Testimonial - George

For many years, I faithfully slept on an electromagnetic mattress. However, the moment I sat on, and laid down on the infrared / negative (-) ion pad, my life completely changed. Being that I am not an athletic-type person sweating-out was my biggest problem.


For the first three months, I had to change my undershirt at least twice each night. In the meantime, I had the most unusual experience where as the sweat from my back was literally wetting my shirt during the day and night. To make matters worse, the smell of the sweat was like that of poison. Today, after two years of continuous use, I am happy that I did not quit sleeping on the Bio-Mat. My ===== ========= ============ === ===== ====== are like that of a 30-year-old, although I’ll be 70 years old at the end of the year. My family is 100% certain that we will not have to live out our lives miserably, and spend $5,000 to $7,000 per month, in the care of a nursing home.

The Bio-Mat costs only about 30 cents per night. That cost is less expensive than a cup of senior citizen’s coffee at McDonald’s or Jack in the Box, for the next 10 years!


14. Relieving ======== =========

I would like to share the benefits that I have experienced from using the Bio-Mat. I have suffered with ====== for 20 years, and since using the Bio-Mat for three weeks, my ====== has improved tremendously. My ====== has cleared and I haven’t used my ========== since. The ======== === ======== pain in my right ==== is also gone.

Before the Bio-Mat, my ======== would last for 2~3 days. Using the Bio-Pillow and Bio-Mat for 30 minutes relieves my =======e. I don’t have to take my pills anymore. I can sleep better at night now and wake up in the morning feeling more relaxed and full of energy. Thanks to Bio-Mat.


15. Relieving Mild ====== === ===== =====

Testimonial - Rodolfo

It was Martin Luther’s Day, a holiday on January 15, 2000. That day, I awoke feeling nothing === = ========== ==== ==== ====== ======= ==== === ==== ==== == == =====. Findings: A mild ====== = ===== =====. Result: I cannot eat because my ===== === =========== == ==== === == ======== === == ==== == ==========.


After a series of tests (blood tests, x-rays, cerebral angiogram, and referrals to specialists), I called up a friend to borrow her Bio-Mat. Immediately, I began a daily rigorous routine of 6 hours a day-two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, and another two hours before retiring. It was a therapy worthy of commendation for it became a “sweating exercise” for me. After each session, my body seemed more at ease, and I felt relieved to see my ========== ==== coming back so soon. Even my doctor was surprised!

This type of illness normally require 4-6 months of continuous massage and therapy. However, in just two weeks, it proved to be fruitful. ==== ==== ======== = ===== ===== === ==== ==== == == ====

directly onto the Bio-Mat. Thanks to the Bio-Mat, this has been a personal experience and I send a very special commendation to a product worthy of patronizing.


16. 45 Minutes on Bio-Mat Gave ===== === ====== Pain Relief

Testimonial - Ermilio

After using the Bio-Mat for 45 minutes it also stopped the ===================== == ==== == ==== and eliminated the pain I had in my ====== === =======.


17. Bio-Mat and Pillow Give Pain Relief

The Bio-Mat and Pillow give me so much relief, comfort, and ====. My aches and pains are gone and I feel young again.


For the past 5 years I suffered with ======== =========. I took prescription drugs, had my head examined and X-rayed. My doctor recommended that I attend classes for ======== sufferers, to learn more about the cause and treatment besides medication.

The medication and the information I learned about did not do me much good. Almost every morning, I woke up with ========= which lasted for more than two days.

During the time I started using the Bio-Mat and the Pillow, the pains slowly disappeared and are gone up to this date. Amazing!

I am also an ======= sufferer. I have a seasonal ======= that attacks me twice a year; Spring and Winter. I am so miserable during these seasons of the year. I start with a ==== ======= ==== ====== ===== ===== === ========= ====. I feel so uncomfortable with restless nights and lousy days. The Bio-Mat and the Pillow have done a good job for me. The ====== ===== === pains go away. Unbelievable!

This device has done wonders for my ======== also. No more ouch! It is really working on me.

As the saying goes; “to see is to believe.” See and try this Bio-Mat and Pillow, and experience the effect of them. You will surely like them.


18. MD uses Bio-Mat after Surgery

Testimonial - Adrian

I Adrian Barlicos, M.D retired in early 1999, and returned home with my wife to the Philippines for good. To keep myself busy, I opened up a medical clinic and started a medical practice. On May 3rd, we came to Los Angeles to visit our children. Three weeks after we arrived, I noticed a ==== == === ===== ====== == == ==== ===.


As days passed, I noticed it became bigger and tender. It was diagnosed as a ========= ===== == === =====. I got so scared, especially when the doctors said they might cut off my left arm during the operation. I was relived when, after the operation, my left forearm was still intact. The doctors, however, were not sure of the probable outcome after the surgery.

Three days after the surgery the Bio-Mat was introduced to me. I tried it for three days. === ===== ======== === ========= disappeared. I stopped all my medications. After a week, we were able to go dancing. I have not been back to the hospital, and don’t have any reason to go back at this time. I feel good, and I am free from any sickness.

Over the past year, other improvements while using the Bio-Mat were:

  • ======= ========= == =========== ============ =========== ===========.
  • More stamina.
  • Better sleep.
  • Improved sexual function.

19. Smoker Now Dancing

After 35 years of continuous smoking (two packs a day), I suffered from ====== === ===== ===== == =========. These ailments resulted to using ========== ========= === ===== medicines to relieve me from sickness.

After using the Bio-Mat for only three weeks, I can ======= easier without using my ======== and noticed that my ====== was gone. Now, I can enjoy my ballroom dancing for hours, and feel energetic all the time.

Thanks for the discovery of this miraculous and wonderful Bio-Mat. It helped me quit smoking too.


20. Ninety Year-Old Woman Improves with Bio-Mat

My mother, Marcelina, is 90 years old, and has been bedridden for 15 years due to ====== ========= that led to the disappearance of her =========. She also has ===== === ====== ========= == ==== == ========.


She could hardly sleep due to all these ailments. Before using the Bio-Mat, she was taking almost 20 pills a day. Her situation was pathetic, as there was ==== pain. Today, after several months of using the Bio-Mat with negative ions and infrared rays, her whole physical and psychological dispositions have changed for the better.

She now only takes 3 pills a day, her multi-vitamin included. She sleeps well, her facial expression is brighter and she has become happier and more alive. She even “cracks jokes” now. Her doctor is happy too.

We are grateful to God for accompanying the producers and promoters of the Bio-Mat. We thank the latter also for being instruments of the ======= and well being of so many suffering people. God bless you.


21. ====== ==== ====== Disappears

Testimonial - Florentina

My name is Florentina, I currently reside in San Jose, California. I would like to share some of my experiences using the Bio-Mat. I had a ====== ==== ====== for several years, ever since I was in the Philippines.


Doctors prescribed different medications for this ailment, but there was no improvement and I was advised not to drink cold beverages or else I’ll lose my voice. I was so scared not being able to speak, because I was a public school teacher in my country.

I continued consulting to doctors in U.S. I tried all the medicines that would improve my voice, but it was getting worse. When anyone called my house, I felt embarrassed to talk over the phone, because my voice sounded like a broken guitar. I tried another doctor and told him all my problems regarding my ==== ======. My last doctor’s prescription was to “stop talking” which was a big NO! NO! to me. He even told me to write on paper every-time I wanted to speak to my husband. From that time, I felt so hopeless an I accepted the fact that maybe I’ll be like this forever.

But after trying the Bio-Mat for at least a week, I was so surprised! I answered a phone call early one morning and noticed that my ==== ====== was gone. I couldn’t believe it, but it was real. Anybody can just ask my very good friend Vicky Taa. She was the one who referred me to the Bio-Mat.

Another important experience that I can share with everyone, is that using the Bio-Mat everyday and night, gives me more energy. I can perform household work without getting tired.

San Jose, California

22. Bio-Mat Helps Pain

Testimonial - Rick

My name is Rick. Over 20 years ago, I had a major surgery for ======== ===== ========= === == ======. My ===== ==== was ruptured because of the operation. Over the years, I had ==== pain, ==== ===== ========= === == ========= == == ==== ==== ==== that required minor surgery.


I believe in the food supplements that I take. On January 3, 2000, I was introduced to a product called the Bio-Mat. I tried it again and again, and to my own belief, I found a perfect combination that helped my pain. Up to this date, I have purchased Bio-Mat for ==========. I joined the business with a vision and a mission to spread the word about these amazing products.


23. Skeptic has Great Results

I was skeptical about this product made from Korea, I was not impressed, and did not have faith in it. I did not believe my husband, Felicito, for investing a large amount of money on this particular Bio-Mat.


I have been suffering from ====== === ========= for a long time, as far as I can remember. These ==== ======== worsen every time I eat something against it and much to my dislike, I tend to rub and scratch == ==== === ==== every time it aggravates.

So I tried what my husband has been doing since he bought this Bio-Mat. After a while, I never experience the worsening experience of ======= === ========== ======= == == ==== === ====. Little by little, I feel comfortable and confident that this product helps in alleviating the conditions of my ==== ========.

Thanks Bio-Mat, and you too, Romy and Celsa for introducing this wonderful Bio-Mat to us.

With sincerity and honesty.


24. Life Improves with the Bio-Mat

Testimonial - Felicito

This is a real experience in my life without exaggerations. I was introduced to this magnificent Bio-Mat more than a year ago. I asked for some brochures and research documents about the product. He gave me some without hesitation, and since then, my life has changed ever since.


After my ===== surgery in 1993, my life had been miserable. I had no ======== === == ====== == === most of the day. Most of the time, I had ========. I am ready to retire from work and the American way of life has depreciated my life span.

Not only that, but my latest medical prognosis, showed I had ======= ======== === ====== ======= surgery. Two cardiologists attested to this fact. One from Virginia Mason Hospital and another from Swedish Hospital. I was also taking pills for ==== ===== ========.

After a year using the Bio-Mat, my body conditions have changed, and it is like a miracle - Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ - you are my healing, oh Lord. Praise the Lord alleluia! These are the only words that came out of my mouth. My only prayer day in and day out.

The last time I saw my cardiologist, Dr. David Brody from the Swedish Hospital, he took the last exams and ==== ====== test of my =====, even my ======= ======== is gone. You can believe me on this and I am willing to attest to all these happenings.

Thank you Lord, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Thanks also - you wonderful Bio-Mat.


25. ========= = Relief

Testimonial - Fujimoto (72)

It was April, 2005 that I learned about the Bio-Mat. It's been 2 years now. I was in a serious condition of ========= =. I thought my life was at its end. It was such a serious lonely and difficult time. During one of those days, one of my high school seniors called and said, "Please believe me this time and try this once."


I refused it, and said there's nothing needed, even a spoon. If I had this, it probably would be stored away in a closet. So I said I didn't even want to see or hear about it.

I couldn't get any sleep as I was feeling so depressed with sadness and emptiness. I had to depend on sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

I borrowed the mat right away and tried it at once. When I opened my eyes the next morning I felt like I slept like a log. It was a like a miracle to be able to sleep until 5, 6 o'clock in the morning.

I was so impressed with the mat and believed it it. I tried it for another week. The more I used it, the lighter and better my body became.

Five or six months of using the mat, I new this mat was the ultimate gift of the 21st century.

To date, I've lost about 11kg in weight, I'm living a very pleasant life, even at over 70 years old.

Fujimoto (72)
Kumamoto, Japan

26. ==== Pain Relief

Testimonial - Furuta

Around August last year, I was introduced to the Bio-Mat. I've been using it every morning for an hour at 70°C.


After about the first two months of using it, I noticed my ==== pain was gone. I've tried lots of painkillers before but they didn't work. Now I'm recovering and getting much better.

Presently, I'm living very happily enjoying my golden age at over 75 years old.

I thank the Bio-Mat for giving me a new life. I want to share this joy with others who are suffering from illness.

Oita Province, Japan

27. Can Now do Housework

Testimonial - Paterna

My name is Paterna, and I currently reside in Union City, California. Before I came to USA, I had been suffering pains in my whole body and have been ====== since I was 26 years old.


My family and I arrived to the USA in 1986. I was able to find a job and was so glad that it had full benefits. I started going to the doctor with the same problems I had in the Philippines. I went back and forth to the doctor, but did not feel any improvement, although I had been taking medications like Prednisone everyday. Instead, my ======= ached very much while taking the Prednisone prescribed by my doctor. It also affected my ======= =========== === ====== == ==== ===== ========= =========== === ====. Other side effects of Prednisone to me, were ================ ========= === =====. I kept going to work with all these pains, and was allowed to work only five hours a day per doctor’s order.

I am so thankful to God, because on the first week of May 2000, Flor called me to visit her. I watched the video tape and tried the Bio-Mat at least 1 hour a day until I tried it 3 times. Since that time, I feel improvement, and I can’t believe it—but I am talking through experience. The household work that I couldn’t perform before, I can do well now, even after coming from work.

I decided to buy a Bio-Mat, because I believe it works for me. Now that I use my Bio-Mat everyday, I have stopped taking my sleeping pills, pain killers, and feel better now. First of all, I thank God, because somebody shared me this Bio-Mat that helped to improve my health.

Union City, California

28. ====== === ======= Improvement

The Bio-Mat has given me open options to everyday life. It has cleared my ====== and helped my =========. My life seems clearer now. Without the Bio-Mat, I would be living life in the “sick lane.”


Before using the Bio-Mat, I experienced ====== =========; to what I don’t know. After a good nights sleep on the Bio-Mat, my day is a lot more pleasant. The Bio-Mat’s effects are felt for a period of days. If I refrain from using the Bio-Mat, in a couple days my ========= would return.

The Bio-Mat also soothes my =======. Usually, my ======= become sore after doing an intense athletic activity. The heat and ion effect of the Bio-Mat helps loosen my tense =======. That leads to the fact that I can be more athletically active.

In conclusion, the Bio-Mat has numerous positive results. Whether it be relieving ======= or plain stress, it is good for the health. If the price for the Bio-Mat seems costly, money is nothing if you are not able to fully enjoy it. It is not even time-consuming when using the Bio-Mat. Just a good night’s sleep on the Bio-Mat and your day will be fresh.


29. ========= Pain Relief

Testimonial - Rachel

I was diagnosed with ========== ========= over twenty years ago. From that time to this day my body has been ridden with the disease. My hands have been twisted with ==== ======= ======= == ==== == == ======= === ====. My ===== ==== has been three time it’s normal size. I have not been able to walk or sit any length of time. Looking for a pain relieving creams in order to sleep at night has been a constant ritual. As time progressed I worsened.


When the mat was introduced to me, I feared it was just another sales pitch. Just something else someone wanted me to try, therefore, I threw this out of my mind. After reviewing the cost of a wheel chair, a battery driven cart for shopping and many other changes in my life I made a decision to reconsider the mat.

Finally four months ago I started sleeping on this mat. The relief from pain === ====== during the night has been a miracle to me. Today my ===== have almost completely returned to their normal size as well as my ==== === ====. I can walk without the fear of falling and I can shop without any assistants. In short the Bio-Mat has changed my life forever.


30. Alkal-Life Helps ======== === ========= = Therapy

Testimonial - John

I am writing this letter to you with gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I believe because of your generosity and your product (the Alkal-Life water ionizer) you have given me a second chance at life.


As you know, I was first introduced to you and your product in July 2002. I was suffering from ======== ==== =========== ==== ===== =====. I had also been diagnosed with ============ = ===== ===== =======. I was told that if I could not get my ===== ===== down, I would not be able to participate in the CHEMO-TYPE THERAPY which is vital in curing =====. One side effect of the treatment was ============= == ===== ===== =========. In only 2 days after drinking a liter a day of Alkal-Life water, my ===== ===== was the lowest it had been in 18 months. I was able to cut my insulin intake by 75% in 8 weeks.

I finished my treatment successfully in December 2002. The whole time I was in treatment, my ===== ===== was monitored with what is called an A-C-1, which is a test that can tell how your ===== ===== has been the previous 90 days. My A-C-1’s were the same as a normal ============ person.

Others who started the treatment with me lost their hair, and I retained mine. I became slightly ======, but all in all, I “sailed right through” treatment. Today, not only is my ===== cured, I was informed by my endocrinologist that if I lost 30 pounds I had gained in treatment, I could go off ======= completely. Most people in treatment lost weight.

It seems every time I see a doctor, they marvel at what good health I am in when my ===== tests are done. Everything is in the normal range, POTASSIUM, CARBON, NITRATES, etc.

I have started seeing new doctors at QUEENS HOSPITAL. They are amazed by my recovery. They are always bringing in more doctors to meet what they call the MIRACLE MAN.

Last week, I had an Optometrist appointment which was originally how I was diagnosed with ========. They saw ===== ====== ====== in my past annual check-ups, but this past week he informed me that he saw no trace of any ======== ======. He also said my ====== had improved, and was lowering my eye glass prescription. He said that I can now come every 2 years.

I continue to drink your water, in addition to eating a healthy diet and getting exercise. My energy has increased dramatically, and I have lost 20 pounds. People are always stopping me and commenting on how much better I look.

I was a shallow gray person when I first started this course of drinking your water which I still continue to drink a liter a day. I have color back in my skin, and I feel and look 100% healthier.

Last but not least, the most powerful thing that has been restored is my ====== ========. For 5 years, I had lost this ability mostly due to ========, but today everything is working properly.

I am deeply indebted to the Kim’s and RichWay International. I recommend their products to anyone who has health problems. They have given me a second chance at life.

I hope this letter will convince others.


31. ======= Relief from Bio-Mat

I had been suffering from ========= ever since I can remember. Any airborne pollutants will trigger my ========. I can’t be around people who are smoking and even if they were not smoking at the time, but they did prior to talking to me, will make me start ========. There were times when I could not even do some frying when cooking, because the oil irritated my ======. Perfume does the same thing too.


My ======== most of the time is non-stop which is embarrassing especially when I am at work or in public. Aside from my =======, I also have a problem with my ===== ========. I was also operated on one ==== for a replacement. Ever since my surgery, both of my ==== are ====== ======= === =====.

======= ======== due to ======= === === ==== ===== =========== == == ==== made me feel miserable and irritable from time to time. Doctors cannot cure me from my ======== which is also robbing me of my sleep, that drove me into taking sleeping pills sometimes.

My sister introduced the Bio-Mat to me, and told me about some people she knows from work whose health condition had improved with the use of it.

At first I was very reluctant because of the price, but later on since my sister had joined the group and had her own, she let me use her Bio-Mat. After several days, everyone at home noticed that I had not been ======== anymore. Even people from my work had observed it too. The nagging ===== was gone, my ===== ======== had improved and so did the ===== =========== == == ====.

Thanks to the Bio-Mat, I’m now ========== and am very happy because of it. If other people ask me about the change, I always tell them that Bio-Mat had made miracle to my ======.

It works on me, I’m sure it will also work on you.


32. Transformation with the Bio-Mat

My name is Frank. I am here to give my testimony because my most loving, beautiful and wonderful wife keeps nagging me to share my story to everyone.


In March 2005, I started using the Bio-Mat and drinking alkaline water.

My health condition was very bad. I had ========= ==== ===== ========= = ==== ==== ========== ======= ====== ====== === ======== ===== == ==== ====. Every morning, when I wake up my body feels so weak. I had no strength and I was in pain. I felt I was carrying over 100 lbs. Both physically and mentally I was in bad shape. I was taking four medicines a day. In March, when I got the Bio-Mat, I was hesitant to use it, my wife was mad at me and she was going to return it, so I started using it. At first I started using it 30 minutes a day, now I use it up to 1 hour. I started to feel light, all my pains were gone and I stop taking my medicine. My ======== ===== === ====, I am breathing good, no ========= == ====== ======. I even lost 20 lbs. I feel like a million dollar man. Everyone who knows me see how different I look. Physically and mentally I feel terrific. I am more focused and alive!


33. A Dog Recovers

On October 20, 2005, I woke up and looked at my mother's thirteen year-old dog (Prinz), a 75 Ibs. Viszla (Hungarian short haired retriever) and knew it was the end of the line for him. With an ======== ===== === =========, the dog was weak and sick. For the past couple of months, he could barely walk, had ===== == === ====, had to be carried (coaxed) and held upright while he relieved himself. He was miserable (and so were we).


Thus, I took him to the vet's office to have him examined. The vet looked at him, pointed to the ==== ==== ====, said that the ======= had ========= and that the ========== was so bad that the dog was beyond the point of recovery. He said the only merciful thing to do was to put him down before the dog deteriorated further and that we were doing favors to no one by keeping him alive; he said that he'd done all he could for him through medicines and supplements and with the steroids failing there were no more arrows in his quiver, so to speak. I told him I wanted the kids to say goodbye to the dog, he said fine, bring the dog back in a couple of days to put him to sleep.

That Thursday, Nuuanu area was rainy and the ========= dog was in pain; thus to make him more comfortable. I took the Bio-Mat and placed it on the floor and the dog on it. I noticed the next day that the dog's coloration was pinker and he seemed more comfortable. Two days later, I noticed that the ===== on the dog's ==== ==== were about a quarter of what they were. And the dog was able to get up off of the Bio-Mat and move back on it as it suited him. About a week or so later, the dog was able to get up on his own to pee and poop, the ======= ==== seemed softer and looked much better, the ==== was darker and more silky.

Two weeks after October 20, I took Prinz back to the vet to see if he'd confirm the changes. The vet looked at him startled and silent. After a few moments, the vet said that he'd never seen a recovery like that in over thirty years of practice. He said that he's very accurate ill his assessment of physical changes - e.g., he said he can tell when people have lost or gained a few pounds. He said that the ==== === ====== ==== actually looked somewhat regenerated and quizzed me about the dog's care. I told him the only difference that I was aware of was the Bio-Mat. Amused and astounded, the vet looked at the dog and said to the dog. "Prinz, are you playing games?", gave the dog only two weeks more of supplements and said to keep in touch.

Now in December, two months later, I notice that Prinz's ==== have fully healed, he's gained about a third more ==== == === ==== ==== === ===== ==== =======, and he's able to get up on his own and walk around, look for food, pee and poop, and so forth. He will walk with some difficulty but unassisted a couple of hundred feet to the front yard to eat and relieve himself. The dog seems pretty lively. The vet now will provide an unlimited supply of supplements for the dog and says he wants a Bio-Mat in his old age.

I have a Ph.D. in engineering and realize that this is only one dog, one incident, an anecdote. However, I really cannot attribute the remarkable improvements to any other factor. I'm astounded.

Carl & Prinz

34. Jogger Helped by Bio-Mat

Last night I had a ==== ===== for 3 to 4 hours. When I woke up, I felt fully refreshed and relaxed. I had a problem with my ==== that was preventing me from jogging jog for 90 days and the pain is persistent.


In the afternoon, I was able to run around the entire Ala Moana Park. The pace set in, in about 10 minutes and my stamina remained constant, as if I were continuing the jogging, I as doing 90 days ago. There was no pain in the ====. The stress that developed no longer exist.

How wonderful the Bio-Mat and alkaline water is in restoring the body.


35. Alkal-Life Helps ===== =====

I first started drinking ionized alkaline water processed by the Alkal-Life in July 2002. I have noticed many changes in my body’s vital statistics since that time.


The first thing I noticed was the extra energy I had from the oxygen in the water. My ===== ===== had been a little high, 113, and it is now 85. ===== ===== should be between 70 and 105. My ===== ======== averaged 135 over 85 (a little high). It now averages 120 over 70 which is very good.

I use to get s ===== ========= every year, and I haven’t had one in 4 years since I started drinking ionized alkaline water. It would take several weeks to ==== == ===== ========== taking strong antibiotics.

It is obvious to me that my ====== ====== is much stronger now, and am enjoying better health as a result of using ionized alkaline water thanks to my Alkal-Life.

Le Roy

36. ===== Reduction

My husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful Bio-Mat. It really works!


March of this year 2006, I was diagnosed with a ===== == == ========. The ========== specialist advised surgery. He said that the size of the ===== was at an alarming stage. But there were some issues that arose which made me seek another opinion. The 3rd doctor I saw was willing to listen. He ordered more testing and allowed a period of observation.

However, the doctor said that I would eventually need to take it out because there is no treatment aside from surgery. Right after, that, my husband purchased the Bio-Mat. A close friend of ours recommended it and we wanted to try it out.

For about three and a half months I went on a treatment of drinking alkaline water and using the Bio-Mat twice daily. Then I went for a follow up C.A.T. scan. To my delight the doctor called me up the very next day to inform me that surgery would not be necessary. The ====== had shrunk to half size! Thank you again.


37. ====== ===== Gone

Testimonial - Higa

I went for an examination and the result showed the ===== == == ======. I used the Bio-Mat everyday, without missing even a day. The doctor said there's no more =====, it's completely gone.


The doctor was surprised at the result, and the mammography technician was also surprised.

My brother died young of ====== == === ========= a year ago. I wish I would have known about this Bio-Mat earlier.

My mother suffered from ==== ====== and my father suffered from ====== ======. But it's a good thing that the survivors today can benefit from the mat.

Okinawa Province, Japan

38. ======== ============, ==== Pain Gone

Testimonial - Matszaka(64)

I'm 64 years old. When I used the Bio-Mat for the first time, my ==== pain subsided quite a bit after an hour.

My son's ======== was bent toward his right side, making it very painful for a long time. He asked what the Bio-Mat was. I answered, "It's a heating machine, good for ==== pain."


Two to three days later, he said his ==== ======== was straightened. It was so miraculous. I asked about his pain. He said he didn't feel any pain at all. The ==== ======== was amazingly straightened within a month.

I've suffered from ==== pain also and my ==== pain was also gone in three days while using the Bio-Mat. I was worried about any side effects, but there wasn't any.

We are really grateful for the Bio-Mat for our full recovery. It's just like taking out a decayed tooth!

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

39. Sickly since Childhood, Now Improved

Testimonial - Nakaski

I had been sickly from childhood, so I've taken ======= treatment for my ======== for 18 years. Then eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a ===== ====== ==== = ========= ====== === ====== =======.


Even my new ======= injection didn't work at all to reduce my ===== ===== level of 450.

My friend sad there was something good called a Bio-Mat, and asked me if I would like to try it. It was at this time that I tried using the Bio-Mat.

After using the Bio-Mat about five times, the feeling of sickness disappeared. After using it seven times, by ======== showed an improved level. My ==== ===== === ======= === == ========== healed enough to the point where I can now put on my ring as you can see.

This has been only a month since I started using the mat. But since I've seen clear results using the mat during just a short period of time, I think there are many people suffering from diseases, but I want to say, "Give it a try. You can win!"

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

40. ========= ======== Gone

Testimonial - Shibasaki(62)

I've suffered from ========= ======== since childhood. In 2004, my condition was similar to =========== ==== ========.


Then in July or August 2005, my condition became so serious that I had to check into the hospital. I ===== == any food that I ate, and I'm using the Bio-Mat regularly everyday without missing even one day.

Amazingly, after I used it my ========= was gone. Buy using the mat, my ========= ======== was gone and my =========== ========= and other pains are gone.

My ==== ==== ======= === ==== ====== before, but now as you can see, even my ===== has become very fair.

Kumamoto, Japan

41. ======== Complications Relieved

Testimonial - Siroshita

I suffered from ========; my ==== == ======= because of its complications, so I had to be in the hospital for about 40 days.


My =========== ===== was over 505, and when I left the hospital, it went down to 200 and 100. Moreover, I doubted my health in the future.

Because my ====== increased again, and I had no confidence on the result of going to the hospital again, I had a chance to use the Bio-Mat for one day. At the end of the day, my ==== amazingly lost their =====. I rushed to buy the mat and am using it regularly now. I've been using the mat now for about five months.

I'm kind of shu, but because I regained my health, I again want to say sincerely, "Thank you so much."

And my =========== ===== went down, everything got much better.

Kitakyushu, Japan

42. Bio-Mat Business a Success

Testimonial - Shono

On the first day of the Bio-Mat Business, I didn't put any advertising, or didn't distribute any brochures. I just told my friends, about five of them.


The next day, those five people increased to 15, and a month passed so fast and the reservations were requested from the second month.

It's now four months since we opened our store. The reservation is fully booked until the middle of October.

Kitakyushu, Japan

43. ======= ======= of 30 years Almost Gone

Testimonial - Tomikawa

It's been two months now since I've been introduced to the Bio-Mat. My ========== ======= ======= bothered me for 30 years, has almost gone away.


My friend was very excited about using the Bio-Mat. Sometimes, he used the mat at 70°C for up to seven hours, and at the very least, two or three hours a day at that temperature.

He even scolds me to use the mat aggressively. To hear him, I am so inspired and grateful so much that I cry.

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

44. Surprising Her Doctor

Testimonial - Ueno(75)

I'm so happy to have learned about the Bio-Mat. I thought it was just another piece of fitness equipment.

When I bought the mat, my healthy ===== ==== === = ====== =======. I tried to organize my surroundings one by one to prepare for death.


My husband suffered from ====== for 17 years, so he tried everything that people said was good. He was suffering from =========== =======, but since he started using the mat, he could now walk. So he took a trip and just came back from Egypt. After using the Bio-Mat for another three months, he traveled to Canada.

I regularly go to the hospital for a checkup, and the doctor said I was good. So, I said I was using the Bio-Mat. He responded with disregard asking, "Are you talking about that expensive one?" He said so many people refused to enter the hospital unless there was a Bio-Mat. Saying that, he threw a look of contempt at me. So I said, I think it was last year when he was so surprised at the result and asked what the secret is. I answered it was the mat that you laughed at. He expressed real amazement and wonder.

Miyazaki City, Japan

45. No More ===== ======== Pills

Testimonial - Watanabe

I've been using the Bio-Mat for one and a half months and have given up both smoking and drinking.


I'd been taking ===== ======== pills for about six years, but I didn't take it many days depending on my condition.

Day by day, the days I needed to take the pills were lessened and now, I take none.

Kiakyushu, Japan

46. Final Stage of ======

Testimonial - Yamauchi(72)

It was at this final stage that the ====== spread up to my ====== ====. So I just held my doctor's had and begged for help.


But now, I feel that the Bio-Mat is the gift from God for me. I can sincerely say that I believe it saved my life.

I use it every morning and evening. Bio-Mat, dietetic treatment, and mental reformation. I recommend using it with faith that it will help your health and give you a happy life.

Saga Province, Japan

47. ======== ========= ====== Relief

Testimonial - Yanagihara(63)

Dozens of years ago, my son suffered from ======== ========= ======. I really wanted to relieve my son's pain. We even had to sell our house.


It was during this time that I learned about the Bio-Mat. It's been about a month now that we started using it. We've noticed that my son's condition and his waist movement improved quite a bit.

Having heard of so many personal testimonials, I resolved to myself that I would tell people who are suffering from this illness about the Bio-Mat.

Fukuoka, Japan

48. Bio-Mat Used for Prevention

Testimonial - Yoshida(63)

My friend said he was suffering from ==== ======, but has now regained his health. He said he recoved by simply sleeping on the Bio-Mat, and not by taking any medicine.


I'm currently using the mat. We started using it right away as soon as we purchased. We want to help with the prevention of any unknown virus and to keep healthy.

Kitakyushu City, Japan

49. Can Dance Again

Testimonial - Yuki

I've been taking many different types of health supplements, but I didn't get such good results. My husband has ==== ===== ======== === === === =======. As a result, he couldn't work for about two years.

Before using the Bio-Mat, we were using a magnetic mat for a long time, but it didn't work so well, so we almost gave up.


During this time, we learned about the Bio-Mat and my husband tried it first. After he used it for about an hour, he looked a little happy. He wanted to try using it some more. So he used it for about two hours more, and he said his === felt lighter. He could even ==== === ===== which he couldn't do before.

He tried so many things that people said were good, but this the first time to have such an amazing result.

My husband had been a traditional dancer for a long time, but then he got better now and could perform on stage.

His ===== ======= also became normal as 134, 145, instead of 170. He is over 70 years old now, but sicne regaining his health, he started to work again and is living in good health.

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

50. ========= Relief becomes Talk of the Show

During "The Oregon Green Expo" another vendor received the award for "greatest transformation." She became the talk of the show. Suffering from ========= ========== == === ======, for several decades, she was rather grumpy when I invited her to try the Bio-Mat. I knew she was suffering from something, it just showed on her face, her body and attitude.


She made it over the next day, and even after the 15 minutes, could not acknowledge if she experienced relief. I think she could not accept that the Bio-Mat could be so effective in just 15 minutes. She came back about 30 minutes later, laughing and chatting about how wonderful she now felt. She was so much brighter and walking around with a smile and laughing. Well her business partner had to come see what this transformation was all about. So the business partner tried it for 15 minutes, and was duly impressed. The business partner came back a few minutes later and made the purchase as a surprise gift for her partner.

Vancouver, Washington

51. ======= ==== ==== Relief

Both my husband and myself have used the mat. Amazing. Today my neighbor who has ======= ==== came and laid on my sofa for two hours on the Bio-Mat. She left without pain. Thanks for your help. If I order another one, I will call you. Many thanks.
Wilmington, Deleware

52. A Sacred Thing

As I lay on the Bio-Mat last night waiting for the chills to pass and feeling the warmth travel into my ======= I realized how much harder this all would be without the Bio-Mat. I want you to know that it's a sacred thing you do, and that you aren't selling a thing. You are selling rest for the weary, healing for the sick and comfort for the bereft. Of all the things that I've spent my money on, I don’t think anything has served me more than the Bio-Mat.
Davie, Florida

53. Saved His ===

During a fair in British Columbia, Kevan was coming in each day and sitting on the Bio-Mat. He came in one day and said his doctor just told him he wanted to remove his === because a ======== ===== was not healing. He told his doctor, "Give me a couple weeks, I want to try some alternatives." The doctor replied, "In two weeks, I will probably have to remove your entire ====."


Kevan was set up on the Professional Bio-Mat, at the high-temperature setting for about an hour. The Bio-Belt, also at the high-temperature setting, was draped over the toe.

Even after the first session, the === ===== started to improve. Every three days, Kevan was having his bandages changed. The day after the first session, when they removed the bandages, it looked a little worse. Kevan still wanted to continue his own approach.

We continued with the same treatment each day. Three days later, they removed the bandages again. This time, things were different. The wound had improved so much, they canceled the surgery!

We believe that even though the doctor was giving Kevan antibiotics, without circulation the antibiotics could not reach the ===. With the Bio-Mat increasing circulation, along with the infrared healing power, the Bio-Mat and Belt transformed the situation.

Today, when people ask what is a Bio-Belt worth? I respond that it is at least worth a ===!

Kevan, purchased a professional Bio-Mat and Bio-Belt after that. As a ======== his ==== were a slight purple color because of the poor ===========. One year later, his ==== were completely clear!

British Columbia, Canada

54. ======== ====== in Remission

Testimonial - Ila

In July, 2012, I was diagnosed with =========== ========, the fast kind.


I started chemo treatments July 23/12. I could not take the full dosage, as I was too weak so was supposed to have 8 treatments. About a week after I had a treatment I would get a very high ===== === ======== ======. I was admitted to hospital each time and released a few days before my next treatment. Then Nov. 14/12 when I was supposed to have my 6th treatment, had just gotten out of hospital, was very weak, in a wheel chair, no appetite, lost 30 lbs. My oncologist said that this would be my last one, as he felt it was too life threatening. He would not give me a treatment for 2 weeks, as he felt I was too weak.

It was then that my dear friend Donna introduced me to the Bio-Mat, insisted that I take hers home and start using it. It was just great what that heat did for my body. I went on the high heat for 30 minutes twice a day and slept on it on the low heat for 8 hrs. Before the 2 weeks was up, I was getting my strength back and able to eat something. When I went to my Doctor, he was pleased that I was doing so much better and he said I was ready for the last treatment. I told him that I did not want that last treatment as I did not want to be in hospital at Christmas. He said he understood and wanted me to have another CT scan Jan. 2/13. When I saw him after that, the ====== ===== had shrunk so much that he said the ====== was in remission. I was so happy and walking with a walker now. I have had check-ups every 3 months since and my blood work has been very good. He just shakes his head and says how happy he is for me. I still go on the Bio-Mat at least once a day, as I want to stay in good health.

The ======= == == ==== === == == == ===== ==== ==== (from the chemo damage). That is almost normal now. I always had a positive attitude, prayed to our Lord and believe he steered me to the Bio-Mat.

Claresholm, Alberta, Canada

55. ============ ======== ====== Exposure

Testimonial - Harold

Born in 1928, age 85, Diagnosis: ============ ======== ====== ========

It all started in 1975, working at a cast parts factory where there were particles of ground up rock silica and metals in the air fine as flour, and I was breathing them along with all the other employees. My ===== had reacted very badly to this and I was diagnosed with =========, which progressed through the years until I was ======== == ===== daily.


My initial report which included a CT scan at The Oregon Clinic for Pulmonary and Sleep had a diagnosis of

  • ========= from Occupational Exposure over a multiyear period
  • Massive progressive ======== ================ ====== ============ ========= ==== ==== ========== ========== === ===== ====== ==== in 2009 seen from a bronchoscopy.
  • ============ ====== that tested positive for ============= =====.

My doctor didn’t give me any hope, so I decided to make a plan on my own to take supplements and buy a mini-Bio-Mat on 1-28-2013 which I sat in for 2-3 hours each morning and evening on high temperature with the Bio-Belt wrapped around my chest. Now I was still ========, but what was coming up was looking like gravy for a couple of months…then it began to change again to just clear mucus and is now gone.

As I continued to improve, my doctor was surprised. I just pointed my thumb toward the sky where my Heavenly Father is. He didn’t say a word. I had been having ======== === === ===== ==== == ===== that had occurred for about a year. I didn’t take any antibiotics. My]] middle lung in the center]] did collapse, but I have no current issues with it. I feel good. I work outside on my mini ranch when I can with NO ========= problems. I have been working in the front yard for exercise because I like it, it feels good.

My recent doctor visit was on Feb 26th 2014. He wrote down the same diagnosis, but he found no symptoms of ====== =========. He had me take a lab test to see if there was anything off base and everything was in great shape. This was his written report:

Harold Lung X-Ray

The current X-ray was compared with the one on May 3, 2013. Results showed a stable elevation of the ========= ==== ===== ========= ========= ======= === ====== ==== ========== == === ===== ====== === == ======= ========= == ====== ==== === ==== ==========.

He has been feeling quite well since last visit. He does not have significant =====. He ============ small amounts of ===== ======. No ==========. No ===== ==== == ========= pain. He remains active with good functional status. No ====== == ======. No ======== == ========= =========== == ===== =========== ===== =========. His weight is stable. His ======= are clear. No ===== ========= ===== == ========. No new health problems.

  • ====== ===== == ============ ============ ======= === ======== == ====== == ============ == ================ ================ == ========= ========= == ============ ========== ===== === ======== ===== =====. Plan: 6 months follow up

Doc said to keep up the good work and don’t take any antibiotics that will tear down your immunity. I have been thinking about getting a job! Ha Ha! My wife passed away over 3 years ago with ======. Things got pretty lonely around here and I think I will get me a pair of mules and plow up the back 40!

Gresham, Oregon

56. Bio-Mat Helps ======== ========, etc.

Testimonial - Donna

At 6 yrs. of age, I fell out of a car while travelling at 50 miles per hour and was injured badly, although no one knew it at the time. I grew up with constant pain every day.


Two years ago, my sister and I were at the P.N.E. fair in Vancouver, B.C. We happened to find a booth showing the Bio-Mats. I was walking with a walker then. We sat on the Bio-Mats for 15 min. and when we left I had no pain at all for the first time in my life. I bought a Bio-Mat. Now I use no walker.

I also had a ====== == == ======= that was making me ===== == == ====. After using the Bio-Mat for 10 days, the ====== was no longer ======= me and in two months it was gone.

I had ==== == ==== ======= and because of ========= to all antibiotics, the doctors would not operate. 6 months of using the bio-mat the ===== were no longer there.

I also was having ======== so badly, it made me go ===== === ==== and no one could find a reason for them. While using the Bio-Mat the ======== got weaker and weaker and now are gone.

Now at the age of 72 years, I feel the Bio-Mat has given me my life back and I am so very happy the thankful and pain free.

Monarch Alberta, Canada