Bio-Mat Temperature Settings

Power On
(no temperature chosen)
Generates Negative Ions only. The Bio-Mat will remain cool.
95° to 104° F
(35° to 40° C)
Often used for overnight sleeping. Some people will prefer to sleep warmer, and some less.
113° to 122° F
(45° to 50° C)
These are good temperatures for a short 15 minute to 1/2 hour session.
131° to 140° F
(55° to 60° C)
These are good also temperatures for a short 15 minute to 1/2 hour session where more heat is desired. At thse temperatures and above, after four hours, the temperatures will drop to 113° as a safey precaution.
149° to 158° F
(65° to 70° C)
This range is similar to an infrared sauna. People use this temperature in a short session. (Limit time to 30 minutes to 1 hour.)

Store /700 0mx Large Biomat Controller

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