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Biomat 7000mx - Our Latest Technology

7000mx Logo The upgraded Bio-Mats with the 7000mx technology launched in November 2012. The improved mats have been available in North America since November 2012. They became available in April 2013 in 220V versions for countries outside North America.

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In February 2015, a new quantum layer containing peach and grape seeds was added as found in the Quantum Energy Pads. Peach and grape seeds happen to resonate at the optimum frequency of the human body. Using an organic compound extracted from these seeds, along with amethyst powder, a field is created that assists the body to come to a more healthy frequency.

In January 2023, the Professional Biomat added tourmaline to increase negative ion output. The electrically generated negative ion technology was removed.

Professional Biomat Amethyst Tourmaline


Integrated Manufacturing of Bio-Mat and Controller

7000mx Controler With Girl The 7000mx Bio-Mat and controller are now produced as one integrated unit. The components are matched in each unit for calibration and electrical components, soldered joints for sensors are more robust and the special silicone urethane is much heavier. This produces a more robust Bio-Mat. All improvements have been designed to add safety and longevity to the Bio-Mat. The new manufacturing facility will ensure strict quality control for all products and components.

New Tourmaline "Toca Catch Power" Layer

New Layers The new top layer inside the Bio-Mat is called "Toca Catch Power". This layer is a special ionized fabric. Using powdered tourmaline, chrome, and 20 other minerals infused in the fabric, a natural ionization is created.

This new layer produces 1500 ions per cubic centimeter. This is combined with the ions produced electronically through additional layers in the Bio-Mat which output 300 ions per cubic centimeter. The total combined ion output is now 1800 ions per cubic centimeter. The previous model produced only 300 ions per cubic centimeter, using only the electronic production of ionization.

To put this in perspective, ion bracelets, typically worn on the wrist, are now on the market. The makers of these bracelets claim numerous health and sports-performance benefits. The higher quality bracelets produce about 1,500 ions per cubic centimeter. The Bio-Mat 7000mx would be like a giant, high-powered ion bracelet. You will notice changes in your energy field simply by putting your hand on the Bio-Mat 7000mx.

7000MX Controller

7000mx Large Biomat Controller

  1. The controller automatically reduces any temperature above 122°F (50°C) to 113°F (45°C) after 4 hours.
  2. Heavy duty electrical wiring and circuitry is used for increased durability and safety.
  3. The power cord is twice the previous model length.

7000mx Mini Mat Controller

Promote Healing, Cleansing, and Relaxation with Our Amethyst/Tourmaline Bio-Mats

Trust the safest FIR technology to achieve extraordinary amethyst crystal healing benefits with our amethyst and tourmaline Bio-Mats. Activate your cellular communication system with negative ions produced by our far infrared mats and enjoy healing and relaxation like never before.

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Our Bio-Mats are designed keeping today’s daily-life complexities in mind and have supported thousands of people in leading a more relaxed, healthier life with minimal to no effort. Reach out to us for an amethyst/tourmaline Bio-Mat, and welcome its enormous healing benefits to your home.