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The Original Crystal Infrared Biomat The Biomat is the orginal crystal infrared mat. It is manufactured by Richway International, a company founded in 1997, and based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The founders of the company observed healing effects from individuals spending time in a jade and amethyst mine they owned in Korea. To better understand what was happening, they brought scientists in to review the situation. The scientists determined the healing effects were brought about by the infrared coming from the crystals. After this review by the scientists, the founders wanted to replicate the healing effects observed in the mine through the construction of a heated crystal mat. Originally, jade was used as the crystal, but later amethyst, with its higher transmissivity of infrared, was found to be superior.

Infrared Quality

An infrared heat source was chosen for the Biomat. The question then, is what form of infrared is most beneficial to the body, and how should the Biomat be tuned? The founders of Richway’s first thought was to produce infrared in the human infrared spectrum, which is between 3 and 50 micron wavelength, with a peak around 9.4 microns. They reviewed a study of mothers putting their hands on their children when they were in pain. The researchers found that the mothers were more effective than the current pain medications in reducing pain. They discovered when mothers were healing their children, they emitted 6.5 micron wavelength infrared from the palms of their hands. That gave Richway the clues on how to tune the Biomat to be most effective. Once they tuned the output toward the 6.5 micron wavelength , they noticed dramatic improvements in healing effects.

The Biomat has unique heat profile because of the fine-tuning of the infrared. You will feel a very comfortable warmth. The frequencies of infrared emitted by the Biomat are what make it unique. As you review other infrared mats and saunas, you will find the frequencies are not same, and they do not feel the same. The Biomat produces a more comfortable tuned heat that better resonates with the body.

The Biomat has been proven effective

In our review of various healing technologies, we have found the Biomat to be one of the more effective devices to assist the body to achieve a higher state of health and vitality. Transformative effects are experienced when people begin sleeping on Biomats. The Biomat can transform lives.

Many owners of saunas and other infrared mats later purchase a Biomat. After they experience the difference with the amethyst infrared Biomat they are sold.

Customer Reviews of the Amethyst Biomat

I was having difficulty sleeping. This made me always tired during the day. I also suffered from back pain. Since I started using Bio-mats, my life has changed. This product not only helped me to have sound sleep, but also gave me therapeutic relief from my back pain. This was amazing. The temperature of these mats can be switched from 95 to 158 degrees (F). I sleep at the lower temperatures, but if I want to detox or knock out a cold, I'll set the mat at the high temperatures. Great product, outstanding results. Good Job with the product.
I already had a Bio-Mat and then heard about the Quantum Energy Pad. I first thought having increased softness would be great, but I got to know more about quantum energy pad. They claim it is a bridge between medical industry and the bedding industry. Well, I am all for theraputic sleep. It came to my knowledge that these pads are composed of raw materials such as an organic compound from peach and grapes seeds which seems to affect brainwaves. It has been a blessing in disguise for me to experience a new level of therapeutic sleep, and I now have some wild dreams when sleeping on my Quantum Energy Pad. Great going!!!!
My only motive was to experience relaxation after a rough day at the office. I searched the entire market and finalized on an Infrared sauna but just before the purchase, I heard about the perfect alternative, the bio-mat, which produces far infrared and negative ions through a bed of amethyst crystals. The Bio-Mat has given me the perfect relaxation therapy that I was looking for.
I'm an acupuncturist and like to explore new trends and methods in my practice to help people in the best possible way. My colleague suggested to me to use Bio mat in my acupuncture sessions which proved to be a perfect compliment. This may be the result of the infrared, negative ions, or the amethyst conditioning the subtle energy. A great product and great experience, for myself and patients.

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