Healing Waves, LLC

Healing Waves, LLC, owned by Carol Shelley and Michael Petrovich, was formed in 2003 to seek out technologies to move people to a higher state of health and vitality.

In 2007, we discovered the Bio-Mat and our lives were changed forever. We became distributors of Richway International, the manufacturer of the Bio-Mat. We advanced to their highest rank, Royal Family, in 2011. Our Journey to Royal Family is described in this link and provides some additional history.

Over the years we have seen some incredible things with the Bio-Mat. It has been wonderful to be involved with a product that people love. We have seen many people improve their health and vitality using the Bio-Mat. Some have been truly incredible.

We reside in Vancouver, Washington, in the northwestern United States. We sell Bio-Mats all over the world.

We are happy you have visited our website. If you have questions, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us. We have lots of experience and should be able to give you some insights.

Warmest Regards,
Michael and Carol

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