The Original Biomat

Fixing Biomats with Crystals Falling Out

The Biomat has crystals layer on top. The crystals are in channels that cross the mat. To see the crystals, there is a small urethane window. In some older mats, before 2016, the material could break down. We do not see this in all the older mats, but some have this condition. This material was improved to prevent this problem in the current mats. If you are experiencing this problem, here are some recommendations. Biomat Crystals Falling Out

Duct Tape Some people have used duct tape for small repairs. This seems to work for about a year, and then it has to be redone. There are lots of fancy duct tape designs you can use, as you see in this repair below.

Biomat Repair Duct Tape

Some people have used fabric with fabric spray adhesive to repair their mat. This seems to hold up. We would recommend natural fabric, like 100% cotton, for this purpose.

Crystals Falling Out Fabric Repair

Silicone Ge Clear One of the more intriguing methods is to use 100% clear silicone. Clear silicone allows infrared to pass through it. That makes it great for this application. Silicone is very flexible, so it will not crack. It is 100% waterproof, and will last a long time for this application. Below is a picture of a repaired Bio-Belt. You can squeeze the silicone under the window or on top. You can use a small stick to spread the silicone. It is very easy to do.

Belt With Silicone Repair

If your registered Biomat is beyond repair contact us about our Customer Care Program. We can replace your mat for 30% of the cost plus shipping. This is done through the manufacturer.