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Using Your Quantum Energy Pad

History and Technology

Back in 2013, the daughter of the developer of the Bio-Mat complained to her father that the Bio-Mat was too hard. She did not like sleeping on it. While this is not an issue for most people, some people have the same concerns. Well, being a good father he worked on a solution. The result of this effort was the creation of the Quantum Energy Pad (QEP). Purple Professional Quantum Pad Peach and Grape Seed Extract Resonates with a Healthy Human Body While developing a pad to be placed on top of the Bio-Mat, an opportunity presented itself to incorporate some additional technologies. They observed that peach and grape seeds resonate at a frequency similar to a healthy human body. While the energy emitted from those seeds was small, they found that they could amplify the energy by mixing an organic compound extracted from those seeds with amethyst powder. A layer was incorporated into the Quantum Energy Pad with this material.

More Negative Ions than a Sports Bracelet

Using technologies similar to the Bio-Mat, they added a layer to produce additional negative ions. Official test results from the Korean Far Infrared Association showed the Quantum Energy Pad had 2,146 negative ions per cubic centimeter. When this is combined with a Bio-Mat, the negative ion output is even greater. To put this in perspective, some of the negative ion sports band bracelets are only 1,500 negative ions per cubic centimeter. But, consider that a sports band has only a couple of square inches of area, versus a QEP which has several square feet. The negative ion field of the QEP is several orders of magnitude greater.

Make your Bio-Mat Experience Soft and Cushy

To make the Quantum Energy Pad soft and cushy, they have used two technologies. Initially, they used something called 3-D mesh. 3-D mesh is a springy material that looked like a meshed dish scrubber composition. Later, they went to a Bio-Clay Memory Foam material.

Quantum Energy Pad Bio Clay Memory Foam

This special foam contains ochre, a natural earth pigment containing hydrated iron oxide, which has anti-microbial enzymes that do not promote the growth of bacteria.

Using Your Quantum Energy Pad with Your Biomat and BioPillow

When you set up your QEP on your Bio-Mat, you do not need the quilted pad that comes with the Bio-Mat. Place the QEP directly on top as you see in the picture below.

Quantum Energy Pad On Biomat 600

You would then place your bottom sheet over the QEP. That will also protect it.

Using Your Quantum Energy Pad with Your Bio-Pillow

When you use a Bio-Pillow with your Bio-Mat, place the Quantum Energy Pad on top of the pillow. This will make your headrest soft and cushy as well.

Bio Pillow Under Quantum Energy Pad

Yes, you can use a Quantum Energy Pad without a Bio-Mat

The Quantum Energy Pad can also be used by itself, even without a Bio-Mat. You still get negative ions, the effects of peach and grape seed extracts, and have a soft pad. The plant-derived components of the QEP do emit powerful infrared rays.

They also make great meditation cushions.

Selecting Your Quantum Energy Pad Size

Generally, you will select a Quantum Energy Pad that matches your Bio-Mat. Quantum Energy Pads come in Professional, Single, Queen, and King sizes, just like the Bio-Mats. You can use a Quantum Energy Pad that is larger than your Bio-Mat. This works great if your Bio-Mat is smaller than your sleeping area.

Single Quantum Energy Pad With Professional Biomat

Your Pets will fight you for your Quantum Energy Pad

Some pets love the QEP. The nice thing about pets is you do not have to explain to them how it works. They just know they love it.

Pets With Quantum Energy Pad 400

Your Bio-Mat Heat Settings

You may need to adjust your Bio-Mat heat settings when you use the Quantum Energy Pad with your Bio-Mat. Generally, we would recommend one setting higher to increase the infrared intensity that passes through the QEP.

The microfiber cover does retain heat, so some people say it feels warmer. You will need to see what temperature works best when you add your QEP.

Vivid Dreams

We have had numerous reports from people using the QEP who noticed their dreams became more vivid. Some have said they notice their dreams more. This appears to be an effect of the quantum materials in the construction of the QEP.

Care of Your Quantum Energy Pad

The cover of the QEP can be machine washed and placed in the dryer. You do not need to wash the inner mesh/memory foam. You simply unzip the QEP and remove the inner core. The QEP does not require any particular detergent. Do not iron.

Later models with the Bio-Clay Memory Foam have ties in the corners. You will need to untie them to remove the inner core. Do not forget to tie them back when you have completed washing them.

The microfiber cover provides excellent absorption and is easy to wipe off dust or contaminants. Note that contaminants do not permeate into microfiber. Also, note that dust mites are not able to pass through microfiber.