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All You Need To Know About Far Infrared Rays Therapy

Managing your day-to-day activities can become difficult if you are living with debilitating muscle or joint pain. And yet, people with 9-to-5 jobs are no strangers to neck and back stiffness as they remain hunched over their laptops for a better part of the day. For seniors too, muscle pain is perhaps one of the most common reasons why they avoid socializing and restrict themselves to their beds. While painkillers can help to numb such kinds of pain, these come with a variety of side effects, which is why many people look out for alternative therapies. One of them is the very-effective Far Infrared Rays therapy. The original Bio-Mat – an FDA-registered Class II medical device and an amethyst infrared mat – taps into the potential of FIR to effectively target and reduce pain.

In this blog, we will highlight the benefits of FIR therapy and understand how it works.

What is Far Infrared Rays Therapy?

To put it simply, Far Infrared Rays are energy waves that are not visible to the naked eye. These rays can penetrate the skin’s surface and about 4-6 inches well into the tissues of the body. Believed to be crucial in sustaining human life, it activates and enhances the various functions of the body.

While the sun makes it possible to perceive the world around us and bathes Mother Earth in natural light, it is also the source of energy that nurtures all living organisms and helps them to flourish. In its absence, humans are known to suffer from fatigue, depression, and a host of other health problems. In addition to this visible source of light, there is an invisible entity that has an integral role to play – infrared light, or infrared energy.

Yet it is not possible to make the most of these invisible rays as harmful UV rays are also a part of sunlight, which can cause lasting damage to our skin and body. This is where isolated FIR therapy can help.

Infrared Raises Body Temperature

Why FIR Therapy?

Conventional forms of heat therapy can be dangerous, slow-acting, and even uncomfortable. The application of extremely high temperatures on sore joints and muscles can lead to scalding and even third-degree burns if one is not careful. In addition to this, traditional heat therapy may not be recommended for people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. And of course, maintaining a consistent temperature for pain relief can also get complicated.

On the other hand, FIR therapy is completely safe. It gently raises the affected area’s surface temperature and penetrates deep into the skin for prolonged pain relief. The result? You continue to reap the benefits even hours after its application.

A wide range of benefits is associated with FIR therapy. It is believed to enhance blood circulation, promote detoxification, and most significantly, acts as an effective pain management aid.

Bio-Mats are amethyst heating pads manufactured by Richway that bring the best of both worlds; it fuses the goodness of FIR light and negative ion tech with the amazing healing properties of amethyst. This is the one super-effective pain relief tool you need!