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Discontinued, February 2014

Alkal Energy A1

Alka Energy-A1 Water Flask (Previous Product- It has been discountinued and is no longer available)

The Alka Energy A1 is a portable water alkaline pH enhancer that you can take with with you where ever you go. It increases the pH level of the water and filters your drinking water.

The negative potential produced by the Alka Energy-A1 (via microelectrolysis) is able to clear out the excessive free radicals within the human body, enhance its oxidation resistance and help your cells, and delay the aging process.

How does it work?

Alka Energy-A1 filters your water and uses natural elements to increase the pH levels of your water. Zeolites can absorb and retain heavy metals and toxins so you aren't drinking them. Tourmaline helps to clean, mineralize, and ionize the water assuring your water is healthy and good for you with every swallow.

Pour regular water into the Portable Alkaline ionizer (Aika Energy-A 1 Flask), and let stand for 5-10 minutes then enjoy.

Using 13 unique minerals including far infrared and negative ion energy stones with maifanite, green jade, tourmaline, zeolites, magnesium and kaolin.

Alkal Energy-A1 Diagram

Comes with a handy Carry Case

Alkal Energy-A1 and Carry Case