The Original Biomat

Having a Massage with a Biomat is Wonderful

The Biomat has a long history of use in the massage industry. In fact, in the early days after the Biomat was first developed, a request was made by a California massage association to produce a mat that could be used by massage therapists. In response, Richway International developed the Professional Biomat which was specifically designed to fit a massage table.

Woman on Massage Table

Over time, massage therapists became the largest class of professionals using the Biomat in their practice. We have worked with many massage therapists from around the world.

The Biomat offers numerous benefits to the therapist and client. In some sessions, people simply use the Biomat for an "energetic" massage. When the Biomat is used on the massage table during a massage, the clients become more relaxed, and their muscles loosen. This makes massages easier and more therapeutic. This becomes two sessions in one.

Talk with your massage therapist about a Biomat massage. You will love it!

Biomat Professional Set