Bio-Mat Videos

Watch these great videos on the Bio-Mat and Alkal-Life.

Bio-Mat options

Richway Biomat®, Interview on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®

Bio-Mat options

Seven to choose from

Dr. St.John

"Most health conditions...drug-free approach..."

Compilation of Practitiioners

Practitioners know how The Original Bio-Mat helps alleviate ailments

Update: October 10, 2017 - Finally we now have company approved videos to share, so the statement below is no longer valid:
We are sorry. We currently do not have videos that are compliant with FDA guidelines. The videos mentioned diseases and health issues for which the Bio-Mat is not approved.

Alkal Life Tutorial Videos

Alkal Life 7000

Replacing the filer

Alkal Life 7000

Adjusting the voice announcement volume

Alkal Life 7000

How to replace the fuse

Alkal Life 7000

How to replace the valve

Please note that only drugs and approved foods may cure any disease according to the FDA regulations. Although, there almost no drugs on the market that actually cure anything. Most drugs are used for disease management to provide residual income for the pharmaceutical industry.