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Professional Bio-Mat Waterproof Cover

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Professional Bio-Mat Waterproof Cover
This waterproof cover protects your Professional Bio-Mat. It fits perfectly over the Professional Bio-Mat and has special material to allow passage of the infrared.

The Hi-Pora Waterproof Pad is manufactured with high-quality, ultra light materials consisting of 80% Dew-spo Polyester, coated with natural soy bean fibers for the absorption and protection from moisture, and 20% Neo-Vent Hi-Pora, which is four times better than Gore-Tex!

Hi-Pora aids the Dew-spo Polyester with moisture permeability, water resistance, water repellency, and breathability. The combination of these two materials assists in preventing moisture from entering while transferring moisture outward.

This advanced allergy-free material won't cause skin irritation and feels like silk upon touch! The Waterproof Pad is also hand/machine washable for your convenience.

Retail: $100.00 + $20.00 Shipping

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