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Rejuvena Premium Facial Care System 120V

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Rejuvena Premium Facial Care System 120V

The Rejuvana™ hand-held natural face lift system, for a healthy supple skin.

Use with your daily basic skincare products for 15 minutes a day to remove oil, dirt, and debris from pores and to deeply nourish your skin with a gold massage and ion treatment. The Rejuvena responds to the real needs of aging skin. You will feel as if you were just treated by a professional aesthetician.


  • Water Peeling
    Gentle peeling and oil and dirt removal

    Gentle vibrations will cleanse your pores of dirt and debris with water. This step helps remove dead skin cells to make your skin both clear and clean.

  • Ion Treatment
    Nutrient absorbency and sonic massage

    Ions penetrate nutrients deep into the skin and microcurrent treatment on the surface of the skin gives you a luminous glow.

  • Light Therapy Skin-soothing effects and improved elasticity

    Blue (470 nm) and Red (624 nm) Light treatment refreshes and revitalizes exhausted skin. BLUE: Reduce visible signs of aging and sagging skin. RED: Skin rejuvenation treatment.

  • Gold Therapy
    Skin beautifying and youthful glow

    Gold massage maximizes light-therapy results to achieve glossy skin.

  • Ion Activation
    Positive and negative ions

    The ions will be activated by placing your hand along the gold contact strips.

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