"Free Gifts" are no longer allowed to be advertised by the Home Office: As of Sept 26, 2016: "In accordance with Richway’s Policies and Procedures, free gifts with purchase, discounted items, free/discounted shipping, and other product specials are not allowed to be advertised by Richway ISA’s except for promotions officially offered by Richway."

Therefore we can no longer offer you the "Free Gifts." This policy does not allow that you be prevented from accepting these extra items to enhance your Bio-Mat experience, such as the 70 page "Anytime Anywhere Therapy," book on discoveries of the therapeutic value of bodily infrared and Negative Ions powered through Amethyst crystals, along with a Medical Grade Space Blanket. These shipped as an adjunct to your Bio-Mat order.

Free Gifts

Bonus! Sorry, we are no longer able to "advertise" any free gifts.
These free gifts were only available when purchasing through this Website

We created a unique informational book in response to questions we received on the efficacy of infrared therapy but can no longer "advertise" this as a free gift. We suggest space blankets with the Bio-Mat for more intense sessions. We have given away space blankets and our 70-page book with purchases, and now the manufacturer does not allow us to advertise anything as "free" any longer. breakthrough therapy

A Note from The Armchair Journalist, Faith Dominoe - Because I can say what they can't:

Personally I think that is beyond their scope of understanding that everyone looks for free gifts, a discount, free shipping, etc because that certainly can help with the decision to make purchases, wouldn't you agree? And since the Home Office has only once in 10 years offered something extra with your purchase this last summer - I would not hold my breath that they will offer anything extra anytime soon. Back when my friends became involved with providing these Bio-Mats to a larger audience through this website, 10 years ago - the information provided with your Bio-Mat from the manufacturer simply did not answer many questions they were getting. So they decided to pull together information to address these common qustions and give that Book away for free. Guess What? They received many comments of appreciation from customers on the Anytime Anywhere Therapy book.

They are sorely aggriieved that they are now restricted from "advertising" the Anytime Anywhere Therapy book as a "free gift."

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