Japan Testimonials

The Bio-Mat does not claim to be a cure for any diagnosis, treatment or special disease. The Bio-Mat only claims the statements stated in the 510K of the United States FDA regulations.

The human body has self-healing systems with a strong immune system. The Bio-Mat works as a supportive function in this self-healing process.

The following testimonials are only of individual experiences and should not be mistaken as treatment without a physical examination. These testimonies are from individuals and do not reflect the Bio-Mat, Alkal-Life, or Rejuvena’s general effects.

1. ========= = Relief

Testimonial - Fujimoto (72)

It was April, 2005 that I learned about the Bio-Mat. It's been 2 years now. I was in a serious condition of ========= =. I thought my life was at its end. It was such a serious lonely and difficult time. During one of those days, one of my high school seniors called and said, "Please believe me this time and try this once."

I refused it, and said there's nothing needed, even a spoon. If I had this, it probably would be stored away in a closet. So I said I didn't even want to see or hear about it.

I couldn't get any sleep as I was feeling so depressed with sadness and emptiness. I had to depend on sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

I borrowed the mat right away and tried it at once. When I opened my eyes the next morning I felt like I slept like a log. It was a like a miracle to be able to sleep until 5, 6 o'clock in the morning.

I was so impressed with the mat and believed it it. I tried it for another week. The more I used it, the lighter and better my body became.

Five or six months of using the mat, I new this mat was the ultimate gift of the 21st century.

To date, I've lost about 11kg in weight, I'm living a very pleasant life, even at over 70 years old.

Fujimoto (72)
Kumamoto, Japan

2. ==== Pain Relief

Testimonial - Furuta

Around August last year, I was introduced to the Bio-Mat. I've been using it every morning for an hour at 70°C.

After about the first two months of using it, I noticed my ==== pain was gone. I've tried lots of painkillers before but they didn't work. Now I'm recovering and getting much better.

Presently, I'm living very happily enjoying my golden age at over 75 years old.

I thank the Bio-Mat for giving me a new life. I want to share this joy with others who are suffering from illness.

Oita Province, Japan

3. ====== ===== Gone

Testimonial - Higa

I went for an examination and the result showed the ===== == == ======. I used the Bio-Mat everyday, without missing even a day. The doctor said there's no more =====, it's completely gone.

The doctor was surprised at the result, and the mammography technician was also surprised.

My brother died young of ====== == === ========= a year ago. I wish I would have known about this Bio-Mat earlier.

My mother suffered from ==== ====== and my father suffered from ====== ======. But it's a good thing that the survivors today can benefit from the mat.

Okinawa Province, Japan

4. ======== ============, ==== Pain Gone

Testimonial - Matszaka(64)

I'm 64 years old. When I used the Bio-Mat for the first time, my ==== pain subsided quite a bit after an hour.

My son's ======== was bent toward his right side, making it very painful for a long time. He asked what the Bio-Mat was. I answered, "It's a heating machine, good for ==== pain."

Two to three days later, he said his ==== ======== was straightened. It was so miraculous. I asked about his pain. He said he didn't feel any pain at all. The ==== ======== was amazingly straightened within a month.

I've suffered from ==== pain also and my ==== pain was also gone in three days while using the Bio-Mat. I was worried about any side effects, but there wasn't any.

We are really grateful for the Bio-Mat for our full recovery. It's just like taking out a decayed tooth!

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

5. Sickly since Childhood, Now Improved

Testimonial - Nakaski

I had been sickly from childhood, so I've taken ======= treatment for my ======== for 18 years. Then eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a ===== ====== ==== = ========= ====== === ====== =======.

Even my new ======= injection didn't work at all to reduce my ===== ===== level of 450.

My friend sad there was something good called a Bio-Mat, and asked me if I would like to try it. It was at this time that I tried using the Bio-Mat.

After using the Bio-Mat about five times, the feeling of sickness disappeared. After using it seven times, by ======== showed an improved level. My ==== ===== === ======= === == ========== healed enough to the point where I can now put on my ring as you can see.

This has been only a month since I started using the mat. But since I've seen clear results using the mat during just a short period of time, I think there are many people suffering from diseases, but I want to say, "Give it a try. You can win!"

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

6. ========= ======== Gone

Testimonial - Shibasaki(62)

I've suffered from ========= ======== since childhood. In 2004, my condition was similar to =========== ==== ========.

Then in July or August 2005, my condition became so serious that I had to check into the hospital. I ===== == any food that I ate, and I'm using the Bio-Mat regularly everyday without missing even one day.

Amazingly, after I used it my ========= was gone. Buy using the mat, my ========= ======== was gone and my =========== ========= and other pains are gone.

My ==== ==== ======= === ==== ====== before, but now as you can see, even my ===== has become very fair.

Kumamoto, Japan

7. ======== Complications Relieved

Testimonial - Siroshita

I suffered from ========; my ==== == ======= because of its complications, so I had to be in the hospital for about 40 days.

My =========== ===== was over 505, and when I left the hospital, it went down to 200 and 100. Moreover, I doubted my health in the future.

Because my ====== increased again, and I had no confidence on the result of going to the hospital again, I had a chance to use the Bio-Mat for one day. At the end of the day, my ==== amazingly lost their =====. I rushed to buy the mat and am using it regularly now. I've been using the mat now for about five months.

I'm kind of shu, but because I regained my health, I again want to say sincerely, "Thank you so much."

And my =========== ===== went down, everything got much better.

Kitakyushu, Japan

8. Bio-Mat Business a Success

Testimonial - Shono

On the first day of the Bio-Mat Business, I didn't put any advertising, or didn't distribute any brochures. I just told my friends, about five of them.

The next day, those five people increased to 15, and a month passed so fast and the reservations were requested from the second month.

It's now four months since we opened our store. The reservation is fully booked until the middle of October.

Kitakyushu, Japan

9. ======= ======= of 30 years Almost Gone

Testimonial - Tomikawa

It's been two months now since I've been introduced to the Bio-Mat. My ========== ======= ======= bothered me for 30 years, has almost gone away.

My friend was very excited about using the Bio-Mat. Sometimes, he used the mat at 70°C for up to seven hours, and at the very least, two or three hours a day at that temperature.

He even scolds me to use the mat aggressively. To hear him, I am so inspired and grateful so much that I cry.

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

10. Surprising Her Doctor

Testimonial - Ueno(75)

I'm so happy to have learned about the Bio-Mat. I thought it was just another piece of fitness equipment.

When I bought the mat, my healthy ===== ==== === = ====== =======. I tried to organize my surroundings one by one to prepare for death.

My husband suffered from ====== for 17 years, so he tried everything that people said was good. He was suffering from =========== =======, but since he started using the mat, he could now walk. So he took a trip and just came back from Egypt. After using the Bio-Mat for another three months, he traveled to Canada.

I regularly go to the hospital for a checkup, and the doctor said I was good. So, I said I was using the Bio-Mat. He responded with disregard asking, "Are you talking about that expensive one?" He said so many people refused to enter the hospital unless there was a Bio-Mat. Saying that, he threw a look of contempt at me. So I said, I think it was last year when he was so surprised at the result and asked what the secret is. I answered it was the mat that you laughed at. He expressed real amazement and wonder.

Miyazaki City, Japan

11. No More ===== ======== Pills

Testimonial - Watanabe

I've been using the Bio-Mat for one and a half months and have given up both smoking and drinking.

I'd been taking ===== ======== pills for about six years, but I didn't take it many days depending on my condition.

Day by day, the days I needed to take the pills were lessened and now, I take none.

Kiakyushu, Japan

12. Final Stage of ======

Testimonial - Yamauchi(72)

It was at this final stage that the ====== spread up to my ====== ====. So I just held my doctor's had and begged for help.

But now, I feel that the Bio-Mat is the gift from God for me. I can sincerely say that I believe it saved my life.

I use it every morning and evening. Bio-Mat, dietetic treatment, and mental reformation. I recommend using it with faith that it will help your health and give you a happy life.

Saga Province, Japan

13. ======== ========= ====== Relief

Testimonial - Yanagihara(63)

Dozens of years ago, my son suffered from ======== ========= ======. I really wanted to relieve my son's pain. We even had to sell our house.

It was during this time that I learned about the Bio-Mat. It's been about a month now that we started using it. We've noticed that my son's condition and his waist movement improved quite a bit.

Having heard of so many personal testimonials, I resolved to myself that I would tell people who are suffering from this illness about the Bio-Mat.

Fukuoka, Japan

14. Bio-Mat Used for Prevention

Testimonial - Yoshida(63)

My friend said he was suffering from ==== ======, but has now regained his health. He said he recoved by simply sleeping on the Bio-Mat, and not by taking any medicine.

I'm currently using the mat. We started using it right away as soon as we purchased. We want to help with the prevention of any unknown virus and to keep healthy.

Kitakyushu City, Japan

15. Can Dance Again

Testimonial - Yuki

I've been taking many different types of health supplements, but I didn't get such good results. My husband has ==== ===== ======== === === === =======. As a result, he couldn't work for about two years.

Before using the Bio-Mat, we were using a magnetic mat for a long time, but it didn't work so well, so we almost gave up.

During this time, we learned about the Bio-Mat and my husband tried it first. After he used it for about an hour, he looked a little happy. He wanted to try using it some more. So he used it for about two hours more, and he said his === felt lighter. He could even ==== === ===== which he couldn't do before.

He tried so many things that people said were good, but this the first time to have such an amazing result.

My husband had been a traditional dancer for a long time, but then he got better now and could perform on stage.

His ===== ======= also became normal as 134, 145, instead of 170. He is over 70 years old now, but sicne regaining his health, he started to work again and is living in good health.

Yamaguchi Province, Japan

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