The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director

Chapter 1
Clinical Cases of Cancer

4cm breast cancer
(Patient T.H., 49 years old, female)

Doctor's examination

The patient underwent breast cancer surgery at 20, 30 and 41years of age. Although there was no evidence of malignant cancer found during those surgeries, she was diagnosed with malignant cancer in September 2007 when she was admitted to the hospital for pain in her right breast.

The hospital recommended surgery, but she visited our Garden Clinic to get a second opinion.

When we consulted a breast oncologist to discuss her treatment plan, it was decided that she needed surgery to remove the 4.0cm-diameter cancer located underneath the right nipple area.

In order to reduce the size of the cancer prior to surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy was performed (Taxol 60mg) along with hot gemstone therapy. There was a light hair loss complication at the beginning, but she began to show worsening emesis symptoms afterwards.

She was treated with hot gemstone therapy three times a day along with hyphal body supplements. When a mammography and ultrasound were performed on her breasts before the surgery, the tumor mass was nowhere to be found on those imaging modalities. As a result, the scheduled surgery was cancelled and the clinic decided to follow up the patient from then on.

One year following the final diagnosis, the tumor mass is still nowhere to be found on her breasts.

This is a definite case that proves the efficacy of thermotherapy and enzymes, used along with chemotherapy.

⊕ Anti-cancer drugs, hot gemstone mat, hyphal body supplements

3cm breast cancer, pleural invasion
(Patient K.M., 46 years old, female

Doctor examination

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2007 when she visited the hospital for a check-up about pain in her left breast. Even though she went to other hospitals to confirm her diagnosis, all of the doctors' answers were the same.

A 3cm x 3cm tumor mass was found, surrounded by two small masses with dimensions of 13mm x 10mm and 13mm x 11mm. She went through neoadjuvant chemotherapy four times before the surgery (Epirubicin 80mg, Endoxan 800mg). Since December, she has been treated with hot gemstone therapy twice a week. In February, she decided to purchase the mat and was treated twice a day. In May, her surgeon checked her status and reported that the tumor mass had shrunk significantly. It was one of the best neoadjuvant chemotherapy results in breast cancer history. Adjuvant chemotherapy was performed after the surgery and there were minimal side effects from anti-cancer drugs. She is now awaiting breast reconstructive surgery.

When the patient was diagnosed with cancer at university hospitals, she asked her doctors about thermotherapy.

However, the doctors said that their hospitals were not performing thermotherapy because "heat causes cancer to spread because of improved blood circulation". As of result, the hospital saw this case as an extraordinary one where the neoadjuvant chemotherapy was extremely effective.

At the Garden Clinic, hot gemstone therapy was performed along with the administration of large doses of vitamins (60g, 500cc bolus) and placenta shots.

⊕ Anti-cancer drugs, jewelry hot stone mat, placenta shots, vitamin C and others

Cholangiocarcinoma, Sigmoid colon cancer
(Patient T.S., 70 years old female)

Doctor examination

She was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma at both liver lobes when she visited the hospital in November 2007 for upper abdominal pains. She was also diagnosed with a highly differentiated 15mm sigmoid tumor during colonoscopy, and no other tumor was found in later tests.

She was hepatitis B/C negative and showed no improvement after Gemcitabine treatments. Since advanced cholangiocarcinoma has a poor prognosis and is inoperable, her doctor said that she had about a month left to live. Then, she visited our Garden Clinic to receive a second opinion. Since she was able to eat food orally, she was treated with thermotherapy along with high doses of vitamin C, black yeast, Yam and Fucoidan.

Since she lived very far away from the clinic, she stayed at the clinic for a while to learn how to perform thermotherapy by herself when she goes back home. Since Gemcitabine showed no improvement, TS-1 was prescribed as her anticancer agent. Since the chemotherapy dosage was only 1/2 to 1/3 of a normal dosage, there were no side effects. When she visited the clinic for her follow up, her hard abdomen started to soften and tumor markers were improved.

When she told her doctor, who had said there were no treatment options left, the doctor was extremely surprised to see how her condition had improved.

"Since your last visit, your tumor shrunk by 30%. When you were first diagnosed, it was almost impossible to treat you. It is an extremely rare case and you must have benefited from the thermotherapy."

"I was treated with thermotherapy and vitamin C."

"I think the TS-1's effect was the significant player in your improvement. Since you don't seem to suffer from serious side effects, you may live a long life if you keep up your medication."

That doctor does not even know that her TS-1 dosage is 1/2 to 1/3 of the normal dosage. Since the doctor said he will not continue to examine her if she does not take the anti-cancer drugs,she keeps this fact secret from her doctors.

Now, she is in a difficult position because the doctor is asking her to take Gemcitabine, which was not effective during the first administration.

⊕ An anti-cancer drug, hot gemstone mat, large doses of vitamin C, black yeast, Yam, Fucoidan

Doctor comment

When she refused to take Gemcitabine because of its ineffectiveness and side effects, her doctor told her to go to a

Improving tumor marker of T.S.

hospice center if she does not want to take medication.

I told her to go to another hospital for future treatments. The kind of oncologist who only wants to use anti-cancer agents to fight cancer are the ones who create "cancer refugees".

Currently, this patient is healthy and her quality of life is being well-maintained. She does not have to change her treatment plans anymore.

Esophageal cancer and tracheal stenosis
(Patient U.Y., 65 years old, male)

Patient comment

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer when I visited the hospital in May 2008 for severe fatigue. I was told that the cancer was stage 4a and was inoperable. As a result, I was treated with two cycles of chemotherapy and radiation for two months. On August 5 th , I heard about the Garden Clinic and was admitted on August 14 th .I was treated with the hot gemstone mat, hormesis hot stone therapy, vitamin C and germanium shots.

Cancer /p 34 1

I decided to purchase the hot gemstone mat and was treated twice a day at 70 degrees during the day and normal

Before treatment, whole body CT, arrow points the tumor

temperatures during the night. I took three kinds of supplements as well.

Cancer /p 34 2

When I visited the hospital again in August, I was told that my cancer had improved significantly.

When they decided to biopsy my esophagus, I was told that my cancer had completely disappeared. I was extremely surprised. I am very healthy now. I cannot believe what has happened to me.

Even though my cancer is completely cured, I am still being treated with hot stone therapy to prevent recurrences.

Hot gemstone therapy, hormesis hot stone therapy, mushroom enzyme extract, vitamin C, germanium, papura-ru.

Prostate cancer
(Patient M.K., 66 years old male)

Patient comment

When I was taking a hot bath in October 2001, I heard a cracking sound which was accompanied by a severe pain in my hip. When I visited the hospital, I was told that I had a fracture.

Even though I was admitted right away, my symptoms did not improve and I was discharged afterwards.

The next year in May, I visited a large hospital to receive a full body check-up. That was when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My tumor marker was 12715.0 and that meant it was inoperable. I was treated with hormone therapy afterwards.

Then, I visited the Garden Clinic and started being treated with thermotherapy. Since I stopped taking my hormone medicines, my tumor marker that was down to 0.15 was increased to 41 in September 2007.

As I was treated with thermotherapy, hot stone therapy, south mist, placenta shots and hormone therapy, my tumor marker started to decrease rapidly. WhenI measured my tumor marker in May 2008, it was down to0.011.

Even though my tumor markers are very low now, I am still being treated with thermotherapy three to four times a month.

Even though my body is fatigued due to hormone therapy, I feel much better after the thermotherapy. Since I suffer from severe side effects, I still feel occasional excruciating pain. However, when my microcirculation improves after the thermotherapy, I feel much better.

Doctor comment

As in the first and second cases, thermotherapy is extremely effective for breast cancer because the tumor mass is very close to the skin surface. In addition, in the third case, the hard tumor mass was palpable on the abdomen, which is why thermotherapy showed great results. When lesions are deep within the pelvic cavity, thermotherapy may not be as effective. One thermotherapy more frequently for such cases.

The patient M.K.'s tumor marker that dropped all the way down to 0.011 in May 2008

Bilateral breast cancer, 10mm and 12 mm
(Patient H.K., 51 years old female)

Patient comment

It was February 2008 when I was first introduced to the biomat. I asked my father, who had had rectal cancer surgery in January, to use this product. As a result, he slowly started to regain his health during April and May.

Now, he is very healthy and working at his farm again. That is when I started believing in the powers of this mat.

Additionally, I also was diagnosed with possible breast cancer. In November 2006, I visited the Shizuoka Cancer Center to be examined.

The doctors found a 10mm and 12mm tumor in both breasts.

The hospital asked me to go through surgery. Even though I was scheduled for surgery, I decided to heat up my body every day with a biomat because I saw how my father had regained his health from it. I used the mat for an hour each day. I heated up my entire body to 70 degrees for five months.

This month, a mammography was performed and surprisingly enough, my tumor had shrunk.

There was no need to go through surgery. In addition, the doctor said that my breasts were like those of women in their 30's because of the increased number of mammary glands.

Not only did the biomat cure my cancer but it made my breasts seem young again.

⊕ Used jewelry biomat and other treatments

Cancer /p 37

06.11, 12mm mass at the right and 10mm mass at the left breast

Cancer mass shrinks

08.7 tumor mass has shrunk and there is no need for surgery anymore

Breast cancer with three tumors,
including one tumor 3cm diameter

(Patient T.K., 76 years old female)

Patient comment

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2007 and asked to go through surgery. I had three tumor masses including one 3cm tumor mass. Since I knew about the biomat, I decided to refuse the surgery and heat up my body for one hour each day for four months.

As of result, my 3cm tumor shrunk down to 1cm and one of the three tumors disappeared. All of my doctors were extremely surprised.

Even though I do not have to go through surgery anymore, I am still using biomat therapy. It is not just my breast cancer that was cured biomat. There was another surprising result as well.

Since 1994, the sight in my left eye was very bad and I was told that it was incurable even after undergoing surgery. I saw objects in red and black colors afterwards. However, after using the biomat, my vision became very clear.

I am also very surprised at the fact that my chronic back pain has totally gone as well. I am living a very healthy life now.

Neck epithelial cancer, lung metastasis
(Patient H.Y., 50 years old, male)

Patient comment

I was told that there was the possibility of cancer when I was treating my gingiva at Okinawa Hospital on April 23rd .

On May 13th , I went to another hospital to get a CT and echo images. Since I had to do something in between, I started taking 2 grams of Fucoidan three times a day from May 16th and hot gemstone therapy for one hour a day.

When my results came back on May 19th , I was diagnosed with stage 4 epithelial cancer and had an 11mm mass in my lymph nodes. I was able to feel a hard mass under my chin and was told that was the cancer had metastasized into my neck and chin. On May 22rd , I was admitted to the hospital but the mass under my chin was gone. I took 2 grams of Fucoidan three times on May 23rd . On May 24th , my doctors ordered a PET scan in fear of lung metastasis.

That day, I had one hour of hot gemstone therapy and 2 grams of Fucoidan three times.

On May 29th , my doctors gathered around to decide on my treatment plans as they reviewed the PET scan results.

However, I heard my doctors saying that the cancer had disappeared completely. Instead of metastasizing into my lungs, the existing lymph node metastasis was totally gone as well. Those masses were not even palpable anymore. They were surprised to find out that the cancer had disappeared even before the treatment. They were not able to understand what had happened to me.

epithelial cancer gone

Breast cancer, lung metastasis
(Patient M.Y. 34 years old, female)

Patient comment

I was diagnosed with two tumor masses in my right lung in February 2008. The primary location had been the breast and it had metastasized into my lungs, trachea, brain and bones. I was told that I only had three months to live.

I began my chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

I was introduced to the hot gemstone mat on July 14th and was treated for 40 minutes each day at 70 degrees. I had melena since the first day and had bloody sputum on the second day of the treatment.

From the third day, I started to regain my appetite.

On August 1st, my images showed that the upper airway cancer had disappeared and the lower airway cancer seemed to be in a dormant state. The thickness of the body fat around the tumor mass has decreased as well.

My blood test results were normal as well.

lung metastasis gone

Stated using biomat since 2008. 7. 14

Lung cancer 2008. 2. 22 2008. 8. 1

In order to prevent cancer recurrence and progression...

Preventing the cancer's recurrence and progression after the diagnosis is the most important part of the cancer treatment.

We know cancer as a lifestyle disease. As in diabetes and hyperlipidemia patients, it is very important for cancer patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is well known that diabetes patients and obese people have a higher risk of cancer. Normally, when tumorsuppressing genes such as P53 regulate cell apoptosis, cancer cells cannot survive in our body.

In order for cancer cells to grow, the P53 gene's power has to be suppressed. In other words, our body's immune system has to be compromised in order for cancer to grow.

It is very important to keep healthy eating habits as well as a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent cancer.

The correlation between smoking and cancer is well documented by a multitude of research.

Smoking, as well as UV ray exposure and drinking alcohol, is known to have a significant role in cancer occurrence as well. It is important to adapt your lifestyle according to the Ten Commandments announced by the World Cancer Research Fund.