The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director

Chapter 3
Heat the Body with Thermotherapy

Hypothermia is the cause of all diseases

Hypothermia is the cause of many diseases. Hypothermia refers to a low body temperature state during various chronic diseases.

But, what is hypothermia?

If the hands and feet are cold while body parts close to the heart are warm, you may suspect hypothermia. If you have hypothermia, you may warm up your cold hands and feet but still feel cold inside.

Hypothermia is a symptom that can be felt by your body. It is caused by poor blood circulation within the body. Low temperatures will cause the capillaries in the hands and feet to contract. When they contract, warm blood from the heart cannot transfer heat to the entire body and this causes the body temperature to cool down.

According to Professor Abo Touru of Nagata University, when the body cools down, the blood vessels will contract and the sympathetic nerves will be excited. When the sympathetic nervous system is excited, granulocytes will be excreted and promote the inflammation process. If we are able to excite the parasympathetic nervous system during this process by heating up the body, we will be able to activate the lymphocytes to improve our immune functions.

During hypothermia, the sympathetic nervous system will dominate the body and cause the blood circulation to slow down. Since not enough energy is circulated within the body, our immune system function will be compromised.

Then, why do people go into hypothermia when blood circulation is not improved even when heating up the body?

That is because the outside temperature affects our body temperature as well as psychological factors such as drugs and food. For example, people with a lot of stress will tend to have a greater risk of poor circulation. Therefore, an adequate amount of rest and a relaxed frame of mind will balance out our autonomic nervous system and improve our blood circulation.

If we do not have an adequate amount of exercise or relief from our stress, we will continue to suffer from hypothermia and poor blood circulation. When our body is not supplied with enough energy, our immune function will slowly decline until it is unable to protect our body from foreign invasions and cancer.

Cancer patients usually have low body temperature

The relationship between our immune system and body temperature is very important. If our body temperature is around 36°C, our body will have a sufficient amount of immune functions.

However, if our body temperature is around 35°C, our immune functions will decline. This is the optimal temperature for cancer cells to be active.

A 1°C drop in our body temperature will cause our immune function to decline by 40% and a low body temperature will create an environment where various diseases can be active in our body.

When a disease is activated, it is really difficult to cure because of our body's compromised immune system. If you have a problem of relieving the cold, check your temperature first. If it is 35°C or early 36°C, do not hesitate to heat up your body.

Low body temperature means that your immune functions are declining and failing to protect your body.

  1. Imbalance in the autonomic system
  2. Decreased metabolism
  3. Lower production of ATP
  4. Decline in physiological activities due to lack of vitamins and minerals
  5. Inactivation of enzymes and poor blood circulation

Low body temperature will cause our bodies to become compromised in various areas. When the enzymes are inactivated, a lot of cellular activities will be compromised. If cells are surrounded by non-degradable fat like trans-fatty acids, it will not be supplied with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. The common cause of cancer and cardiovascular diseases is trans-fatty acid. As you can see, enzyme activities are very important in maintaining a healthy life.

Without enzymes, there is no life

Enzymes are catalysts that stimulate chemical reactions in our body.

Starting from breathing, the heart beating and moving, enzymes are involved in all of our body processes such as absorption, transportation, excretion and other functions. Without enzymes there is no life.

Enzymes may be found in raw vegetables, fruits, fish and other organic food products. They are composed of proteins in our body. Their role is to transform the various organic and inorganic materials in our body into a usable form.

In some parts of medicine, we define death when the enzyme level is at zero. At low body temperature, enzyme activities will be inactivated. There are 60 trillion cells in our body and within those cells, there is an organ called a "mitochondria" that functions as an engine within our cells. Glucose is transformed into ATP and this is transported to various cells for energy supply. The reason that we are able live a healthy life has to do with the functions of ATP.

If there is not enough enzyme activity within our body, our body will not be able to produce enough energy. Then, our cells will start to age and their physiological activities will decline. Even though it may not seem directly related to the body temperature, these defects are caused by hypothermia.

It is good to solve the cause of hypothermia.

When we look at our patients' data, 100% of our cancer patients are suffering from bad capillary circulation and hypothermia.

Although we cannot tell whether the cancer caused the hypothermia or if the hypothermia caused the cancer, it is almost definite that the hypothermia caused the low enzyme activities that played a significant role in the cancer outbreak.

The biggest cause of cancer has to do with a poor lifestyle.

Cancer outbreaks are caused by an environmental factor that is favorable to the cancer cells.

If there is a cause of hypothermia in our everyday lives, we need to modify our lifestyle cancer cells. Normally, the cause of hypothermia is bad eating habits. If we keep on consuming processed food, we will consume too many proteins, fat and glucose.

However, since those foods lack essential nutritional elements such as minerals and vitamins, our body's enzyme activities will start to decline.

Therefore, if people keep eating habits that lead to severe weight loss, their body's immune system will be severely compromised. If they keep on eating cold and sweet food along with maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, their body will soon go into hypothermia.

As we have discussed, a poor lifestyle is the main cause of hypothermia that eventually causes cancer outbreaks.

A 1-degree increase in body temperature results
in a 40% increase in immunity and 43°C causes
cancer cell death

Because cancer cells favor low body temperatures, it is favorable for our body to increase its temperature by 1°C in order to create a body that is able to effectively fight off cancer cells.

Increasing the body temperature by 1 degree is not the important issue. The important issue has to do with increasing our body temperature up to post-36°C so that our body can improve our immune system to fight off the cancer.

According to Professor Abo, our immune functions are improved by 40% when we increase our body temperature by 1 degree. We will be able to fight off a large portion of cancer with this effect alone. Natural forces like immune functions are very important in the course of cancer treatment and will have a significant effect on the treatment outcomes.

The result of chemotherapy is highly dependent on an intact immune system. Anti-cancer drugs not only attack cancer cells but normal cells as well. That is why anti-cancer drugs have severe side effects.

However, if we adjust the dosage, we can minimize the side effects. If we improve our body's immune system, we will be able to minimize the dosage of anti-cancer drugs. This can be a very effective system in fighting off cancer.

However, it is important to know about the anti-cancer drugs in order to minimize the dosage while still allowing them to be effective on the cancer cells.

Hypothermia is related to life

hypothermia related to life

Only 10 to 20% of normal anti-cancer drug dosages are sufficient

It is well known that cancer cells are heat-sensitive. That is why thermotherapy that heats up the body from the outside is very effective.

Since there is a low blood flow within the tumor mass, its temperature can be easily increased. Since the normal cells surrounding the tumor mass have a thermostatic function, their temperature will not be increased as much as the cancer cells.

Therefore, there will be a temperature gradient between the cancer cells and the normal cells.

When the tumor mass is at 42°C, it will become inactive. However, since a normal cell's temperature is limited up to 40°C due to the cooling effects of blood flow, they will not be as affected as the tumor cells.

Since tumor cells do not have a sufficient amount of blood vessels, they are not under regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, they do not have enough blood flow, they produce lactates and are in an acidic state. As cells become more acidic, they become more heat sensitive. Therefore, when the temperature is increased to more than 42°C, cancer cells are more likely to die naturally.

When a cancer cell's DNA is damaged by radiation and chemotherapy, it will become weak for a period of time but will soon recover. However, when the cells reach 42°C in temperature, their repair functions will be disabled and they will die off. Even though it may resist heat for a short period of time, repetitive treatment will cause its resistance to weaken.

Therefore, a repetitive thermotherapy will cause immune functions to improve and cause the cancer cells to die away.

In addition, when we attack weakened cancer cells with radiation and chemotherapy, they will become much more effective. The reason that we need only 10 to 20% of normal anti-cancer drug dosages has to do with these synergistic effects. By reducing the dosage of anti-cancer drugs, we can reducethe severity of side effects and increase the therapeutic effects by combining them with various immune reinforcement therapies.

The dosage used in this therapy is the same or less than in Professor Dakahisi's dormancy therapy.

Even though it is inevitable to compromise the immune system with the standard three treatment options, our thermotherapy and immune reinforcement therapy will be able to support the immune system in the course of various cancer treatments.

Body temperature will drop when the
sympathetic nerve system takes over the body.

The autonomic nervous system shows that temperature is highly related to the immune system. The autonomic nervous system controls our autonomic body functions such as breathing, metabolism, temperature control, digestion and blood circulation. When our body is in a tense state, the sympathetic nervous system will take over the body. When our body is relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system will take over our body. The balance between these two systems plays a significant role in maintaining homeostasis in our body. When the parasympathetic system takes over our body, the number of lymphocytes increases and the immune functions are improved. Our body temperature is also maintained at a high level. However, if we are under a lot of stress, the sympathetic nerves will take control of our bodies.

When we go to sleep, our body temperature tends to increase and heat up our hands and feet.

However, if the sympathetic nervous system is in charge of our body, the temperature will not increase and we will have a difficult time going to sleep because of cold hands and feet.

Even though one of the systems may take control, our bodies soon goes into a balanced state. However, if we are in a tense state for a long period of time, the sympathetic nervous system will be in charge of our body for a long period of time as well. Then, our blood vessels will contract and cause our body to have poor blood circulation. As of result, our body temperature will decrease significantly.

There is a chance of hypothermia when the parasympathetic nervous system totally takes over our body. If the parasympathetic nervous system takes over our body completely, our body will go into an extremely relaxed state and inhibit any kind of movement. It may cause people to become extremely depressed and to stay at home all the time. Since these people will not move around much, their blood circulation may be compromised as well. In addition, when the parasympathetic system takes over our body for too long, blood vessels will become too dilated and cause our body temperature to drop.

Our autonomic nervous system finds its balance in our everyday lives. Therefore, it is best to live a balanced life throughout the day. We should refrain from living a life that is focused just on one state of mind. We should modify unhealthy lifestyles and prevent our body temperatures from dropping as well.

Diseases caused by neurological imbalances

disease caused by neurological imbalance

autonomic nerve dysfunction, paranoia, sleep disorder, depression, hypertension, diabetes, circulation defects, angina, myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, peptic and duodenal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, numbness, atopic skin inflammations, asthma, Bechet's disease, hypothermia, infertility, cancer

Reference: "Over-eating and Disease" "Health Revolution" (Shuto Ro)

What is the fourth medicine, thermotherapy?

Western medicine has played a key role in the treatment of cancer up until now. The three standard cancer treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. However, these three treatments do not cure cancer completely. Surgery is only able to remove visible cancer but cannot remove cancer at a cellular level. Chemotherapy and radiation not only attack cancer cells but normal cells as well. Therefore, it is very difficult to completely remove cancer from our body.

Complementary medicine and integrated therapy are treatment options that compensate for the disadvantages of these three standard cancer treatments. They are being recognized as an alternative treatment plan when Western medicine is no longer effective.

In other words, it is Eastern medicine, aromatherapy, supplements, chiropractic care and hot spring therapy combined with Western medicine that will achieve the maximum effects. Other than traditional treatment methods, lymphocyte reinforcement therapy and therapies using cytotoxic lymphocytes and dendritic cells are also being used.

Complementary medicine is a field of medicine that uses methods other than Western medicine to reinforce the parts where Western medicine is lacking. It refers to an integrated medicine that combines Western medicine along with Eastern medicine and cell therapy.

Cancer cells are Vulnerable to Heat

We perform "thermotherapy" as the basis of our immune reinforcement therapy. Since most cancer patients' body temperatures are under 36°C, we need to increase the body temperature in order to improve the patien's immune system.

In addition, since cancer cells are vulnerable to heat, thermotherapy can both kill cancer cells and improve the body's immune system, achieving a dual effect.

As we have discussed before, cancer cells are vulnerable to heat. Even though normal cells can handle temperatures of up to 47°C, cancer cells can only handle temperatures of up to 42°C. By taking into consideration the characteristics of both normal and cancer cells, various methods have been utilized to treat cancer, such as a warm water peritoneum wash after cancer surgery.

There have been numerous reports where cancer has been cured after a high fever. In addition, 1/3 of those whose cancer was naturally cured showed high fever symptoms.

The relationship between cancer cells and heat has been talked about for a long period of time.

It wasn't until the late 1960s that thermotherapy in cancer patients finally began. Actual clinical trials were started in the mid-1970s when the National Cancer Institute of the USA held a national symposium on thermotherapy and radiation for cancer patients. During this symposium, the NCI announced that thermotherapy showed promising effects on cancer that did not respond to radiation treatment. At this time, radiologists began to take an interest in thermotherapy.

At first, a heating device using microwaves was made as a prototype. Currently, thermotrons, which use radio waves, are used. By using radio waves that vibrate 80 million times per second, the device heats up the deepest part of our body.

There is still controversy as to whether to heat the cancer mass locally or to heat up the entire body.

In our institution, we believe that the overall heating of the body will not only kill the cancer cells, but also strengthen the body's immune system. Therefore, we are taking the approach that heats up the entire body.

Hyperthermia can be used along with radiation and chemotherapy

Hyperthermia can be used along with radiation and chemotherapy

Let's take a look at the reasons that hyperthermia is effective in treating cancer cells.

Since cancer tumors are not supplied with enough blood flow, they are in a severely acidic state.

When cells are in an acidic state, they tend to die easily when heat is applied.

Even though a cancer cell's DNA is damaged due to radiation and chemotherapy treatment, it is able to repair itself. However, at 42°C or higher, its repair functions decline, causing the cancer cells to become more vulnerable to other treatments. Even though cancer cells may show heat resistance in the first phase of thermotherapy, their resistance will become weaker as the treatment cycle recurs.

Therefore, it is important to perform thermotherapy repeatedly. In addition, synergistic effects may be achieved when thermotherapy is combined with radiation and chemotherapy. With thermotherapy, only 10-20% of the normal chemotherapy dosage is needed to treat cancer. In addition, combining other immune reinforcement therapies along with these treatments may be effective as well.

Even though there have been many cases in which a tumor has shrunk due to thermotherapy using a thermotron, it is still not considered to be a standard treatment option due to its high cost as well as insurance policies that only cover the cost of 6 cycles of thermotherapy only when used along with radiation treatments.

In order for it to be effective, more treatment cycles are needed. However, many patients refrain from going through more cycles of thermotherapy due to their insurance policies.

Since a hospital cannot charge a patient excessively, the poor cost-benefit ratio is stopping many hospitals from implementing this treatment. Rather than being introduced in larger hospitals, thermotherapy was first introduced in local hospitals due to these reasons.

Some doctors do not know about thermotherapy

Another reason why thermotherapy is not widely used is because many doctors do not even know about thermotherapy and its effects. There are some patients in our clinic who have met doctors who say, "applying heat to a cancerous tumor will improve the blood flow and allow the cancer to grow faster." Since they cannot tell their doctors that they are being treated with thermotherapy, their doctors often become curious about how the tumor has shrunk so significantly.

There are a lot of doctors who only acknowledge the three standard cancer treatments. If patients ask for alternative treatments, those doctors say, "I cannot be responsible for those treatments. Go to other hospitals if you really want to proceed with alternative treatments." That is how "cancer refugees" are made.

There are a lot of cases in which doctors perform ineffective chemotherapy on patients and compromise the patients" quality of life because they only acknowledge the three standard cancer treatments. Their lack of knowledge of other treatment options is the reason that "cancer refugees" are made.

There are many oncologists who cannot provide integrated treatment to their patients. This is the biggest difference between cancer treatments in the USA/EU and those in Japan. The treatment effects of hyperthermia are well known in Japan by research done by professors at the Sugawara Kyoto University.

In 1983, the Japan Thermotherapy Association was established to publish various researches on hyperthermia each year. Even though the association is lead by radiation oncologists, doctors in other fields are beginning to join the association for further research. Thermotherapy treatments are especially promising due to their minimal side effects.

Devices other than thermotrons, such as far infrared rays and heating domes, are being used to perform thermotherapy.

However, even though their general heating processes may be effective, their local heating effectiveness has yet to be determined. Rather than being used as a treatment, those devices may be used to increase the basic body temperature in everyday life in order to strengthen the immune system.

Heat treatment for cancer using a 70°C
[158 degrees] hot mat [Bio-Mat]

I strongly believe that thermotherapy should be considered as a fourth option other than the three standard treatment options.

By treating cancer with a 70°C hot mat, we aim to reinforce the patient"s immune system while weakening the local cancer tumor by increasing its temperature above 42°C.

When cancer cells weaken due to a strengthened immune system, a body will be oriented toward a curative direction and will show great results.

I am not trying to say that thermotherapy alone can cure cancer. But by increasing the body temperature and combining it with other immune reinforcement therapies, we can make the cancer cells vulnerable to other treatments.

For example, when performing chemotherapy on patients, the addition of thermotherapy to the regimen is crucial to use the minimal dosage for the maximum effect. If we combine chemotherapy with thermotherapy, we can achieve the same effect with a dosage where there are no side effects.

Since patients do not suffer from side effects, a patient"s quality of life will not be compromised during the treatment process. This alone can be a great advantage to the patients.

Thermotherapy will allow not only chemotherapy and radiation, but also other cancer treatments to be more effective with minimal side effects.

Thermotherapy is required in order to change the body into a curative state. That is why strongly believe that thermotherapy should be considered as the fourth medicine in the treatment of cancer.

weakening cancer cells with Bio-Mat

Weakening cancer cells by increasing the local temperature above 42C [107.6 degrees]

HSP Cures Diseases

Another reason thermotherapy is so effective is because of its activation effects for heat shock proteins (HSP). Heat shock protein is known to protect cells from thermal stress when thermal stress is applied to the cells.

In order for our body to prevent HSP secretions and allow it to recover, our brain actively secretes hormones called endorphins. People sometimes feel happy when they run or exercise. Such effects have to do with the endorphin that provides happy emotions and relives pain.

Therefore, we believe that when we perform thermotherapy on patients, endorphins are secreted to protect our patient's body from pain. Eighty percent of cancer patients are prescribed morphine to control their pain. However, in thermotherapy, we may proceed with the cancer treatment without any use of morphine.

In addition, heat shock proteins activate lymphocytes called natural killer cells and promote the synthesis of anti-cancer interferons to strengthen the body's immune system.

Heat the body with thermotherapy Heat shock protein's basic function is to protect our body from stress and repair damaged cells. It also activates other immune cells by detecting foreign bodies within the body and makes cancer cells vulnerable to other immune cells.

Since heat shock proteins are made by heating up the normal cells, we do not need to heat up the body as much as when we treat cancer. Therefore, there is a treatment modality called "mild heating." At our clinic, we combine hot mat therapy with steam saunas and hormesis hot stone therapy to promote the synthesis of heat shock proteins.

HSP fixes malfunctioning proteins

In Professor Itoyoko Jun of Aichi Medical University"sbook HSP Cures Diseases, he lists how HSP cures diseases as follows:

  1. Proteins are damaged in all traumas, diseases, and stresses
  2. HSP fixes defective proteins
  3. Cells have two methods of death: necrosis and apoptosis
  4. HSP inhibits apoptosis and strengthens cell"s life force
  5. The amount of HSP are increased when the body is heated
  6. Cells become stronger when they are heated
  7. Mild thermotherapy is effective in treating various diseases and defects

In simple words, HSP is like a joker card in a card game.

It has been reported that the HSP level increases when a mouse"s body is heated up. When the mouse is heated up for 30 minutes at 40-41°C, its HSP level increased on the first day, peaked on the second day, started to decrease on the fourth day and normalized on the seventh day.

Another interesting result was the fact that the HSP level at the adrenal glands, which deal with stress in our body, was at its peak level on the second day. In addition, the HSP level at the hypothalamus was at its peak on the fourth day, whereas the HSP level at the gastrointestinal system was at its peak on the second day.

When we heated up 5 patients" bodies for 40 minutes, their temperatures were increased by 2°C and their HSP level peaked on the second day. Based on these results, Professor Ito Jo concluded that the maximum treatment effects may be achieved when we heat up the body two days prior to the anticipated stress.

hsp cures disease

Immunity (TNF alpha) HSP70(Lymphocyte)

You can increase the level of HSP at home

The advantages of mild thermotherapy are as follows:

  1. HSP are produced.
    — Body defense mechanisms are strengthened
  2. It improves immune functions (NK cell activation, antigen presentation, interferon, TNF)
    — Cancer killing effects and infection immunity are strengthened
  3. Blood flow is improved
    — Drugs are more effective because drugs are pumped into the cells
  4. Lactate production is delayed
    — Physical capacity is improved
  5. Body temperature is increased
    — Higher metabolism, healthier cells, more fatty acid combustion
  6. Sweating
    — Waste materials are excreted with sweat
  7. Endorphin production is stimulated
    — Pain alleviation
  8. Prevents aging

Mild thermotherapy can be performed at home as well. Drink 500 cc of water before getting to a hot tub and set the water temperature at 40~41°C. Spend 10 minutes in the tub and make sure that your body does not get cold during the

process. Choose your comfortable temperature after a few days.

Lead cancer cells to apoptosis

One of the biggest advantages of thermotherapy is the induction of cancer cell apoptosis.

The concept of apoptosis was first introduced 40 years ago by Dr. Curie. Apoptosis is a genetic function that not only gets rid of defective cells such as cancer cells, AIDS-infected cells and other autoimmune system attackers but it allows aged cells to provide body protection.

In year 2000, research reported that, "mitochondrial activity is important in the apoptosis process". It was reported that Cytochrome C made from mitochondria initiates the apoptosis process.

Production of ATP in mitochondria

atp in mitochrondia

When Cytochrome C ate made from mitochondria.

Normal cells go into apoptosis when they age. However, it was reported that cancer cells do not go into apoptosis because their mitochondria are not actively producing Cytochrome C. Much research was published afterwards to support this result. It was reported that cancer cells only haveone-fourth the mitochondria count found in normal cells. Thermotherapy increases HSP levels. Since HSP are called transporter proteins and they replicate mitochondrial activities,they are able to produce the Cytochrome C that leads cancer cells into apoptosis.

Since there were cases where an end-stage cancer patient"s tumor mass has disappeared completely within 1 month of treat-ment at our clinic, we strongly believe that thermotherapy can lead cancer cells into apoptosis.

The innovator of thermotherapy has
improved end-stage cancer by 70%

Dr. Frank T. Kobayashi has been performing thermotherapy to treat cancer for 10 years. When he implemented thermotherapy in large hospitals, 70% of 52 end-stage cancer patients became better after the treatment.

This treatment combines 2 hours of thermotherapy with chemotherapy treatments. By combining the two treatments, they were able to reduce the drug dosage by 1/10 to 1/20.

The treatment was aiming to lead cancer cells into apoptosis by increasing the body temperature by up to 39~40°C. When the body temperature is at 39~40°C, the body"s immune system is improved 2~20 times as well.

Dr. Kobayashi named this treatment "immune thermotherapy" and has announced that he has found a cancer treatment method that does not have any side effects.

However, the 20 years of work done by Dr. Kobayashi were dismissed due to a government policy that only covered half of the insurance cost.

As a result, his hospital had to close down.

Since our treatment plan also combines thermotherapy with the minimal dosage of anti-cancer drugs, our concept is very similar to that designed by Dr. Kobayashi.

This is why we can understand that Dr. Gobyashi"s results were up to 70%.

Hot gemstone therapy [Bio-Mat] can increase
temperature up to 70°C [158 °]

We have searched the entire nation to find a device that is cheaper than the Thermotron but can achieve the same heating effect. We almost settled on a device called the HIFU(High Intensity Focused Uitrasound) that burns cancer cells with ultrasound, however, we were lucky enough to find a device called the "Biomat" that uses hot gemstone therapy.

This mat allows the user to adjust the temperatures within the range of 35~70°C. When the mat is set at 35°C during sleep, it aids the body to achieve an autonomic nervous system balance. There is one large and one small mat included in the device. The user can fit the cancer mass between these two mats to increase the local temperatures.

When we started using this device, our treatment results started to increase dramatically. There were cases where breast cancer and prostate cancer completely disappeared within 2 to 3 months of treatment. It not only cures cancer, but it is also able to have a curative effect on diabetes, hypertension, cerebral ischemia and depression as well. Now, let me introduce our hot gemstone therapy.

The hot gemstone therapy, "Biomat" is a product made in the United States with USFDA certification.

The mat is composed of 17 layers of the following:

Korean amethyst, USA black tourmaline, aluminum, silica, and silicon (Japan Karere, Super Fiber). USFDA and USUL certified.

Japan Karere carbon ceramic is able to reduce the amount of electricity consumption by 60% compared to other electric mats. In addition, it emits the far infrared rays (8~12 μm) that are favorable to human bodies, whereas it inhibits the production of electromagnetic waves.

The conversion function that converts plus ion to minus ion, IC chip and soft touch control system allows its user to conveniently adjust the temperature in between 35~70°C

Two major features are the far infrared ray
and the negative ion effect

1. Effects of the far infrared ray

When we emit 7 colors of light, we know that the temperature is increased when purple turns to red. Since there are no colors above the red spectrum, this particular spectrum of light is called the far infrared ray. The far infrared ray is both an electromagnetic wave and an energy wave. Depending on its frequency, there are intermediate waves and short frequency waves. Long frequency waves are considered to be beneficial to our body.

Long frequency infrared ray

* Radiation function (reaches the destination without going through the air)

* Deep impact (penetrates deep into its target unlike other rays)

* Heats up the body and also causes vibrations within the body

* The far infrared ray penetrates 14~1 5 cm deep into the body. Therefore, it affects skin parts as well as organs, blood vessels, lymph, nerves and other deep parts of the body.

2. Effect of negative ions

Minus ions only exist in a clean environment. An ion is a particle that contains electrical energy. An atom is the smallest unit of all matter and 1cm3 of clean air contains 250~300ions.

In order for cells to function properly, the balance between minus ions and plus ions has to be properly maintained. If there is a lack of minus ions within the cells, effective nutrition absorption and waste excretion functions are declined. Therefore, people with a lack of anions have a higher risk of hypertension, arthrosclerosis and cancer.

As the negative ions increase, the alkali level within the blood increases as well to support our body"s waste clearance system. It has been certified that use of the biomat improves back pain, insomnia, arthritis, neurotic pain and other symptoms. We use this device to weaken the cancer cells by heating up the body and reinforcing the immune system.

* To effectively use the Biomat requires heating up the tumor mass 40-60 minutes once or three times a day at 70C. Sufficient hydration is needed before and after the treatment. Even though mineral water is preferred, add a little amount of salt when drinking tap water At our clinic, we use a special mineral water that contains zinc, magnesium, selenium and vanadium.

* Place a large mat on the floor and place the small mat on top of the tumor mass. Then, the device"s heat penetrates 14cm(6 inches) deep into the body from both top and bottom to provide a through heating effect. If the outside temperature is low, place a light sheet on top of the mat to increase the temperature. Currently, far infrared ray dome is combined with the biomat to treat the disease.

* Set the temperature at 35~40°C during sleep at night. High temperature prevents hypothermia and provides the minus ion"s therapeutic effects. Since cancer patient"s body temperature is usually low even during the daytime, it is important to maintain a high body temperature throughout the day.

* Thermotherapy may be applied to all patients, with the exception of brain tumor patients, who are well enough to intake food orally and take a hot bath.

When 70°C heat is applied for 50 minutes, the patient"s body temperature will go up to 39~40°C and start sweating viciously. When the body temperature is above 37°C and at 40°C, the immune function is increased 2 to 10times. Therefore, it is optimal in cancer treatment.

A lot of people give up during the first 60 minutes because it is difficult to withstand the heat. However, people get used to it after a while. It is known that more treatments are more beneficial to the body.

The Biomat's Infrared rays penetrates 14cm(6 inches) deep into the body

Temperature change before, during and after the use of biomat


Hormesis stone therapy increases immunity

It is recommended to perform hormesis stone therapy after the hot gemstone therapy. The origin of hormesis stone therapy is the Akita"s Tamagawa Hot Springs that is visited by 250,000 people each year. In addition, hot springs such as

Amanohashidate, Matsushima, and Miyajima Hot Springs are also famous as radium hot springs. Those hot springs are known to provide therapeutic effects on the liver, neurotic pain and rheumatism.

100 years ago, radium was detected from rocks harvested from the Tamagawa Hot Springs. After the finding, the place was named Hokutoseki.

The Hokutoseki research announced that the radium has therapeutic effects on neurotic pain, rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other diseases based on clinical trials that involved more than 200 professors from Tohoku University, Iwate University and Hirosaki University.

Radon is a gas produced from radium decomposition.

People inhale radon gas when they enter the radon hot springs. The therapeutic effects of this radiation were first confirmed by Dr. T.D. Luckey from Missouri University seven years ago. He reported that low level radiation maximizes the immune function to prevent the aging process.

Based on 20 years of research and clinical trials, low level radiation has the following effects:

  1. Induces apoptosis and activates a tumor suppressor gene known as P53
  2. Improved DNA repair function
  3. Activation of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase that inhibits body aging
  4. Activates metabolism
  5. Promotes secretion of the β endorphin and adrenaline

Cancer /p 84

It may even cure muscular atrophy and rheumatism

There have been numerous reports that support the therapeutic effect not only for cancer but also for diabetes, hepatitis, muscular atrophy, Alzheimer"s, Parkinson"s, rheumatism, atopic dermatitis and other chronic diseases.

A global epidemiological research was performed as well. People living in the Rockies received the most natural radiation and showed the lowest cancer death rates of 15-25% throughout the world.

When we researched the cancer death rates of 9,000 people living in the Misasa Hot Spring region, a well known radon hot spring for 37 years, the cancer death rates were significantly lower in those who live around the hot spring.

In addition, the Taiwan National Science Foundation researched the death rates of 10,000 people who were exposed to a 500-1,000-times greater radiation dosage than the natural radiation dosage for 19 years. The results showed that these people had only a 5% death rate from cancer death, whereas it was 20% in the control group. It is clear that people exposed to low-dosage radiation have a lesser chance of growing a tumor mass. The therapeutic effects of low-dosage radiation have been proven by more than 2,000 research studies throughout the world.

We have to use hormesis hot stone therapy

Therefore, the usage of hormesis hot stone therapy is inevitable.

At our clinic, we use Hokutoseki and Badugashuteinsan rocks that emit low-dose radiation. In addition, we paint the walls and floors with silica powders and use ceramic sheets that emit radon to the patients.

In addition, we have installed a steam sauna that emits alkali ionic water into the air within the hospital to allow the natural skin absorptions of radon.

It is recommended to drink 500 cc of good quality water after the hot gemstone therapy and receive 5 minutes of therapy with 5 minutes of rest in between. It is recommended to perform 2 cycles of therapy each day.

Most of the cancer patients are in hypothermia where their body temperature is under 36°C. However, when these people go into hormesis hot stone therapy, their body temperature is increased by 2°C.

There are some people who experience a difficult time sweating during the process, however, most people will start to sweat vigorously after 1 week of treatment.

When people sweat, dioxins, lead, mercury, chemicals, and heavy metals deposited within the body will be secreted as well.

Integrated visible light treatment improves
the immune system and pain control

We also perform light therapy that uses sun ray-like light on the patient"s entire body.

Various methods use various devices and methods such as infrared lamps and ceramic heaters (thermotherapy), lasers, infrared ray treatment and xenon lamps.

Our light therapy uses a therapeutic carbon lamp that was developed in the visible light research center. Not only does it use light therapy on the patients, it also uses heat as a treatment modality during the treatment process.

The rays produced from the therapeutic carbons are integrated rays composed of far infrared rays, visible rays and a low dose of radiation. We aim to improve the patient"s conditions by using these rays on the patient"s skin. It reinforces the natural immune functions within the body to control the disease that is attacking it.

The rays that are being used during the treatment have very similar properties to the sun"s rays, but they do not contain theUV rays that are harmful to the body.

These rays have a variety of effects on the human body.

First, they convert the cholesterol within the skin into Vitamin D. Vitamin D activates the absorption of calcium within the intestine. It also improves the blood circulation within the body. In addition, it removes various factors that cause diseases within our body such as prostaglandin, histamine, and bradykinin while relieving pain in our body.

Since both Vitamin D and calcium have a close relationship with the immune system, an increase in both these factors will improve the immune system and possibly aid in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, it promotes the phagocytosis of the lymphocytes to protect our body from infection.

In addition, it is known to improve fatty acid metabolism, purities, and kidney function as well.

There is a direct and indirect treatment option in light therapy. Direct therapy focuses the light on the patient"s tumor mass.

We have to use a light collector during the process.

We start from the body part that is farthest away from the heart during the direct treatment process. In the indirect process, we focus the light on body parts other than the tumor mass.

In between the hot gemstone therapy and light therapy, we utilize ion conversion therapy.

Since we only have to put the ion converter on top of the patient"s body, it is very easy to utilize between the various processes. Since its immune reinforcement function is very good, it is extremely beneficial to cancer patients.

When cancer patients utilize these treatment options, they

experience good quality sleep during the night. That is when natural immunity is most strengthened.

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Far infrared ray and visible ray improves the patient"s conditions