The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


by Nakamachi Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., Garden Clinic Director



We should stop increasing the number of "cancer refugees"

Even though the limits of the three standard treatments were pointed out a long time ago, there are no evaluation tools with which to evaluate the effects of other alternative treatment options. I strongly believe that this is why there is an increasing number of "cancer refugees" in our society.

We have a lot of patients who refuse to go through surgery or any type of Western medicine intervention. By the time it is too late for any interventions, they come to us for desperate help.

In addition, there are a lot of patients who have a low quality of life due to repeated chemotherapy.

In any case, we always think that it would have been much better if they were to visit our clinic sooner. "Cancer" cannot be conquered by a head-on approach. We need to fight like a guerilla and use various tactics instead of relying on a single approach. By combining some of the effective treatment options, we can take the fight into overtime and lengthen the lifespan.

Cancer patients are normally stubborn and choose to go with easy treatment methods even though we put a lot of efforts in explaining other various options. Unless patients are determined to fight off their cancer, it is almost impossible to win in the fight against cancer.

Hot gemstone therapy can be performed at home

We have discussed thermotherapy as the fourth medicine that reinforces the immune system.

We have also introduced our hot gemstone therapy used at our clinic as a thermotherapy. Our hot gemstone therapy can be performed at home as well. Not only does it heat up local tumor masses, it is also able to heat up the entire body to increase the normal body temperature. Even though hot gemstone therapy is known to be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism, neurotic pain, and depression, we have only discussed its effects on cancer in this book.

The effects of thermotherapy are based on the fact that cancer cells are vulnerable to heat. In addition, applied heat repairs mitochondrial functions to produce cyclic AMP that induces cancer cell apoptosis.

Even though other therapeutic effects have been proven by research, we have only talked about the results proven by clinical trials in this book.

Even though there were some cases where tumor masses shrank following thermotherapy alone, its effects are maximized when combined with other treatment options.

We also know that when we combine thermotherapy with radiation and chemotherapy, it shows synergistic effects and allows us to reduce the chemotherapy doses. We strongly recommend this approach to many cancer patients having difficulties choosing their treatment plans.

Chemotherapy only has a 15% effective cure rate

New anti-cancer drugs are being launched into the market each year. However, if their effective cure rate is 30%, a lot of doctors think it is extremely effective. Normally, the effective cure rate of many anti-cancer drugs is only around 15%. Therefore, it is important for us to think that the three standard treatment options are only a "temporary measure" in the treatment of cancer.

This is when integrated medicine comes into play!

It is extremely important for patients to strongly believe that they can win the fight with cancer. It is important for them to not give up and to look for various treatment plans.

For example, there was a patient at our clinic who decided to stop thermotherapy based on his own decision after experiencing some improvements based on our integrated treatment plan. However, when he visited our clinic after a couple of years, it was too late for us to do anything for him.

It is important for patients to realize that a single bad move can lead to failure in the treatment of cancer. There are some end-stage cancer patients who are not really aware of the severity of their diseases. That is why there are some patients who lose the chance to even fight with their disease.

It is well-known that a fight with cancer is like a "fight without manners."

We also have introduced Dr. Yamada"s theory on the eating habits that render it difficult for cancer cells to grow. We strongly recommend you to review his theory on eating style modifications as one of your treatment options.

We can live along with cancer

Sadly, there is no "perfect cure" for cancer in modern medicine. However, there is a way to live along with cancer.

If a person with a month left to live is able to live for an additional three to six months, that person would have lived a symbiosis life with the cancer cells in order to lengthen their lifespan.

There is a patient at our clinic who was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 years ago. His CT images show a tumor in both lung fields, but he is still living an independent life at this time.

Even though he is still concerned about his tumor markers, it is quite amazing that he has maintained his quality of life until this day. We always tell him not to pay attention to the images and lab results. He has successfully completed the goals of our treatment plan.

The following concepts should be always in your mind during the fight with cancer.

Cancer is a long-term disease. In order to prevent cancer and live a symbiosis life with cancer, it is important to improve your lifestyle.

Continue the treatment process because cancer cells replicate without any limitations.

Cancer is caused by immunodeficiency. This is extremely important in preventing cancer as well.

Heating the body and limiting the use of anti-cancer drugs is very important. Patients need a treatment approach that focuses on immunity reinforcements.

Fight cancer by reinforcing the immune system and not by relying solely on the three standard treatment options

Normally, lung cancer, gastric cancer, and breast cancer are considered to be local lesions in Western medicine. However, since cancer is a disease of the entire body, the treatment plan should be focused on improving the entire body"s immune system instead of simply treating the local lesions.

There is a need for doctors to change their concepts in the treatment of cancer.

Even though the Ministry says that it is focusing on improving the treatment of cancer, many new drug certifications are being delayed.

It is important to introduce integrated medicine in the treatment of cancer instead of relying solely on the three

standard treatment methods. In order for integrated medicine to be prevalent in the field of medicine, its effects have to be proven by large clinical trials.

I have referenced a lot of researchers and publications in the course of writing this book and I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of those people.

I hope that the phrase "cancer refugees" will no longer be used in the future. Yoshimisu Nobuhiro