The Original Biomat

The Original Amethyst, Infrared BioMat and BioAcoustic Mat

Therapy while you sleep!

  • What if there was a device that eliminates, reverses, reduces, and alleviates ailments?
  • What if that device could reduce pain, provide relaxation, rejuvenation, mental and emotional ease, in 15 minutes or less?
  • What if that device could do much more?
  • That device is The Original Bio-Mat!
Biomat Professional Set

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Biomat Overview - Wellness at the speed of light
Biomat Overview

♥ You will love the BioMat! ♥

We offer manufacturer direct pricing, with outstanding service and support! If you have special requests, concerns, or need more information please contact us.

Please note that we only sell Bio-Mats registered in your name with the manufacturer.

Your product will be shipped from the manufacturer directly to you. You will get an "RI" number issued from the manufacturer. This number is important because it is used not just for the manufacturer’s warranty, but having this number also qualifies you to resell the mats and get commission, if you so choose. We point this out because there are mats sold elsewhere without these rights.

The Bio-Mat

  • The Bio-Mat produces specifically tuned frequencies of infrared, and negative ions, passing through amethyst crystals.
  • The Bio-Mat is designed to enhance health and vitality, and is a registered medical device in the United States, Canada, and other countries.
  • Bio-Mats can be slept on all night, or used in therapy sessions during the day.
  • These mats are used by health care professionals and anyone wishing to enhance their overall health. You will love your Bio-Mat!

You could be getting therapeutic sleep on your very own Bio-Mat. You will discover why life is better with a Bio-Mat! You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

This is state-of-the-art light technology, using specifically tuned frequencies of infrared.

Be sure to watch the free videos and learn how this magnificent health tool assists vitality!

We love our Bio-Mats, and know that you will love yours, too. We sleep on our Bio-Mats every night and sit on our mini-mats during the day. We can't imagine our life without them. We notice wonderful changes in people in just 15 minutes. We don't know any other device that accomplishes so much in so little time. Its effects can be cumulative over time, as you will learn from the video.

The BioAcoustic Mat

Take your experience to another level, with the magic of sound. The new BioAcoustic Mat™ works as a stand-alone product or combined with the Biomat for a quantum effect.

BioAcoustic Mat

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Upgrade Your Life!

Imagine sleeping and experiencing the Bio-Mat! You receive much more therapy than you ever pay for and it is very likely owning a Bio-Mat will reduce your overall health care costs. A Bio-Mat "will ease your suffering." We have observed the most shocking expression on people's faces, after they experience the Bio-Mat for the first time! You could be thriving in a very short time with a Bio-Mat.

Woman On Biomat
Manufactured by Richway, the Original Bio-Mat, made with 17 layers of space age materials, combines state-of-the-art far infrared (FIR) light and negative ion technology with the healing power of amethyst. The Bio-Mat is a revolutionary healing tool, ideal for health care professionals or anyone interested in improving their overall health and well-being. These Bio-Mats are an FDA-registered Class II medical device. The combination of the amethyst crystals with the infrared generated by the Bio-Mat creates a unique therapeutic response
  1. Improves circulation
  2. Supports the immune system
  3. Relieves minor pain
  4. Eases minor joint pain and stiffness
  5. Reduces stress and fatigue

Far Infrared

Sunset Far Infrared

Infrared is the light energy we get from the sun that makes us feel warm. NASA technology is used to generate far infrared waves, using special compounds of alumina and silica, which can convert any normal energy into infrared rays very efficiently at room temperature. Japanese kurare's super fiber is used in the construction to generate far infrared.

Biomat Heat

Human Infrared and the Vital Rays

Biomat Human Infrared

The human body both sends and receives infrared. The body emits infrared wavelengths between 3 and 50 microns with the greatest output around 9.4 microns, which happens to be the resonant frequency of water. (1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter) Within the infrared spectrum, in the 6-14 micron range, are rays known as the "Vital Rays." These rays have been shown to be most beneficial to the body.

The amethyst modulation of infrared is unique. It creates soothing, and deeply penetrating warmth that the body craves.

According to NASA research, human infrared normalizes a variety of important physiological functions.

For more information on infrared, see this presentation.

Crystal Infrared

World renowned scientist Dr. Chian, of China, demonstrated that infrared acts as an information carrier when passed through various materials, including human and animal DNA, pheromones, as well as gemstones such as amethyst. Infrared devices were tested along with a control group, with and without the crystal infrared. The most potent healing effects occurred only under the group with the crystal infrared. This means that infrared alone was not as effective for the healing, but rather the addition of information being released from the amethyst provided the greater effect, as hypothesized by researchers. As one Korean Research scientist said, "It appears that with infrared we are talking about energy, but with the addition of amethyst, we are now talking about energy plus healing information." This is the critical difference between the uses of various infrared devices.

Negative Ions

Negative Ions

Negative ions energizes the body for optimal health. The negative ions delivered directly to the body through the skin's surface via conduction are optimum. This greatly differs from ambient air ions delivered through popular negative ion generators used for air cleaning, which NASA reported only positively affect 26% of people. The direct conduction of negative ions allows for an immediate response and change in the body's electrical field for all people, assisting them to achieve an optimal physiological state.

When negative ions are applied to the body, the calcium and sodium circulating in the blood are ionized. This increases the blood's pH and has an overall alkalizing effect on the body. Proper blood pH is essential for optimal health. It has been noted that negative ions applied to the body are helpful at regulating blood pH.

When the amount of negative ions in the blood increases, there is an increase in inter-cellular communication. Cellular metabolism is facilitated, and as a result there is an increase in cellular nutrient uptake and cellular hydration. In addition, cellular waste materials are efficiently excreted. With the increase in cellular metabolism, an optimal cell function is rapidly revived.

Indoor environments, city living, automobiles, exposure to electronic devices, EMF's (electro-magnetic fields), and environmental pollution all result in increased positive ions in the body, tilting the ratio of ions towards the positive. This results in a physiological imbalance, which may have detrimental health consequences. Too few negative ions in the body can cause a number of diseases.

Amethyst Crystals


Amethyst has been known since ancient times for its calming and healing effects. The "Amethyst Effect" is a change in infrared light when refracted through amethyst crystals. Scientists experimented passing far infrared light through a variety of substances, including various gems, glasses, and plastics. Amethyst was found to be the only substance which clearly changed the spectrum of infrared light. According to scientists, waveforms mimicked patterns similar to the human voice. Crystallography shows far infrared refracted through amethyst crystals organizes far infrared into geometrical patters with higher bio-compatibility. Korean researchers propose that addition of the amethyst allows for greater increase in the utilization of the light by the human organism.

Far infrared rays penetrate six to eight inches into the human body. These rays not only benefit the skin and muscle tissue on the surface of the body, but penetrate into deeper tissues. The rays optimize the health of these tissues in a number of ways. Scientists propose that among the waves within the energy spectrum coming from the sun, far infrared waves are by far the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy available for the human body.

Health Benefits of the Bio-Mat

The Bio-Mat is a Class II, FDA registered medical device. FDA registration documents give the following indications for use: "The Bio-Mat is indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis; the temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain; the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied."

Any other health benefit must be considered a "side-effect."

Highest Quality Construction

Only the finest quality materials are used in the construction of the Bio-Mat. The Bio-Mat is designed to last for years.

The Original Bio-Mat is controlled by advanced computer technology to monitor and control all aspects of its performance. The selected temperature is precisely controlled by thermal sensors distributed throughout the mat.

The top layer of the Bio-Mat is high quality amethyst gemstones. In fact, a gemstone certificate is included.

The premium components used in the Bio-Mat guarantees longer life, reflected in the manufacturer's warranty and repair policies. In fact, there is a 3-year warranty and long-term repair or replace policy.

The Bio-Mat is constructed with 17 layers of bio-compatible materials. Specific layers block harmful EMF waves, provide insulation, and generate infrared and negative ions. The "Toca Catch Power" layer is a special ionized fabric which generates negatives ions, even when the Bio-Mat is not turned on. Using powdered and other minerals infused in the fabric, a natural ionization is created. In addi-tion, negative ions are also generated electri-cally when the mat is turned on. Power alternates between heating and negative ion generation.

Superior technology, materials, and fine craftsmanship have created a truly outstanding product.

BioMat Layers


The Bio-Mat delivers the benefits of a far-infrared sauna for a fraction of the price with far greater portability.

Unlike conventional heating pads, the Bio-Mat protects your body from harmful household alternating current by providing power using a five-tiered buffering system in which the AC current is converted to DC (direct current). Unlike a heating pad, the Bio-Mat heats your body and not the pad. It radiates and penetrates deep (six-eight inches) into the body.

Other companies have tried to produce similar mats, but none has matched the quality and technology of the Richway Bio-Mat.

Yes, we have used Bio-Mats!

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Biomat Professional Set  Mini Mat Small

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Pets love the Bio-Mat, too!

Cat on Mini Biomat

One of the biggest challenges for pet owners is to calm anxious fur babies at times. Our amethyst Bio-Mat can help calm your pets and make them comfortable. Here are some tips on using our amethyst infrared mats for pets:

Choose a mat that is best for your pet. They will love you!