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1. Category: Biomat

The crystal infrared and negative ion Biomats. What they do and how to use them.

2. Category: Science and Health

Science and technologies to bring about better health. Here we focus on infrared and its health-bringing benefits, as well as other technology.

3. Category: Key Products

Key products include the Biomat, Alkal-Life, and BioAcoustic Mat found here at

4. Category: Certifications for the Richway Biomat

Certifications by governmental health organizations for the Richway Biomat, Alkal-Life, and BioAcoustic mats.

5. Category: Repairing the Richway Biomat

Sometimes the Biomats can be self-repaired. In other cases, you will need to send in your Biomat for repairs.

6. Category: Old or Discontinued Products

Products that we no longer sell, or have been replaced by newer versions.