The Original Biomat

Category: Repairs

Sometimes the Biomats can be self-repaired. In other cases, you will need to send in your Biomat for repairs.

1. Biomat Repair Policy

In the event your warranty has expired, and you need a repair for one of our products, Richway & Fuji Bio offers a repair service for anyone who owns one of our products. Please contact us if you need assistance with Biomat repair.

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2. Biomat Crystals Falling Out

The Biomat has crystals layer on top. The crystals are in channels that cross the mat. To see the crystals, there is a small urethane window. In some older mats, before 2016, the material could break down. We do not see this in all the older mats, but some have this condition. This material was improved to prevent this problem in the current mats. If you are experiencing this problem, here are some recommendations. Biomat Crystals Falling Out

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