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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who benefits from the Bio-Mat?
    Almost Everyone. We believe life is better with the Bio-Mat.
  2. What temperature should I use?
  3. I've just had a hip replacement. Will the metal heat up?
    Metal reflects infrared and does not heat up.
  4. I've been in an accident. Can the Bio-Mat help me?
    When the body is traumatized by an accident, the body produces a chemical memory that circulates within the body until an energetic therapy comes into the body and releases that chemical trauma memory. The Bio-Mat is an excellent source for alleviating, not only bodily pain, but also mental, emotional and even spiritual distress.
  5. Can the Bio-Mat cure or reverse cancer?

    See our discussion on Infrared and Cancer.

    We had to remove the "Infrared and Cancer" page because the FDA does not want any discussion or hints of any type of cure. See this instead: Dr. Says
  6. What is the difference between the Mini and the Larger size biomats?
    All the biomats have the same 17 internal layers. The differences are the dimensions, the style of the controller, price and the Mini also contains Tourmaline. In the Mini the rows of amethyst and tourmaline alternate throughout the length of the mat. Tourmaline is naturally a "cooling" stone and naturally emits Negative Ions as well has other health benefits. The use of the tourmaline provides a better heat profile for the smaller Mini-Mat, which is why it was used for this mat.
  7. How long has the Biomat been in use?

    The Biomat has been in use since 1997, NASA had the technology patented since the 1960's and it became public domain in 1997.  A similar device that was not easy to use was $500,000 and sold only to cancer institutes.  Now we can have this FDA medical device in our homes for the cost of a few months of health insurance.  There is a lot of research from Japan and Korea, and is used on the hospital beds. It is still relatively fresh here in the United States, but doctors, hospitals, and alternative care practitioners are all using it with amazing results.

  8. Can the Biomat be used on 110 or 220 volts?

    Bio-Mats come in two different voltages. They are not wired internally the same. The United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan have 120 Volt systems. There are a few countires that have a mix of voltages. Make sure you order the correct voltage. For limited use, a transformer can be used if you wish to use a Bio-Mat in a foreign country with a different voltage from your Bio-Mat.

  9. Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one mat?

    All Biomats are sold at the same price for everyone. If you want multiple Bio-Mats, you will want to contact us to assist you with your order.

  10. What is the cost of the Bio-Mats when you become a distributor verses a retail price without being a distributor?

    The prices are the same for everyone. There is no discount for distributors. The company doesn't sell directly to the public, all sales go thru distributors. If you become a distributor through us by ordering a Bio-Mat and a Distributor Kit from this website, we will provide you a free Bio-Mat marketing website with Distributor Tools and training available 24/7.

  11. Can I order just the Professional without the Pillow?

    Yes, just go to the Bio-Mat Store page and select the "Bio-Mat" button on the left to see sizes, pricing and shipping.

  12. Benefits of the Pillow
    There are crystals in the pillow wrap, which are designed to keep the head cool while on the Bio-Mat, so that the body can easily tolerate the 158 temp.

    In addition the pillow wrap can also charged/energized on the Bio-Mat at 158 degrees for about 10 minutes. Once crystals are charged with an energetic frequency, those crystals not only retain that energy, they also emit it, so.... That wrap can then be used for upper respiratory ailments,or neck, back, knee, etc, pain, when it is not convenient to be on the Bio-Mat. The pillow is a nice little additional therapeutic tool that you can take with you.

  13. How do I place an order?

    Find the "product" button on the left and choose that button to view your product ordering options, then click on the product. Next click on the 'Order Now' buttons to add item(s) to your cart. You can add/delete items in your cart by clicking on the appropriate button. Once we have received notification of your order we will process your order with the manufacturer. You will receive an email receipt of your order.

  14. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.
  15. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship internationally via UPS. Additional shipping fees may apply. Purchaser is responsible for any import taxes or fees that may apply in their country.
  16. What is the Professionals Discount?

    If you are a "Licensed Professional" in the wellness or medical fields, such as a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, RN, Acupuncturist, Dentist, a certified energetic healer, etc., you qualify for a $100 professional discount. That $100 is from the manufacturer and applied to the Professional Size Bio-Mat. You simply select the Professional Bio-Mat or Professional Bio-Mat Set with the Professional Discount from our store. You must fax or email us a copy of your license or certification before we can process your order

  17. Why are the Bio-Mats so expensive?
    To put this in a real life perspective: We do not add any additional cost, you receive manufacturer direct pricing. They have an over all 30 year trade in or repair policy. 30 Years!!! That is astounding. Now for the bottom line: If it lasts you for 10 years, which is common and you spent around $2000.00 - that works out to $200.00 per year and less than 45 cents a day! What other therapy can provide pain reduction, reversing of ailments, rejuvenation, alleviation of insomnia, provide mental and emotional ease, help get you off of toxic medicines because your aches and pains diminish - for less than your daily cup of coffee, without any harmful side effects? The Bio-Mat does so much more. 45 cents a day is beyond an thoroughly magnificent value. Wouldn't it be nice if other products were so durable and life changing for just 50 cents a day? You receive much more therapy than you ever paid. (A mini-Bio-Mat is just 15 cents a day)
  18. Can I use my Bio-Mat with a magnetic pad?
    Yes. Note: If you have a "magnetic pulser" device, these therapies must be used separately.
  19. Is there EMF (electro magnetic field) from your Bio-Mats?
    Electromagnetic fields are created as a result of alternating current (AC). The Bio-Mat uses direct current (DC) produced by converting household alternating current (AC) through a 5-tier buffering system. That is why EMF does not register on the Bio-Mat. An electric blanket or typical heating pads use 60Hz alternating current (AC) running through wires. That creates an electromagnetic field in those devices.
  20. How can the Bio-Belt be used for other body parts, beside the stomach?
    Just place the Bio-Belt on the body part and set the temperature.
  21. If I want to be a Distributor for these Bio-Mats, how can you help me?
    We provide you a “Free Bio-Mat Marketing website” with distributor tools and training that we developed available 24/7, so that you can move ahead at your own pace, Just provide your website link and you are in business! Qualifying purchase required.
  22. My Doctor just wrote a Rx for a Bio-Mat - will my health insurance pay now?
    It depens on the limits of your policy coverage. Contact your Health Insurance Co to learn their requirmentsto pay for the Bio-Mat.
  23. Why is there tourmaline alternating with the amythest in the Mini Bio-Mat?
    We were at dinner with the developer of the Bio-Mat and asked the same question. What he told me is with the smaller surface area, the tourmaline gave a better heat profile. The larger mats did not need that. They experimented using blind test, where people sat on mats with different configurations. The compared all amethyst, alternating rows, and doubling rows. Ultimately, they found the alternating amethyst and tourmaline was perceived to provide the best feeling.

    All Bio-Mats today also have a layer of tourmaline powder mixed with other elements to create negative ions. You do not see that from the outside.
  24. Fake Bio-Mats
    Over the 10 years that we have been providing these Bio-Mats and have received such questions on other similar items. Our research finds that info is taken from our site and changed some to imply these knock offs are the same thing.
    Our research repeatedly shows that:
    1) They are usually not FDA Class II Registered Medical Devices as are these Bio-Mats.

    If you notice they pretend to understand Classes of Medical Devices. Why don't they have their FDA document available, like we do: FDA Documentation

    2) Do not have the lifetime durability of 30 years, as do these Bio-Mats.

    3) Have not had their device utilized to address the Big C in a clinic setting with measurable results available here: Fourth Medical Treatment

    4) We found one knock off - Using vinyl. Vinyl for their window?


    "Is vinyl plastic toxic? ...from both an environmental and health standpoint, PVC is the most toxic plastic. Here's why: Vinyl chloride, the chemical used to make PVC, is a known human carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)."

    Jade is a mineral with only 75% natural infrared. Amethyst is a crystal naturally producing 92% infrared, which means your body receives a higher grade of infrared.

    Hope that helps you make the best decision for you.

    Please take the time to at least view this: C's Last Stand

    Here is a detailed confirmation from the Home Office about knock off Bio-Mats:

    There are a few manufacturers that are making look alike products. Although their products may look and possibly function the same as our products, their parts, quality and service may vary greatly for various reasons. US importers who import/distribute products from any of these three manufacturers are doing so illegally. To legally import/distribute medical devices in the US:

    1. The manufacturer must prove its products conform to US electrical standards using Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You can find a list of the NRTL here:

    When looking at the three manufacturer’s certificates, it seems they only have a CE which means they can import/distribute into EU, but not the US. Their 120V products were also most likely approved as a 220V (CE), not 120V, [we believe]

    Richway products haveCSA approval, which allows us to import/distribute legally within North America. We also have a CE, which allows us to important/distribute legally within EU.

    2. Both manufacturers and importers/distributors/relabelers/repackagers of medical devices must register with the US FDA. You can find a list of the establishments which require registration here:

    If you do a search on the US FDA website, you'll find some manufacturers are registered with the US FDA but incorrectly (ex – Hyundai is registered but uses the product code IKY which states their classification as a mattress, floatation therapy, and non-powered). And most of the importers/distributors of the lookalike products are not registered with the US FDA at all. This means that both the manufacturers/distributors may or may not be aware of the US FDA’s regulatory requirements and therefore increases the uncertainty of the level of quality and service they provide. They also make numerous health claims that can't be backed.

    These manufacturers and distributors are new to the market and are all purchasing their products from the same OEM manufacturers, which means they are all competing against each other. We have been around for 20 years and have conducted studies and have the backing by many in the professional field, which they lack. They may be stating numerous health claims but in the case where FDA or FTC becomes aware of this, they will be at risk of getting fined and regulatory action against them.
  25. I have other questions.
    Then please contact us.

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