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Quantum Energy Pad
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BioAcoustic Mat
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Replacement Items

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You will love your Bio-Mat!

We offer manufacturer direct pricing, with outstanding service and support! From time-to-time, we offer special items with our Bio-Mats. If you would like to know what is currently available, or would like further information, click here.

You will love these mats and wonder how you ever lived without them.

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Our products come in either 110-120 Volt or 220-240 Volt models. The United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan have 120 Volt systems. There are a few countires that have a mix of voltages. Make sure you order the correct voltage.

On International orders (outside of USA), check with your local customs office regarding customs fees.

While we will love to do business with you and will support you in any way we can, if you are working with someone that has provided you with a presentation and demonstration of these products, we do encourage you to order the products through them.

All Products have a Three-Year Limited Warranty!

Return Policy: The manufacturer will accept returns or exchanges if the product does not meet satisfaction; a) within 7 days after receipt, returned for a full refund or exchange, b) from 8 days to 14 days of receipt, a return for a 70% refund, or an exchange, c) after 15 days to 30 days of receipt, for a 50% refund or exchange. After 31 days of receipt, there are no refunds or exchanges. Refund does not include shipping.

See our Lifetime Care Program and Warranty

You will love these Amethyst Bio-Mats!

Reverse the adverse effects of stress and anxiety with an amethyst infrared mat. Reach out to us for an amethyst heating pad and achieve optimal health benefits without putting your safety at stake.

Here's how our mats help improve your quality of living:

  • Our infrared Bio-Mats help sleep disorders by offering a molecular level massage, preparing you for the next productive day.
  • These far infrared heat pads can help decrease acidity and balance pH, improving each body function while promoting healing and cleansing.
  • Our Mini Bio-Mat, Professional Bio-Mat, Bio-Belt and other products can cause a major shift in your stress and anxiety patterns.

We offer direct manufacturer pricing, with outstanding service and support! From time to time, we offer special items with our far infrared amethyst Bio-Mats. If you would like to know what is currently available or would like further information, click here to contact us.

You will love these amethyst mats and wonder how you ever lived without them.

If you have a medical savings account, you just need a prescription from your physician to get your Bio-Mat. These Bio-Mats are FDA registered Medical Devices, and may qualify as "medical equipment" deduction on your taxes. You will need to verify this with your tax accountant.