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Biomat Professional 7000mx

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The Amethyst/Tourmaline Biomat Professional is our flagship product. It was designed for use in a professional environment, but is the preferred mat for many households. Originally, it was designed for massage therapists, so the size of the mat fits on a massage table. It turns out that is a perfect size for most people. The Professional Biomat gives a full body treatment. The tuned infrared warmth envelops the entire body. It is relaxing and therapeutic. Many have tried to replicate this mat, but no one has succeeded achieving the refinement of this mat.

Professional Biomat Amethyst Tourmaline Most Popular

The Biomat Professional combines the power of a tuned frequency of infrared, negative ions, and amethyst/tourmaline crystals. The crystals modulate (alters) the waveform, creating increased bio-availability of the Biomat energy.

Amethyst Far Infrared Negative Ions

Professional Discount

For those with certificates or licenses in the health care field, US military veteran documents, or first responders, a $100 discount is available from the manufacturer. If you qualify for this discount, you will need to submit a copy of your license or documents to process your Biomat order.

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The Professional Biomat provides all the therapeutic benefits you would expect from a Biomat.

Travel Suitcase with Wheels

Professional Carry Case Silver The Professional Biomat comes with a hard-side travel suitcase with wheels, and a 100% cotton quilted cover, and a controller. The carry case allows you to take this mat on the road.

Professional Case Open

Controller to Set Temperature and Time

A controller is included that allows you to set the temperature and time, as well as turning it on and off. The temperature can be set from 95 to 158° F (35 to 70° C). If the temperature is set above 113° F (45° C), as a safety feature, the Biomat temperature will drop to 113 degrees F after four hours. The time can be set for 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours. See this article on using the Professional Biomat controller.

700 0mx Large Biomat Controller

Quilted Pad for Your Biomat Professional

A bacteria-resistant quilted cotton pad is also included. The pad also uses the Hideo energy pattern.

Mini Quilted Pad 2022

Great Accessories for Your Biomat Professional

You may also like the Germanium Power Pad 187™ to use with your Amethyst-Tourmaline Mini Biomat. This provide a waterproof cover and increased intensity of the infrared.

The Quantum Energy Pad is a wonderful accessory for your Professional Biomat. The is especially useful for sleeping.

Pets and Your Biomat Professional

Remember, pets also love these mats. You will often have to fight them for space on the mat.

Two Voltage options for Your Biomat Professional

The Amethyst/Tourmaline Professional Biomat 7000mx comes in two voltages (110 or 220 volts). Make sure you order the mat for the voltage in your country.


Biomat Professional Specifications

Size700 x 1880mm / 27.56"x74"
Net Weight13kg / 28lb Without Controller
Temperature Range95 to 158° F (35 to 70° C)
Timer2, 4, 8, or 12 hours
Electric Consumption160W
Voltage110 or 220 AC
Performance Temperature35-70° C / 95-158° F
Amethyst/Tourmaline Size5mm - 12mm
Amethyst ColorNatural Violet Clear
Cut & ShapeTumbled
Polariscope TestDr
Refractive Index1.544-1.553
Fluorescence LWNo Refraction, Natural factor

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