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Mini Germanium Power Pad 187

Used with Mini BioMat - 20.5" x 34"

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Mini Germanium Power Pad 187
The Germanium Power Pad 187™ for the Mini Biomat intensifies the infrared, and also gives waterproof protection.

The Germanium Power Pad 187™ is a waterproof cover for your Biomat made with 100% cotton and germanium. Germanium is similar to silicon and share many similar properties. The Germanium Power Pad 187™ is sweat resistant and bacteria resistant and helps protect your Biomat® from moisture and odors.

Far infrared rays are composed of radiant and wave energy. When radiant energy is high and wave energy is low, there will be high heat generation, but penetration into the body is weak. Lab processed gemstones and ceramics increase the amount of radiant energy, but wave energy is reduced, so far infrared rays cannot penetrate deep into the body. All high-value products use natural gemstones and ceramics, instead of processed crystals and ceramics to avoid low wave energy output. Germanium's wave energy is more than 0.4 microns, and its wavelength is about 2000-3000 times per minute. Germanium's far infrared rays with this large wave energy penetrates deep into the human body. and it increases its circulation.

Germanium Layers
① 100% Cotton Layer
② Waterproof Cover
③ 1st Germanium Layer
④ Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odor Layer
⑤ 2nd Germanium Layer

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