The Original Biomat

Discontinued Products

Various products have come and gone. These products are no longer carried, but replacement are available for some. Service is often available for those that need it. You will need to contact us if you are needing repair or parts. The Customer Care program may allow you to upgrade to the latest models.

Here is a listing of these products.

Alka Energy-A1 Water Flask

Alka Energy-A1 Water Flask is no longer carried and we do not have a replacement. The Alka Energy A1 was a portable water alkaline pH enhancer that you can take with with you where ever you go. It increased the pH level of the water and filtered your drinking water.


The Rejuvena was used for skin care. The was an ultrasonic, negative and positive ion system for improving skin roughness. We no longer carry this product or a replacement. Similar products can now be found elsewhere.

The Jade Biomat

The Jade Biomat was the original design when the company was launched in 1997. The was later changed to an amethyst design.

Biomat 3000mx

The Biomat 3000mx has been replaced by the Biomat 7000mx. The Biomat 7000mx is an enhanced version.

Akal-Life 3000sL

This product was replaced by the Alkal-life 7000sL - water ionization and purification system. The newer version is much improved. We also no longer carry the filters for this system.

Quantum Energy Comforter

The Quantum Energy Comforter was discountinued and replaced by the awesome Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter. The technology was similar, but Bamboo Silk Comforter is much softer and ligher in weight. People love the new comforter.